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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Christmas is right around the corner and while this year has been awful for so many reasons, hopefully Christmas will bring a little joy to the end of 2020, along with Biden's victory last week! I love writing my Christmas gift guides and my first one of the year is all about stocking fillers. One of my favourite Christmas traditions growing up was opining my stocking on Christmas morning, usually around 6am as I was very impatient! So stocking fillers, while they are usually small and typically chocolate filled, will always be special and very nostalgic to me. 
*Top Trumps Pub Quiz (£9.99)
However, not all stocking fillers have to be chocolate or candy themed, they can be filled with anything that will fit! Every year my family meet up on Boxing Day and there's always a quiz that ends with arguments (as well as a lot of laughter) so the Top Trumps pub quiz would be a fantastic stocking filler for anyone in my family. 

Even though families won't be able to meet as they used to this year, I think this quiz would be a fantastic gift to share with the members of your household or bubble; it would even be a great activity to share with family and friends over FaceTime or Zoom! I love the pint glass packaging, the variety of question categories (from soaps, politics, sport and birds to halloween, phobias, Game of Thrones and maths) and the price is ideal for a stocking filler or secret Santa gift. 
*Baileys Mini Chocolate Truffle Crackers (£10)
Another great interactive and sharing gift are the brand new (they were released this month) Baileys crackers. The set comes with six mini crackers that either contain Baileys salted caramel truffles or the Baileys original chocolate truffles. They both contain the original and very delicious Baileys Irish cream liqueur so if a friend or family member loves Baileys (who doesn't at Christmas!), then this would make a great sharing gift. I love the tradition of Christmas crackers but they are always disappointing so why not opt for cute crackers that are delicious and everyone can enjoy - no miniature playing cards or fortune teller fish in sight! 
*Box of Favours (£9.99)
My next gift is a little more unique and something I haven't really come across before. Box of Favours is a beautifully presented and designed set of 15 favour cards including options such as: house chore, back massage, cuddle and a day out as well as a few blank cards too - you can write your own personalised favours. There's even a mini 'contract' so the gift giver can stick to their obligations! 

I was surprised by the gorgeous design of the box (I particularly love all of the gold details), the pull out drawer, the attention to detail, the quality and it is the perfect stocking filler size/price point. I think it is such a fantastic and sweet gift that would make a lovely Christmas stocking filler for partners. Additionally, for each box sold, Box of Favours will plant a tree, which is fantastic! 
*Tea Plus Sleep Vitamin Tea (£3.95)
Moving onto a winter staple, delicious warming tea! Tea Plus create a variety of tea flavours designed for various concerns and as I struggle with sleeping, I chose the sleep tea. You can fill out the short quiz on their website to receive personalised recommendations. Additionally, along with the individual boxes of tea and travel packs, you can also purchase a subscription to receive a new vitamin, mineral or CBD tea every 2, 4 or 8 weeks for a gift that keeps on giving. 

I love herbal, green and fruity tea but I do find that sometimes it can be quite bitter but thankfully this tea isn't at all - it is delicious, calming and subtle. The sleep tea contains apple, lemon balm, cinnamon, blackberry and lavender, among other delicious calming flavours. Each box consists of a 14 day supply of tea - all of which consist of a unique blend of tea, fruit, herbs and vitamins. I've been drinking the sleep tea for a week or so and it is a great addition to my arsenal of sleep aids (pillow mists, breathing meditation) that help me switch off, relax and fall asleep much quicker. 
Bomb Cosmetics Mini Melts (£1.50 each)
Winter and Christmas can be stressful at the best of times, then throw in a pandemic and it can all become a bit too much. Mental health and self care are extremely important and there are many ways to help, all of which will differ depending on how you like to relax but I love to light a candle (or wax melts), run a hot bubble bath and read for an hour - it takes my mind away from the chaos of the world and my anxiety for a short time and helps me to relax. 

