Unisex Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Saturday, November 28, 2020
It is almost December so it is time to post my next Christmas gift guide which is filled with lots of gift ideas that I think would be great for anyone regardless of gender, age or your budget. Today's gift guide features a wonderful tea subscription box, pampering products (as always), a shaving subscription kit and a few handy daily essentials. For more sneak peeks, PR mail and unboxings, don't forget to follow me on Instagram (@ofbeautyand). 
*Creightons Body Bliss Bath Treats (£6)
Let's start with the pampering and body care gift ideas, beginning with this cute gift set from Creightons which includes four bath and shower gels in the scents: mango and papaya, coconut water, raspberry and pomegranate and vanilla and macadamia - the latter is definitely my favourite of the four, although they all smell heavenly. I don't think you can go wrong with a bath gift set at christmas especially when it smells as lovely as this set. Also, the price is fantastic (it is currently on sale for Black Friday at £4.20) so it would make a great secret santa gift! 
*Feather and Down Pillow Spray Duo (£6)
We all know by now how much I love all of the products and amazing gift sets from Feather and Down; I've been lucky enough to review many of their fantastic products on my blog over the past couple of years but I have also purchased their gift sets as presents too. One of my favourite sets has to be the pillow spray duo which includes their original and well loved pillow mist as well as the 'breathe easy' version, both of which I adore. I've used up so many bottles of their pillow mists and I genuinely cannot recommend them enough, along with the selection of amazing gift sets. 
*FFS Small Shaving Set - Peony (£20)
Another of my favourites brands (and one that will be included in my wrap-up of my 2020 favourites) is FFS, formerly Friction Free Shaving. I love their shaving kits, super effective razors and extras such as the shaving cream and natural deodorant. For christmas this year they have created a range of fantastic gift sets including a selection of their shaving kits (some of which can be engraved/personalised as an extra special gift) as well as small kits and tanning gift sets too.  

I was very kindly set their small peony gift set which I think is so cute and a great practical gift (we all know I love practical but aesthetically pleasing gifts). The set comes with their razor blades, peony handle, travel pouch, protector, shower holder and their very effective shaving cream. I think it would make a great gift for friends this christmas! I'd highly recommend checking out their sets (which also includes a mens gift set) as practical pampering gifts for friends and family. 
*Luna & Leaf 30% CBD Oil (£118)
Next up is the most expensive item to today's gift guide although they do have lower percentage oils at a lower price point; the 10% oil (£66) and the 20% oil (£88). CBD has become THE skincare, beauty and health ingredient of 2020 and it is easy to see why as it claims to help with depression, acne, anxiety and sleeplessness, among other issues. Early studies have shown many positive results involving CBD and I think would would make a great gift for those who already use CBD or are interested in trying it. I'll be reviewing this CBD oil fully in an upcoming post next week so stay tuned! 
*A Poem For Every Winter's Day edited by Allie Esiri (£14.99) and Interior Chinatown by Charles Yu (£12.99)

As well as CBD, another option I've found that massively helps my anxiety and restless mind is reading. Since January 2017 I've been an avid reader, something that I fell out of love with during high school and up to university but I'm so glad that I started again as it brings so much escapism, joy and entertainment. I think reading can be such a mindful, relaxing (depending on the book) and meditative practice that so many could benefit from. 

I don't have any IRL friends or family members that read to the extent that I do so I am always trying to gift books at every opportunity and Christmas is a great excuse! You'll see my end of year reading wrap-up as well as my favourite books of 2020 posts soon but in the meantime, the two beautifully designed books above are currently on my December TBR and I cannot wait to read them. If you want to follow along with my TBR and my ratings, make sure you are following me on GoodReads
*Teapro Tea Subscription Box - December 2020 (£18 per month) 
My penultimate gift idea is another unique subscription box, a tea subscription. I love herbal, mint, floral and green tea but I never really venture into new varieties, brands or blends so a tea subscription box is the perfect way to try new options! Teapro is a themed tea subscription box which includes four plastic free (yay!) tea pouches; the theme and flavours change each month so you'll always enjoy a new blend. Also, with your first box you will receive a free three piece glass infuser and cup. A educational information included in the box will enable you (or your gift recipient) to turn into a Teapro! Additionally, if you are buying a box as a christmas gift, you can have it gift wrapped with a personalised message. 

I was very kindly sent the 'black and yellow' December box which includes a unique selection of four black and rare yellow teas to try as well as a cork coaster. The teas included in the box are: Gold Dian Hong Pagoda Black Tea, OP1 Rukeri Rwanda Black tea, Supreme Meng Ding Yellow Buds Tea and High Mountain Wuyi Wild Black Tea. I've only tried the Gold Dian Hong Pagoda Black tea so far which was sweet, floral and subtle - an unusual but very calming tea. I can't wait to try the others which I'm sure I'll share on my Instagram Stories. Be sure to check out Teapro for all of your tea needs as well as their lovely subscription box which would make a thoughtful gift for any tea lover. 
*Smart Screen Antibacterial Cloth (£9.95)
Last but not least, I wanted to share and recommend a little stocking filler idea that is a great practical everyday essential. Smart Screen have created a luxurious feeling, antibacterial microfibre cloth that is perfect for cleaning your phone or tablet screens leaving them crystal clear and clean. The cloth is antibacterial (which is more than necessary in 2020), compact and easy to store as it comes with it's own pouch. There are many colours to choose from but I personally like the navy blue option I was sent. If you are looking for a practical secret Santa present, a stocking filler or a little something to add to a present hamper, look no further. Check out their fantastic Black Friday offer but hurry as it ends on the 30th November! 

What do you think of the gifts within today's gift guide? Do you have any gift recommendations? 

* AD - gifted items sent to me, not paid


  1. That razor kit is so stunning! Thanks for the suggestions

  2. I think every gift session should have a Feather & Down set in it, we love it in this house x

  3. Some great ideas! I really want the feather and down set xx

  4. I'd honestly be happy with any of these (apart from the tea as I don't drink it) x


  5. The Body Bliss bath treats are lovely, things like that are always fab at Christmas xx

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  6. I adore the poem for every... books! xx

  7. I have been meaning to try Feather & Down! J x

  8. These are some lovely ideas. I didn't know you could get a tea subscription.

  9. I love the gift sets Feather & Down do every year!

    Jasmine xx


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