*5 Tips To Declutter For A New Season

Sunday, September 13, 2020
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The best season of all is coming up and I couldn't be more excited! The start of any new season always fills me with renewed optimism, energy and motivation for all of the exciting opportunities and seasonal changes. I love to change my clothing, makeup, skincare and decor at the beginning of a new season, especially autumn with all of it's cosiness, and it is also a great time to declutter and re-organise. 

Store Away Clothing/Homeware  

The first thing I do is to sort out my skincare, makeup, wardrobe and daily homeware - I love sorting out and reorganising! I store away all of the items I use that aren't seasonally appropriate within storage boxes above my wardrobe or the attic to make room for more season-ready items that I'll be using more often. I think vacuum bags would be great for storing away items, especially linens and clothing. 

Alternatively, if you simply don't have room in your home for excess items or items you want to sell in the future then a self storage unit might be the solution. Magenta Storage offers inclusive self storage that is simple and straightforward. Whether you want to declutter your home, store items to sell or if you are moving, they have units all around the country so you may be able to find a storage facility local to you. 

Sell, Swap or Donate

After sorting out, I typically divide everything into three categories: donate, sell or give to friends/family. Selling items isn't quite as easy as it used to be given the current pandemic we are unfortunately experiencing, however local for sale or swap facebook groups are a fantastic way to make a little money from your unwanted items or swap for something you want. I've personally found these groups to be very quick and easy options for selling larger items which not only helps to declutter but brings in a little extra cash too. However, always be cautious! 

Upcycle What You Have

Bringing new items into your home isn't the only option when you want to update a room or your wardrobe for a new season, you can alter what you have. Whether it's an old piece of furniture, a worn out jacket or an old fashioned vase - make, mend and upcycle what you have! Upcycling not only saves money and potentially gives you a new hobby but it also means that you aren't bringing in what could be clutter in the future into your home. I'm always wanting to throw away items (my style and decor is very minimal) but by altering or using items in a new way, they can have a new use and look. 

Secondhand September

However, if you are in the mood to spend, why not shop secondhand? September is #SecondhandSeptember so look online for vintage stores, eBay, Depop or charity shops for secondhand bargains. I've been trying (and succeeding for the most part) to stop buying fast fashion and to create a more minimal wardrobe. Shopping secondhand is a great way to shop in a more environmentally conscious and sustainable way, which is something I think we all need to do. 

Embrace Minimalism 

Lastly, try to embrace minimalism. Living a more minimalist lifestyle may seem a little daunting at first but I think it is easier if you start with small steps. The first is realising, keeping track of and noting which items you wear or use consistently and others that you very rarely wear or use. When you have that in mind, sorting though each room makes it more manageable to narrow down your possessions to only the items you love or use consistently. It can be a long process and I'm definitely still in the middle of my goal to a more minimalist lifestyle and home (especially being a blogger, it can definitely be a little tricky) but take it one step at a time. 

Do you have any decluttering tips? Have you used a self storage unit? 


  1. Thanks so much for sharing these useful tips!



  2. I've never needed to use a self storage unit but I declutter regularly and donate to charity or give to family/friends x


  3. These are some really useful tips. I love decluttering at the start of a season, especially when the weather is too cold to want to go out.

  4. I always try a de-clutter for a new season. Useful tips x

  5. I have so much stuff I sorted out to donate during lockdown xx

  6. I have so much stuff sorted to get rid of but a lot of charity shops aren’t taking donations.


  7. Love the idea of second-hand September! I treated myself to a new shirt I found in a vintage shop last week and love it

    Jasmine xx

  8. I always try to fill a donation bag when I'm having a clear out. I need to have another one soon! x


  9. Great ideas! We've just had a massive de-clutter in time for Autumn xx

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  10. We've just had a huge clear out for moving house! Now just to get it to a charity shop xx


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