Winter Clothing Wishlist + Tips

Saturday, January 16, 2021
Images from Awesome Jade
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Today's post is a short and sweet look at some of the gorgeous items of clothing from Awesome Jade that are on my very long winter wish list! Winter isn't my favourite season but I do love all of the cosy interiors and clothing for the colder months, especially the cute jumpers, cardigans and knitted dresses that are ideal for winter. 

Sweaters & Cardigans
First up, you can't go wrong with a cute knitted jumper, sweater or cardigan for the colder months. I love all of the selection on Awesome Jade especially the Gala sweater in grey which I've already reviewed on my blog - check out that post for more information and photos!

Tip: cute jumpers and cardigans are great layering options for the colder months especially when paired with cosy longer length coats and boots. 

Knitted skirts 
Knitted skirts are so versatile as they can be worn in the summer with sandals and a cami or paired with tights, boots and a knitted jumper in the winter. I personally love midi length knitted skirts as they look so simple but sophisticated. 

Tip: thermal layers are perfect to pair with dresses, skirts or shorts in the winter to add another layer of warmth. 

Lastly, comfy clothing which has been an essential for lots of us during 2020 as so many of us have been in lockdown because of coronavirus. I've been wearing my comfy clothes and pyjamas so much recently because of the third UK lockdown and because of the freezing weather. Investing in comfy clothes is a must for winter.

Tip: look for fleece lined options for extra warmth and don't forget, you can never have too many comfy clothes!

Do you have any tips for winter styling? What do you think of my wish list?

NOT sponsored or gifted


  1. These are some great staple items for winter. I love wearing oversized cardigans and loungewear.

  2. These are all lovely ideas for Winter! xx

    Tiffany x

  3. These are some really cute pieces x

  4. I am loving chunky cardigans right now, especially ones a few sizes too big so you can wrap up in them x

  5. I love that pom pom jumper - it's so pretty!

    Jasmine xx

  6. The white jumper with the bobbles is super cute! xx


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