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Saturday, June 01, 2013
Here is my outfit of the evening (OOTE) and my get ready with my style video - I have never done anything like this before so bear with me! To make the videos play again I think you just have to click them or just refresh this web page. There shouldn't be any sound but if there is just mute the volume on the video. It was my friends 21st birthday this evening so I thought I would make this post showing my outfit and me getting ready (for the very few people that might be interested!). Hope you enjoy - leave your comment below!

Sorry for the super creepy face! Step One: Hair! Sorry about the videos playing at once - we used Vine and it is my first time using it! So for my hair I used my KMS Free Shape Blow dry Spray before I blow dried my hair and it seriously cut down the time it took to dry my hair - and I have a lot of hair! Then I used my KMS Free shape heat activated spray thing to keep my heated hair style in place (it is a heat activated styling spray that is supposed to keep your style the same for longer). I love the Babylis Big Hair, I use it to finally dry my hair and shape it so that it doesn't look as frizzy. I straightened my hair after this, you only have 30 seconds of time for each Vine video. 


Step two: Makeup! I have been using the same products for a while and the Laura Mercier lip glace and the Cosmopolitan sponge are definitely part of my May favourites! Firstly, primer, I love the Body Shop moisturise it primer - it keeps my makeup looking fresher for longer. Then foundation and I had to search through all of my foundations to find one that didn't have spf as I knew I was going to have my photograph taken. Like the foundation although it isn't great coverage for me. Brows, I always do my brows it is a step in my makeup routine that is essential. Then shadow, contour, eyebrow gel, curling lashes, mascara and lip gloss. I ran out of time on the Vine video for the footage of my gel liner application. 


Step three: Clothing! I didn't know what to wear (as usual) but I went for my navy and white polka dot skater dress from Asos Petite - size 6 and I LOVE it! I added my debenhams black heels, Newlook Brown satchel and my favourite perfume of the moment - YSL Parisienne. 


  1. I love your outfit! You're so lovely! :)

  2. Absolutely LOVE the skater dress! Lovely look! x

    Alannah |

  3. Aw what a good idea!! Using Vine to show the millions of steps it takes to get ready.

    Love it!

  4. Fabulous post! Great pictures! I love them all! I'm definitely thinking that your blog is always more cute!
    Have a nice day!

  5. Mmm...I don't know if you got the other comment I left... I said this post is great and very inspiring and you don't have a creepy face - on the contrary, you look beautiful and sweet! I love your hair and your polka dot dress! It was such a nice idea to include the videos!

    1. Thank you, your comment has made my day! :) x

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks, although I am getting it cut after university graduation! :) x

  7. I really love this post, it's such a good way of showing the steps! Your blog is so cute.
    Plus I'm definitely now looking online for the Body Shop Primer!

  8. Haha it's so cool that you used vine to make those! Love it!

    Zoe // The Caribbean Flower

  9. It's pretty cool how you showed the videos.

  10. Oh girl this post is soooo cool! The way you made it is awesome ♥

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