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Wednesday, August 19, 2020


We all know how much I adore the monthly and limited edition boxes from LookFantastic! They are some of my all time favourite beauty subscription boxes and I've been receiving (either for review or with my own money) their boxes for years; they've consistently been fantastic! As much as I recommend their monthly boxes, the limited edition box they release every so often, particularly for events such as Mother's Day, are incredible. If you follow me on instagram (@ofbeautyand) or my reviews on www.allsubscriptionboxes.co.uk, you may have seen my review or unboxing already. 

*LookFantastic x Rituals Box (£40, worth £80)

The latest LookFantastic limited edition box is a collaboration with Rituals Cosmetics which is a brand I've tried a few products from in the past and loved. So I was very interested in this box and not just because the packaging is utterly gorgeous although it is. The packaging design for all of the boxes I've received have been wonderful but I love the simplicity and shades used within this design. 

The box contains six items from Rituals, all of which are part of 'The Rituals of Jing' collection. The items include a candle, shower oil, body lotion, body scrub, hand lotion and pillow mist. The scent is the ideal mix of lavender, summer days and a relaxing spa so if that sounds incredible to you then you'll adore this range, as I do. I've been using the hand cream, pillow mist and body scrub the most since receiving the box a week or so ago and I still can't stop sniffing the products at every chance I get! 

*Rituals 'The Ritual of Jing' Hand Lotion

I'll start with my most used item from the box and it has to be the wonderful and very effective hand lotion. I love the packaging, the scent is heavenly and the hand cream leaves my skin not only with a scent I want to wear everyday but also with silky soft skin. The cream absorbs quickly and has been helping to keep my very dry hands more comfortable and moisturised recently. 

*Rituals 'The Ritual of Jing' Pillow Mist 

My second favourite product, although it is very difficult to choose as they're all fantastic, is the pillow mist. I've been using the pillow mist as a general room, pillow and linen spray as I cannot get enough of the divine scent. I'll spray it a couple of times throughout the day so I don't think this bottle will last very long! 

*Rituals 'The Ritual of Jing' Shower Oil

One of the few products from the box that I haven't tried yet is the shower oil; actually, I don't think I've ever used a shower oil! It contains sandalwood and lavender for a rich and relaxing scent. The texture changes from a nourishing oil to a luxurious foam when lathered into the skin so it sounds like a great product for dry skin or during the upcoming cooler months. 

*Rituals 'The Ritual of Jing' Body Lotion

I have tried their cherry blossom or sakura body lotion before and absolutely loved it so I knew I'd like this one too. It has the same utterly relaxing and calming scent as the other products in the range but I find that it does linger on the skin the longest, out of the products I've tried. The lotion has such a silky texture and leaves the skin feeling very moisturised, smooth and nourished. 

*Rituals 'The Ritual of Jing' Body Scrub 

I love a good body scrub and the more abrasive the better so I was a little apprehensive to try this item as it is described as 'mild', thankfully I don't think it is. It is a fantastic, abrasive body scrub that has just the right amount of rough particles to give my skin a good exfoliating scrub but not too much that it feels very harsh. 

*Rituals 'The Ritual of Jing' Scented Candle 

Last but not least is the only other product, as well as the shower oil, that I haven't tried before. I love scented candles but I'm one of those people who buys enough to fill a store and then saves the candles, not wanting to burn them...However, I will burn this one and soon as the scent is heavenly. I also think it would make a lovely little planter when I've used up the candle!

Have you tried anything from Rituals? Will you be buying this limited edition box? 


  1. I haven’t tried any of this brand before but the scrub sounds really good x

  2. I've only tried one thing from Rituals before but I loved it so definitely need to get more xx

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  3. Wow this looks like an amazing box x

  4. I’m so tempted by this box to finally bite the bullet and subscribe.


  5. Oh wow what an amazing box! I'm gonna have to go and check this out! xx

  6. Wow how luxurious and stunning is the packaging!

  7. This looks like an amazing box, great value too. I don't think I've ever tried anything from Rituals before so this would make such a good discovery set x


  8. I love Rituals products. Creating a subscription box for their new releases is such a great idea.

  9. Such good value! I'm a huge fan of Rituals :)

    Jasmine xx


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