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Wednesday, December 02, 2020
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Happy December! Christmas is fast approaching but there's still time to create beautiful festive decorations for your home and tree, Christmas cards for friends and gifts for all the family with Hobbycraft and Design Bundles. Today's post is all about what you can create with a few simple tools, crafting supplies, Design Bundle graphics and a little glitter - you can't have Christmas without glitter. If you've been following me on Instagram (@ofbeautyand), you may have already seen some of my creations. 

Let's start with my Christmas crafting haul from Hobbycraft! The *HobbyCraft LED Dome (£3) was one of the items from their festive range that I was most excited to receive and transform. I thought it could look very festive with gold paint, *Hobbycraft Mini Trees (£2 for 12), a little cotton wool and naturally, glitter. I'm so happy with the way it turned out and I think it would make a great festive/winter crafting project (or finished as a homemade gift) especially as the price is so low. 

Hobbycraft has been my favourite place for crafting supplies and it has been for many years. One of my favourite things about Hobbycraft, along with their prices, is the selection of very inexpensive items that you can easily transform such as the *Hobbycraft Mini Wooden Decorations (£2 each) and the *Hobbycraft Mache Hanging Decorations (£1 each) that I think would be perfect as craft projects for children. They were both very easy to decorate with *Pebeo Matte Paint (£2 each) and it provided such a lovely mindful morning activity. Crafting in general is such a meditative, peaceful past time or hobby and the festive season is the ideal time to try new crafts either to give as gifts or to decorate your home and tree. 
The first decorations I made were the mini wooden decorations which I bought two of but Hobbycraft have a selection available to choose from. I think they are absolutely adorable and I love the colour scheme of green, red and pink as suggested on the Hobbycraft website - it gives a cute take on the traditional Christmas colour palette. I also added a little sparkle with a silver permanent marker and silver glitter as snow on the rooftops and trees which looks very pretty as it reflects the light. It would make a great mini decoration for your home if you are limited with the space for decorations, if you want to keep your decorations minimal or if you want to stick to a homemade theme this year. 
Wreaths are some of my favourite Christmas decorations, along with lights and LED domes, as I think they are perfect not just for Christmas but winter as well. Wreaths are a great way of adding in greenery and flowers (whether they are real or artificial) to your home at this time of the year, particularly if you don't have the space for a christmas tree. The *Hobbycraft Artificial Fir Wreath (£5) was very inexpensive, easy to decorate and it looks very festive on the wall. 

I used *Hobbycraft White Grape Hyacinth Pieces (£2), *Hobbycraft Holly Picks (£2) and dried metallic potpourri to decorate my wreath - I love the minimally decorated look as well as the pink ribbon to add in a twist to the traditional festive colours of the wreath. I think the price is amazing as the wreath is huge and well made so it could last for quite a few festive seasons to come. It would make a lovely festive gift, a beautiful festive decoration or a large table centrepiece for Christmas Day. 
*Design Bundles
Lastly, I wanted to share my experience using the site Design Bundles and their amazing selection of illustrations, templates, Merry Christmas SGV files, photographs, bundle deals and much more. I was very kindly given credit to spend on the website and I was spoilt for choice as there are so many beautifully designed bundles to choose from. I wanted to try one of the bundles as they offer so much possibility for crafting. The bundles are also amazing value for money as you receive a tonne of various graphics that you can mix and match to make all kinds of festive creations. 

I chose the absolutely beautiful *Charming Christmas Bundle from designer Tabitzan (£15.01) which contains so many amazing pre-made and individual illustrations so you can make your own Christmas cards, name cards, invitations, gift toppers, gift tags and much more. Everything in the bundle is downloaded onto your device as pre-made items (such as greeting cards) as well as individual graphics so you can design your own cards or gift tags, for example. 

I used a couple of the beautiful designs to make Christmas cards and with the gorgeous village map design,  I created a large print to decorate the *Hobbycraft Large Gift Bags (£3.50 for a pack of five) which I think looks very cute and unique. I've only shown a couple of ways to use them but there are so many ways to use the adorable illustrations; for example, you could make 3D cards by layering the illustrations with raised foam stickers, create personalised gift tags using the illustrations and trying your hand at calligraphy or you could create a few festive prints to hang around your home for the Christmas period. The options are endless and there are a tonne of amazing illustrations, graphics, photographs and bundles (all at amazing prices) on Design Bundles so check them out! 

Will you be checking out the illustration bundles or graphics on Design Bundles? 


  1. Oh these are super cute! Love making little bits like this at Xmas xx

  2. Everything you made is absolutely fab! You have a talent for it x


  3. I love the idea of crafting and making decorations. Its definitely something to work towards for next year.

  4. Your wreath turned out really well definitely something I want to try my hand at, at some point x

  5. These are some lovely decorations. I wish I had the patience for this x

  6. Aww these are lovely ideas. I'm never very good at stuff like this usually xx

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  7. This has made me feel all Christmassy! J x

  8. These are just so cute! Definitely put me in the spirit

  9. Beautiful wreath! I'm not very crafty but can definitely appreciate the pretty outcome :)

    Jasmine xx


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