November Empties: Candles!

Friday, November 30, 2012
Firstly some yankee candles that I have used up, starting with a whole box of the Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie Tea Lights. I really like this scent, I have used up a small jar of this candle in the past and I have now used up this box - and I have another box waiting to be used! The scent isn't as strong as a jar candle would be but the scent strength overall is fairly good for tea lights - but not as strong as I would like the scent to be. The tea lights smell like cookies and baking and vanilla...gorgeous but I do wish the scent strength and scent dispersion/throw were better. Next up is a Yankee Candle Small Jar in the scent 'Eggnog' which may not be available now as I did buy this last year and I have only just worked my way round to using it. I really like the scent of this candles, it is creamy, boozy and spicy although it can be a bit too spicy (clove/cinnamon) after a while. I also have the tea lights for this 'Eggnog' scent and after they have been used up I don't think I would buy this scent again but it is a nice change. The next two Yankee Candles are samplers. The first sampler is one that i used up around Halloween but I have forgot about and it is the sampler in the scent 'Witches Brew' which is a Halloween special but it is still available on eBay. The scent before it started burning was horrible in my opinion but when it started burning and smells almost exactly like the Lush Glogg Christmas Shower Gel! Overall, a gorgeous sampler that I seriously underestimated and I will buy it again. The last Yankee Candle empty is a sampler in the scent Mistletoe and Fig which sounded really nice and in the packaging is does smell quite nice but it is hardly noticeable when burning/melting; it is almost unscented, in my opinion and it just smells like potpourri when you can eventually smell it. Overall, a mixed bag of Yankee Candle empties.

The next four candles are a mix from Rodial, Bath & Body Works, L'Occitane and Jelly Belly! Firstly, Rodial Rehab Candle which I bought from Debenhams a while ago and it was only £10, reduced from £35! A great bargain, in my opinion, at the time but this candle turned out to be one of the most disappointing candles I have used in a long time! The scent of the candle was just milk, almonds and overall the scent was disappointing. The scent strength and dispersion/throw were just as disappointing and I wouldn't buy this candle again and I do not recommend it!
Next up is the Bath and Body Works in the scent 'Autumn'. Bath and Body Works products are not widely available in the UK which is awful! I really liked this mini candle, it smells like crisp fresh apples - it is quite autumnal and just gorgeous, in my opinion. Overall, the candle smells so nice, it has a good scent strength/dispersion and the candle burns/melts so evenly. I have been able to buy Bath and Body Works products from the UK website -
The next candle is also quite disappointing and it is from L'Occitane unfortunately. This candle is the L'Occitane Green Tea Tin Candle. This candle isn't available anymore, as far as I am aware and that is no bad thing. I love L'Occitane and I love the scent of this candle, it is so fresh, calming and relaxing but as you can see from the photograph above - it does not burn evenly at all and a lot of the candle ends up being wasted!
The last candle is the Jelly Belly Tin Candle in the scent 'Very Cherry'. Firstly, this candle has a strong scent, the packaging is great, neat and the candle burns/melts evenly so no wax is wasted. The scent though is the only negative point about this candle - the scent is very strong, very artificial and really quite sickly and horrible - I would recommend the brand but not the scent. I will have to try another scent as the formula for these candles is fantastic, in my opinion.

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