DegustaBox - August 2020

Thursday, August 27, 2020

We're heading towards the end of August so it's time for my review of the August DegustaBox! We all know by now how much I love my monthly DegustaBox and this one is no different although sadly, there were quite as many vegan items within the box as there usually are. However, I think there's still a great mix of items that would be ideal for a family or household to share. 

*DegustaBox - August 2020 

Each months box has a different theme and the August theme was 'back to school and on the go' which is great for this time of the year when schools should be heading back for the new term. The brands within the box range from Twinings, Trek and Capsicana to Master Cafe, Swisse Me and many more. I like the variety in this months box as there's a great selection of drinks, sweet treats, snacks and a few breakfast options too. 

Master Cafe Latte (£1.50) 
Let's start with the drinks, the first being an adorably packaged latte from Master Cafe, which is a brand I haven't heard of before. They are low dairy, low calorie and authentic ice coffees. You could have received either the latte, classico or mocha, I received the classico option but sadly it isn't vegan otherwise I think I would have loved it. 

Twinings Cold Infuse (£3.79)
During August, and throughout most of lockdown actually, we've had amazing weather (obviously as I'm writing this, it is currently pouring down) so iced lattes and cold tea has been my go-to. I haven't tried much from Twinings but the new cold infuse range looked interesting. The flavour within the August box was 'watermelon, strawberry and mint' which is the perfect summer flavour and one that I loved. It made a summery, refreshing change to my usual hot herbal tea and a nicer way to make sure I drink more water!

Drink Me Chai Latte
The final drink within the box is another 'gift', we received a gift in last months box too! The gift is a sachet of the Drink Me spiced chai latte which sounds delicious but again, it isn't vegan unfortunately. It is gluten free and suitable for vegetarians though - I think it would make a great summer to autumn drink!

Swisse Me Smoothies 
One of the more unusual items in the box is a smoothie containing chia seeds as well as lots of fruit and vegetables. I have the breakfast blend which contains apples, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries for a quick, healthy breakfast on the go. I love products like this for easy breakfasts when I don't want to cook but I still want a healthy option. 
Swizzels Great British Puds (£1)
As always, there are many sweet treats and snacks within the box and the first are a selection of chewy sweets inspired by various famous British puddings such as lemon meringue, sticky toffee pudding, rhubarb crumble, apple pie and more. I used to love sweets like this growing up and I'm glad they are vegan so I can still enjoy them. I think my favourite has to the lemon meringue pie flavour!

Pick Up Bars (£1.69, for a pack of five) 
A chocolatey treat next from Pick UP! My sister and friends love these bars so I have passed them on so they can enjoy them as sadly these bars aren't vegan - I wish more brands would make vegan versions of the more famous and loved products. You should receive three flavours in your box, all of which my friends loved. 

Sunny Fruit Mix-Ups (£2)
Another great option to share with friends and family are the Sunny Fruit mix-ups which contain real fruit pieces and will be great healthy snack options on the go or within school lunch boxes. They don't contain any added sugar and the pack within the August box contains lots of mini packets to share. 
Trek Salted Caramel Protein Flapjack (£2.50)
My favourite item from the box has to be the Trek salted caramel flapjack bars. Trek make some of my all time favourite vegan snack bars (I particularly love their cocoa oat protein flapjack which I have purchased a few times now in bulk). The salted caramel flavour is so delicious and tastes like fudge I used to love growing up - so delicious!

Boundless Activated Snacking (£1.50)
More healthy snacking options, this is in the form of flavoured nuts and seeds from Boundless. The flavour within this months box is rosemary and South American cayenne which definitely add a little spice to the snack. 

RXbar (£2.50)
Last for the sweet snack bars is the RXBar which is a high protein snack bar containing a few simple ingredients, frustratingly one of them is egg whites, so it is only vegetarian. You should receive one bar in your box and I received the peanut option but the other contains cashews and almonds. 
Simpleas Pea Powered Curls (£1.09)
The last snack (it was a snack heavy box this month) is another favourite of mine - British yellow peas that have been baked (not fried) into moreish little curls. I love products like this as they are basically healthy crisps! They are high in protein, fibre and only 88 calories per bag. I received the salt and vinegar flavour which isn't my favourite flavour but I did enjoy these - I'd be happy to try more flavours!

The Great British Porridge Co (£1.50)
Have you seen a better brand name than this one: The Great British Porridge Co. I haven't either! The porridge sachet is blueberry and banana flavoured which is a combination I haven't seen before, especially for porridge but I'm interested this try it. 

Capsicana Mexican Chilli and Honey Cooking Paste (£1.50)
Last but not least is a cooking paste sachet from Capsicana which is a brand that has been included in previous boxes. The paste uses Mexican-grown chipotle and ancho poblano chillies for a spicy but smoky and sweet flavour that would be perfect for flavouring veggies or meat within a taco or fajitas. 

Don't forget to use the code: DTPL4 to get your box for only £9.99!

Have you tried any of these products? Do you subscription to DegustaBox?


  1. Lots of delicious looking snacks in there this month, I love the Boundless seeds! I've tried a few flavours of the cold infusions recently and like them so much more than I thought I would x


  2. Looks like another great box! I always used to discover so many new brands and products in Degustabox x

    Tiffany x

  3. Great theme for a box! I really want to try those Twinings Cold Infuse things!

  4. Drink Chai is my absolute - I need to get some before the cold weather sets in xx

  5. I need to try those new sweet pud bars! xx

  6. So many great sounding products. I've wanted to try those cold infusion drinks for a while now.

  7. The ice coffee and cold tea infusions sound fab.

  8. I bet the chai is so aromatic and good!

    Jasmine xx


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