The Taste of Italy with Independent Wine

Sunday, July 26, 2020
Happy Sunday! Today's post is a little different as I'm reviewing a selection of Italian wine from Independent Wine which is a new-to-me online wine shop that offers a range of red and white wine, rose, sparkling wine and whisky. I'm featuring Italian wine within today's post but there are options from France, Spain and Argentina available online too. If you follow me on Instagram (@ofbeautyand) then you'll have already had a sneak peek of this post!
No matter which variety you are interested in, the majority of the wine available within their e-shop are award winners so if you are a beginner to the world of wine, you know you are choosing from a great selection. I was very kindly sent two bottles to try, both of which award winners from Northern Italy. Italy is famous for many things, from the delicious cuisine and epic history to its glorious sun-kissed landscape and of course, wine. 

I've been lucky enough to visit a range of cities within Italy from Venice, Florence and Ravenna in the north to Rome, Naples, Bari and the Island of Sicily in the south. So I've indulged in delicious traditional Italian dishes, however I haven't tried had the pleasure of sampling much of their world famous wine. Thankfully, Independent Wine have a great range of awarding winning Italian wine to bring the taste of Italy to your door. 
*Ridolfi Rosso di Montalcino DOC 2018 (£19.90)
I'll start with the red wine which contains the Sangiovese grape variety; harvested between September and October, the wine is then aged for one year within oak barrels to maintain a rich but fresh and floral flavour. The aromas and notes include dried red cherries, chocolate, raspberries, strawberries, red currant and sweet cakes, among others. I personally prefer light and sweet rose or white wine but I'm always happy to try other varieties as I am very much a beginner when it comes to wine tasting so I'm glad I was able to try an option I wouldn't have otherwise tried. I have to admit that it is a little strong, rich and more acidic compared to what I've tried previously but I do love the rich berry flavours. 
*Malvirà Saglietto Arneis 2016 (£19.90)
Last but not least is my favourite option of the two I was very kindly sent from Independent Wine. The white wine is produced in an organic winery and is carbon neutral so if a more environmentally friendly option is something you are interested in then Malvirà is the winemaker to keep in mind. The winery is constructed deep underground with geothermal heating and cooling systems which sounds like a James Bond villain's version of a winery! Composed of the Arneis white grape variety and matured using both oak barrels and stainless steel vats, the wine has a high acidity but a light, refreshing flavour. With lingering notes of tropical fruits, lemon and pear, I also get a moreish cooked apple flavour. I think both options would be great summer alfresco dinner with family and friends, while socially distancing, of course. 

I also wanted to mention Zzysh, the wine preserver I use, which I've reviewed previously on my blog. 

For more information, check out their e-shop or their knowledge base!

Are you a wine lover? Will you be visiting Independent Wine to browse their selection? 


  1. These both sound like great wines. I'm definitely more of a white wine person.

  2. They have so many great wines as well as interesting articles xx

  3. Ooh looks lovely. Perfect for small gatherings with family this summer x

    Tiffany x

  4. These look like some lovely wines

  5. This sounds like a great idea - we do get through a lot of wine in my household!

    Jasmine xx

  6. They sound like the perfect wine retailer for those who want to get into trying more wine x

  7. Offftttt I could do with a chilled glass of white - it's gonna be a hot one today! xx

  8. They sound great, but I'm more of a red person overall. I love the photos in this one too x

  9. Amazing photos Heather, and I love the concept behind this! X

  10. The red sounds lovely and it’s the only variety I drink. I miss wine.


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