October + November Favourites 2020

Sunday, December 06, 2020

As the end of the year is approaching, I'm thinking about all of the products that I've loved throughout 2020 (my 2020 favourites posts will be live at the end of the month) and I realised that I haven't published my October and November favourites yet. Despite my freelance work being very slow this year and not wearing makeup as much as I used to, I've actually found quite a few amazing products this year that I can't wait to rave about very soon. Today's post features a variety of skincare products as well as makeup, supplements, tea and a beautiful necklace that are my stand out products from the past couple of months. 

*Magnitone Facial Steamer 
As the weather is becoming very wintery, let's begin with a couple of winter warming products, the first is a cute facial steamer from Magnitone. I adore the Magnitone cleansing cloths, I've been using them constantly for a couple of years now so I was happy to try another product of theirs (which I received as part of my wellness collaboration with Very). Until I received this product I hadn't tried a facial steamer since primary school and it definitely bought back memories of using a facial steamer with Spice Girls playing in the background. 

Thankfully this one is far less messy than my previous steamer from the early 00's! It is surprisingly quick and easy to use and it has been a great first step in my pampering skincare routine. I use the steamer for ten minutes (with breaks in-between) and follow with a hydrating mask then a facial oil, eye cream and moisturiser for a moisture boosting routine that my skin desperately needs during the colder months. If you're looking for a skincare gift for yourself or someone else, then this facial steamer might be a great option. 

*Teapro Subscription 
I also wanted to highlight a unique subscription box that would make an ideal winter warming gift this Christmas! The Teapro tea subscription box contains four packets of tea per month based on a specific theme, along with educational information to help you (or your gift recipient) become a tea-pro. Additionally, with your first box you will receive a three piece tea cup and strainer (which is the only tea cup I've been using as it is just so handy to have everything in one). I think it is such a great idea and I've been loving trying the different tea varieties, all of which I wouldn't have tried if it wasn't for the Teapro subscription box. 
Benefit Ka-Brow (4.5)
There are two makeup items I've been using non-stop recently, the first is a cream-gel brow colour from Benefit in the shade 4.5. The one makeup product I've used throughout the entirety of the year and throughout both lockdowns, have been brow products. I like no-makeup days but even then I always add a little brow product, otherwise I'll look like a babyfaced teenager! I adore the Barry M Brow Wand, Maybelline Total Temptation and Maybelline Brow Precise pencils but for a softer option I have been reaching for Ka-Brow. While the shade isn't dark enough for me, it is a very quick and easy product to use that leaves my brows looking fuller, filled in and more structured without harsh lines or overly 'drawn on' brows. It is the most foolproof brow product I've tried and I will be purchasing another in a darker shade soon. 

*Elemis Superfood Glow Priming Moisturiser 
If you are looking for a glow boosting moisturiser that also doubles as a highlighting primer then look no further that the radiance boosting priming moisturiser from Elemis. I previously reviewed and raved about this product in my wellbeing post with Very and I've loved it ever since. The moisturiser gives the most wonderful, refreshing glow without looking greasy or glittery. It is great on it's own or applied underneath a base for a well rested and awake complexion. 
*Gold Collagen - Vegan Plant Based Liquid Supplement (£74, one month supply) 
Moving onto a few health related items, the first being a new and delicious supplement from Gold Collagen. Their famous supplement is now available as a vegan friendly option which is fantastic. I first tried the supplement drink as part of a previous Latest In Beauty box and I've been very kindly sent a supply to test out. The drink contains 28 active nutrients including Vitamin B12, rice peptides, folic acid, plant and fruit extracts, sodium hyaluronate and much more to help maintain normal hair, skin and nails. 

The drink itself has a very fruity and sweet flavour that I wasn't expecting but I do like the flavour; however I don't think it will be a hit for everyone. I've been consuming one drink (almost) everyday for the past couple of weeks and while I think it has been helping, especially as a vegan diet could be deficient in some of the nutrients included in the supplement, it will require continued use to see more results. Overall, I think it is a great option to try if you are vegan and want a supplement drink to support your diet and improve your hair, skin and nails. 

*Luna & Leaf CBD Oil 
Another health related item I've been experiencing positive results with is the 30% CBD oil from Luna & Leaf which I have already posted a full review of on my blog. I only have one negative point to mention about this oil - the packaging does seem to leak and waste a portion of the oil (it might just be mine that has experienced this issue). However, despite that issue I have noticed the oil has a calming effect which in turn has been helping my anxiety to an extent. Although I will need to use it continuously and for a longer period of time to see if there are more or lasting positive effects. 
*NeuroSkinFeeds The MicroOil (£49)
Moving onto a couple of skincare favourites. The autumn and winter months always test my skin and usually that means persistently dry skin; thankfully I don't experience eczema on my face anymore so it isn't as much of a problem but my skin still needs a little extra boost at this time of the year. The Micro Oil from NSF is packed with vegan friendly rich skin nourishing ingredients to help calm the skin, add moisture, protect against sun exposure and reduce the signs of premature ageing. 

I've been using the oil during the day, before my moisturiser, if my skin is very dry and uncomfortable or as part of my evening winter skincare routine. The oil has a subtle floral scent that is very pleasing and while it has the rich texture of an oil, it does absorb fairly quickly leaving my skin feeling nourished, comfortable and moisturised which is exactly what it needs during the cold winter months. 

*Glowlixir Mask 
Lastly for skincare is another moisture boosting product and one that after using a couple of times per week for the last month or so, has definitely been helping (alongside the oils and hydrating products I've been using), to keep dryness to a minimum. The mask contains lots of natural and cruelty free ingredients to hydrate, soften and smooth the skin. I adore the packaging, it is a quick and easy product to use and it has definitely been giving my skin a much needed moisture boost. It is a fantastic addition to my current skincare routine! 

*Wolf & Gypsy Sixpence Necklace 
For my final favourite I wanted to include the Wolf and Gypsy sixpence necklace which I've been wearing constantly since I received it; I have reviewed the necklace fully in a previous post. I adore the minimal but beautiful design, it is a perfect casual but sophisticated necklace and I think it would make a luxe gift this Christmas (or a treat for yourself as 2020 has been quite a year!). 

Have you tried any of these products? What have you been loving recently? 

* AD - gifted items sent to me, not paid


  1. We actually just ordered some cbd oil to try out

  2. I’ve got my eye on that Elemis Primer, I love the sound of it x

  3. I love the NSF oil. I love the sound of the Elemis Priming Moisturiser and would love to try it x


  4. Some great products here. I love that necklace x

  5. These sound like some great items. Wolf & Gypsy do the prettiest jewellery. I adore the necklace I have from them too. That facial steamer sounds great.

  6. I really like the Micro-Oil! xx

  7. The Glowlixir mask sounds right up my street!

    Jasmine xx

  8. The MicroOil is on my list to try! Will crack open when I am feeling better x

  9. Such a great selection of products! I need to try some of these xx

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk


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