*5 Reasons To Add a Hot Tub to Your Garden

Friday, September 04, 2020
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We've all been spending much more time at home, whether we're in lockdown, quarantine or working from home which has a few benefits (less time commuting or saving money on petrol) but it also has a few negatives. The difficulty of finding the correct work to life balance and stress is something we've all been struggling with.

Stress is a very personal struggle with various stress helpers out there such as yoga, meditation, pampering, exercising or spending time with friends (unless you are still in lockdown as I am in Manchester). However, while I don't encourage retail therapy, it can sometimes help and one home or garden feature that may have more benefits than it seems is a hot tub! 

Decrease Stress 

Along with baths, spa days and saunas, a hot tub can reduce stress which is always welcome. Stress can have a lasting effect, if it isn't managed, on not only mental health but also physical illness. Stress has been linked to potentially increasing the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, gastrointestinal problems and more. Reducing stress and finding ways to manage stressors, is something I'm trying to work on and I think it is a more long-term issue than it appears to be. 

Decreases Back Pain & Sore Muscles 

A more immediate sign of stress, along with headaches, loss of appetite and worrying, can be muscle aches and pains. Relaxing and stress relief can help muscle tension and general aches or pains. If stress or physical labour is part of your daily life or job then a hot tub might be a great investment in the long term to help with physical strains or the effects of stress. 


Swimming and water-focused exercises can be a great option for those with limited mobility. Hydrotherapy can help reduce stress on the joints, ease muscle aches and increase circulation as well as helping with your mood. Exercise in general can be a fantastic way to not only manage your weight and stay healthy but to boost the amount of endorphins ('happy' hormones) which can lighten your mood. 

Striking Home & Garden Feature 

As well as all of the physical and mental health benefits of a hot tub, it also makes a striking and inviting home or garden feature too. There are so many hot tub sizes, styles and designs on the market for your specific needs - I have been searching through and mentally spending money on the perfect hot tub for our garden! Whichever hot tub you choose, water treatment systems need to be considered to make sure that your hot tub or swimming pool is clean and safe to use. 

Relaxation & Family Time 

Lastly, it's the ideal relaxing environment for friends and family too! Time with friends and family is so important (I think during lockdown I've realised just how much I miss time with my friends and how much I took that time for granted) and why not spend that time relaxing together...maybe with a cocktail or two!

Do you have a hot tub? Would your purchase a hot tub in the future? 


  1. Ah! I would seriously love getting one!

  2. I would love a hot tub but we don’t have room or the money lol xx

  3. I've never thought about hot tubs for exercise but that's such a good point x


  4. I’d never considered one for at home but it would be a great addition


  5. Would definitely love a hot tub when we move house xx

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  6. These are some great reasons why a hot tub is a good idea. I've wanted one for a while but unfortunately we just don't have the space for it at the moment.

  7. There's always a reason to add a hot tub haha xx

  8. I'd love to even have a garden at this point haha. Hoping to move somewhere bigger soon, so I guess you never know...

    Jasmine xx


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