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Thursday, June 04, 2020
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For some of us, travel is simply a means of putting some distance between ourselves and the things at home which are causing us anxiety and stress. It’s a reprieve from the pressures of work, family and the household. And while this is a perfectly acceptable rationale for travel, there are many for whom the need to get away goes much deeper. For many of us, travel is an appeal to a restless sense of adventure- a flame of passion that never gutters no matter how much of the world we see and how many times our minds are blown by the new, the exotic and the awe inspiring.

There are those of us who thrive when meeting new people, immersing ourselves in new cultures and imbibing the scents, tastes, sights and sounds of new countries. For this kind of traveller, Asia’s diverse cultural, natural and architectural wonders are a cornucopia of delights- tempting us, daring us to go and explore. While places like Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Singapore are great places to visit as a family, they offer an extra appeal to solo travellers who want to be able to fully immerse themselves in an overseas adventure. In this post we’ll take a close look at the latter as we explore the treasures that await travellers when they’re solo in Singapore...

Is Singapore safe for solo travellers? 
Of course when we’re travelling solo we need to be a little more mindful of staying safe and protected as we explore our new surroundings. The good news is that Singapore is not only safe, it’s one of the safest places in Asia when travelling solo. Indeed, there is a high standard of urban surveillance and a robust police presence that may strike some as almost Orwellian. However, it most assuredly keeps them safe as the city state has one of the lowest crime rates in the developed world. The people are generally extremely friendly and welcoming. The locals are highly educated, and the standard of spoken English is very high- although if you take the time to learn any Malay, Tamil or Mandarin Chinese they will genuinely appreciate it. There is also a thriving community of English-speaking expats with over 50,000 Brits living in Singapore. If you’re looking to make friends with someone who shares your native language and can give you the inside track on where to eat and where to hang out, you can usually find these people in areas like Holland Village, Tanglin, Orchard and River Valley.

Enjoy the city that’s also a country 
Fun fact: Singapore is one of only 3 sovereign city states in the world. The others are Vatican City nestled in the heart of Rome and the Principality of Monaco along the French riviera. Singapore is an autonomous country but it’s also a bustling cityscape roughly half the size of Metropolitan London. This means that you can touch all the bases in a weekend or take a few weeks to explore all that its 721 square kilometers have to offer.

Live like a local 
One of the many great things about Singapore is that when it comes to choosing a lovely place to stay, you’ll be spoilt for choice. There are many wonderful hotels to choose from including the stunning Marina Bay Sands and the more budget-friendly Naumi. However, there are many who prefer to live like a local by checking out the property rental market. There are many awesome condos available to overseas visitors with flexible terms. Perfect for both a long or a short stay. From here, you can explore the city state on your own terms and get to know it like its inhabitants do.

You will never see so much green in one city 
Nature lovers will be stunned by how much green is packed into (and around) this huge conurbation. Indeed, it is known around the world as the “city in a garden” and its landscape is an incredible dichotomy of futuristic architecture and nature. Indeed, as soon as you step off the plane you’ll be treated to the sight of SIngapore’s wonderful sunflower garden. You’ll also get to enjoy visiting the world’s largest vertical garden at the Tree House, as well as the sci-fi looking Gardens by the Bay. An absolute must visit is the Singapore Botanic Gardens. This 60 acre UNESCO World Heritage site is home to over 60,000 plant species including the famously beautiful orchids.

Eat like royalty every day 
If you’re a lover of rice, spice and all things nice, Singapore is most definitely the place for you. Here you can dine like royalty every day without maxing out your budget in a weekend. Seafood lovers in particular will find themselves in heaven when they visit. Be sure to try the national dish- the celebrated chilli crab, invented in Singapore in 1950 by legendary chef Cher Yaw Tian. However, if you’re not into seafood you’ll still find plenty to enjoy. Vegetarian or vegan? Don’t worry! According to the animal welfare charity PETA, Singapore is Asia’s second most vegan friendly city. In terms of quality to cost ratio, Singapore offers some of the most satisfying dining experiences on the continent.

Love animals? Singapore has you covered 
One of the great tragedies of Asia is that while there a great many animal encounters to enjoy, many of them are sadly exploitative to the animals. For instance, you never want to ride an elephant in Thailand because there’s an excellent chance that it has been treated horrendously. Singapore, on the other hand has a range of highly ethical animal encounters. From the farm animals of The Animal Resort to the nocturnal creature showcase of the Night Safari to the vast and extraordinary Singapore Zoo.

Have you visited Singapore? Where do you want to travel when the world returns to normal? 


  1. I've never been to Singapore before but you've made it sound like it's a lovely place to visit.


  2. I can't wait to go on holiday again, there's so many places I want to visit xx

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  3. I have always wanted to go there!! xx

  4. Singapore is high on my travel wish list -hoping to go to SEA when this is all over and see Singapore en route

    Jasmine xx

  5. I'd love to visit Singapore one day. I had no idea it was a sovereign city state - I knew about Vatican City & Monaco but had no idea there were only three and Singapore was the third x


  6. Great post! We visited Singapore in 2019 and it was awesome. Like you said, so much greenery and incredible food!

  7. Singapore is definitely on my to-go list x

  8. Definitely a place I would love to visit some day. Sounds like it could be an amazing vacation some day.

  9. It looks incredible but I can't see me getting to go anytime soon :(

  10. It's on my to visit list, I have family there! xx

  11. My mum has been to Thailand before when she was younger. Would love to explore the world! John x

  12. I’ve never visited before but it’s definitely on the bucket list.


  13. I'd love to go to Singapore - my Nan spent some time there when she was younger and I'd love to visit.


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