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Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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The heatwave may still be in full force and we still have a quite a few weeks of summer to go but my mind is already wishing for autumn and all of the cosy decor, autumn scented candles and hygge vibes. While autumn may be the cosiest season of all, there are decor switches, home fragrances and options to make your home more welcoming for any season. Whether you are welcoming friends over (unless you live in Manchester as I do and are still within lockdown) or if you are inviting a relative to live with you during this difficult time, I hope these simple tips can help!

Cosy Decor
The idea of cosiness can be very different for each season and it isn't just confined to the colder months, although autumn is the peak of cosiness. During the warmer months I still love to have cosy decor such as cushions and blankets around the house as it makes each room look more inviting and homely. I switch my fluffy and thicker throws to lighter materials and more summery or neutral colours. 

Plants, flowers and greenery in the home can not only add a little life and colour but certain plants can also improve the air quality indoors and improve your mood, productivity levels and reduce stress. If you are working from home, as may of us are currently during the pandemic, adding a few house plants might be a great option for your new and unexpected home office! I have a few cacti which are very easy to care for (I've only managed to kill one in the past five or so years!), a yukka and a prayer plant, the latter is my favourite of them all. However snake plants and succulents, are also easy house plants that don't require a green thumb. 

Candles, Diffusers or Wax Melts
A fresh smelling home is an inviting home so whether you have a selection of clean or floral scented candles, strategically placed diffusers or even food scented wax melts, they're all going to make your home more welcoming. I love the wax melts from Sassy Shop Wax as well as the adorable candles from Bomb Cosmetics. Although if you want to up your hostess skills even more, freshly baked pastries or cookies are a quick way to impress while also filling your home with the wonderful aroma of a bakery. 

Lastly, if you are inviting friends or family into your home who have any kind of health or mobility issues then accessibility is something you need to consider, particularly if an elderly relative is moving into your home. Additions to your home for better accessibility is important to helping guests feel more comfortable and Age UK have a range of home mobility options to choose from including bath and shower aids as well as stairlifts. A free quote can be obtained online through their website and Handicare can install stairlifts that can be fitted after a virtual assessment to make sure you purchase the correct option for your home. 

Do you have any tips to make your home more welcoming to visitors or accessible for guests with mobility issues? 


  1. These are brilliant tips! I love having candles burning in the background

  2. Great tips, especially on accessibility x

  3. Great tips, especially on accessibility x

  4. These are some great tips. I love wax melts because you can make your home smell lovely without too much effort.

  5. These are great tips. I love making our home feel cosy especially in Autumn x

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  6. I love cosy decor, candles and flowers to make places feel more homely and comfortable x


  7. I really want to get some more plants around the house but will have to be fake so my cats don’t eat it xx

  8. Plants are definitely my #1 quick and easy way to make a space look more lived-in

    Jasmine xx

  9. Being cosy is an absolute must, well for me! Especially after a long day at work x

  10. Cosy decor and homely scents to welcome you are such great things to add.



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