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Monday, November 16, 2020
Images from Goddiva, Temple Spa and Neom
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Black Friday is just around the corner, with a variety of stores starting their sales early this year which has been tempting me to spend! Thankfully during the first lockdown I didn't spend very much (apart from reduced e-books and a few essentials) so now that Black Friday and Christmas are fast approaching, my wish list has started to increase and my resolve to reduce my spending is crumbling!

Christmas Clothing 
As well as a range of soft and cosy knitwear that is always on my wish list at this time of the year, I also have my eye on a few sparkly tops and shiny tops that I think would be a great festive options for Christmas Day. Goddiva is a fantastic site for all of your festive and New Years celebrations as they offer a range of beautiful dresses, sequinned tops and accessories as well as a selection of beauty items, gift ideas and occasion wear. 

Beauty & Wellness 
My wish list for all things beauty, skincare and wellness is a little ridiculous this year as there are so many amazing Christmas gift sets on sale currently. One bundle deal that I've been interested in for quite a while is the Neom Wellbeing Pod Collection which is an essential oil diffuser accompanied by their blend of essential oils. Additionally, there are a couple of items from Temple Spa on my list including cream foundation base, along with the 'stoke of genius' mascara, the latter I've tried before and loved.

Which products, clothes or gift sets are on your current wish list? 


  1. These are great ideas! Could do with a few new pieces of pjs and loungewear haha

  2. These are all fab ideas. I have quite a few beauty and wellness items on my Christmas wishlist this year too xx

    Tiffany x

  3. I can 100% recommend the Neom Wellbeing Pod Diffuser - I've used mine daily since I got it! x


  4. I quite like the look and design of the Neom Pod and the oils which go with it sound amazing too x

  5. I have the Neom Diffuser on my Christmas list too! xx

  6. My beauty wishlist is getting ridiculous this year too, I just want to try all the things x

  7. Rodial's Bee Venom Set is on my list but I really don't need anymore products until 2030! J x

  8. I’d love the Neom diffuser too, it looks fab doesn’t it.

  9. I would love a new dress this christmas not that we can go anywhere to wear it! xx

  10. I love sparkly tops at this time of year too although I'm not sure I'll get much wear out of them this year.

  11. My mum has this Neom diffuser and loves it - I want one too!

    Jasmine xx


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