Bomb Cosmetics make some of my favourite wax melts and bath bombs as well as some of the most unique gift sets. They also have two advent calendars on sale this year, they are both currently out of stock but hopefully there will be more soon as they are both adorable. My current favourite wax melts from Bomb Cosmetics have to be the Mini Melts in the scents: warm espresso and sugar and spice which are the perfect autumn/winter scents. 
*Glowlixir Super Hydrating Mask (£40, 60ml)
Along with a bubble bath and a good book, a pampering night isn't complete without a hair mask and a face mask. During the autumn and winter months my skin can become very dry, tight and affected not only by the cold weather but central heating too so it definitely needs some TLC at this time of the year. The Glowlixir super hydrating mask is cruelty free, made in the UK and contains ingredients such as citrus oil, shea butter, chestnut seed extract and niacinamide for softer and radiant skin. 

Firstly, how gorgeous is the packaging! I've used the mask a few times over the past couple of weeks and my skin absolutely adores it. It is virtually scent free, it is very quick and easy to apply and you don't have to rinse it off - it can be used underneath makeup as a hydrating primer. While I haven't used it underneath makeup just yet but after cleansing it leaves my skin feeling incredibly smooth, super soft and hydrated which is exactly what my skin needs during the colder months. 
*Silk & Bubble Super Nourishing Hair Growth Mask (£30, 215ml)
It isn't a pampering night without all of the masks! Hair and face masks are some of the easiest and quickest self care and pampering products you can use which is great during the festive period when you (or your gift recipient) may not have as much time. I've been using the original mask on and off for a year as a little goes a very long way and I tend to only use the mask every three or so weeks - my hair loves it! 

The mask has had a packaging makeover and I like the new design but thankfully the product is just as fantastic. It contains caster seed oil, fig fruit extract, argan kernel oil, coconut oil, biotin (vitamin B7) and aloe vera to help strength, protect and hydrate the hair while also promoting hair growth. It smells very summery, it is quick and easy to use and I love the results (smooth, stronger feeling hair) I've experienced with long-term use. I think the hair mask, as well as the hydrating face mask above, would make lovely pampering presents this Christmas
*SuperFoodLX Hair, Skin and Nail Oil (£22, 20ml)
Last but least least is a staple within my autumn and winter skincare and pampering routine - oils. My hair, skin and nails can become incredibly dry due to the colder temperatures so an oil is absolutely essential. The SuperFoodLX oil is designed by a mother-daughter duo who are a nurse practitioner and nutritionist respectively; they've created a vegan friendly and cruelty free nutrient dense oil designed strength the hair and protect the skin. I've been using it on my dry cuticles over the past week and they look so much better already; it's been working well as a smoothing hair oil too. They also have a range of balms, supplements, haircare and CBD products to choose from. 

Have you tried any of these products? What do you usually include as stocking fillers? 


  1. I love the sound of both of those masks, the definite stand out items for me and of course the Baileys Crackers x

  2. The mini melts sounds really awesome.

  3. Sign me up for the Baileys Chocolate! xx

  4. I love the sound of Hair Growth mask and Super Hydrating mask - both are right up my street! x

  5. I do love a stocking filler! Some great ideas x

  6. The box of favours is a really good idea xx

  7. These are all amazing ideas, there's so many things I want to buy for people this year! xx

    Tiffany x

  8. These sound like great products and are lovely ideas to gift someone this Christmas. I haven't thought about Top Trumps for years but I love the idea of a quiz.

  9. Fab stocking filler ideas! Love the pub quiz and the glowiliixr mask.

  10. Games are such a good stocking-filler so you can play them on Christmas Day (I think we spend most of the day on quizzes and board games!)

    Jasmine xx

  11. I could really do with a super hydrating mask! X

  12. These are some lovely ideas. I love Bomb Cosmetics mini melts. They make such lovely gifts.

  13. Love those Bailey's crackers! These are all fab ideas xx

    Tiffany x


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