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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

We all know by now how much I adore the monthly boxes from Latest In Beauty so I'm always very happy to receive one of their limited edition collections as they usually contain a tonne of amazing products from a range of brands. One of their latest collections is the 'beauty from home' collection which contains fifteen products, all of which are ideal for those who are currently working from home during lockdown.

*Latest In Beauty: Beauty From Home (£30, worth over £100)
The brands within the box range from highstreet offerings such as Max Factor and Lacura to more higher end brands including Bumble and Bumble (one of my favourite haircare brands), Trilogy, Nudestix and Glamglow. The box also contains such a wide range of product types too, from lipsticks, hair masks and skincare to hair styling products, an unusual hair wrap treatment and a facial razor, to name a few. I'm always happy with the boxes from Latest In Beauty but I think this box is one of my favourites from 2020 so far.
*Oh K! Jeju Mineral Hydrogel Mask 
I used to hate sheet masks, I didn't understand the hype and I didn't love the fit of the western sheet masks I'd tried but then I tried the Starskin Camellia mask from a subscription box and fell in love. I think the best sheet masks are definitely from Korea and one of my favourite brands has to be Oh K! as not only are the masks so cute but they are effective as well. Unlike other sheet masks, this one is split into a top section and a bottom section which does make it a little easier to place into the face without having half of the mask in your hair and the other in your eyes! I love the Oh K! masks I've tried and now I need to try even more.
*Biovene Barcelona Hair Wrap Treatment 
The unusual hair wrap treatment I mentioned earlier is from a Spanish brand I haven't heard of but it instantly intrigued me as I haven't seen a hair treatment like it before. The treatment option I have is the aloe vera with soya bean and collagen but there are two others you could have received instead. The treatment is within a fabric hair wrap which I'm sure makes it very easy and convenient to use - I can't wait to try it.
*Hask Rose Oil and Peach Deep Conditioner 
The penultimate hair treatment within the box is a deep conditioner from Hask which is another brand I haven't tried. One of the main reasons I love beauty subscription boxes is the ability to try so many products and brands at a much reduced price; this one is worth over £100 but it is currently available for only £30! The deep conditioner sounds fantastic and I can't wait to try it soon as lockdown stress has been definitely affecting my hair as well as my skin.
*Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray 
Bumble and Bumble is one of my favourite higher end haircare brands and I especially love their surf range (I've bought the shampoo and container from this range a couple of times) but I haven't really tried the surf spray, even though it's probably one of their most famous products. It is a mini spray bottle at 15ml but it is an ideal size for travelling (when we are able to) or as a trial size.
*Dr Paw Paw 7 in 1 Hair Treatment Styler 
The final hair treatment in the box, there are quite a lot for some reason, is a spray treatment from Dr Paw Paw (I love their lip balms). It is a multi-use product designed to reduce split ends, provide heat protection, detangle, add shine, smooth, reduce frizz and act as a blow drying aid. It sounds like an incredible product and the scent is lovely!
*No-Moustache Facial Razor
I've wanted to try facial razors and dermaplaning for a while! It is a process in which you remove the peach fuss from the face as well as the top layer of dull skin to reveal smoother, softer and exfoliated skin. I do have facial hair on my upper lip and a lot of peach fuss around my jaw which is something I'm always a little self conscious of when I apply my makeup so I'm interested to try this razor.
*Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate Oil
Kiehls is a brand I definitely want to try much more from but sadly this is one product that I don't love unfortunately. The oil is loved by so many but it just isn't for me; although I do adore the Kiehls hand salve and I need to pick up another bottle very soon.

*Trilogy Make-Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm
One of my favourite skincare products from the box is this mini cleansing balm from Trilogy, which is a brand I tried years ago and loved! The cleansing balm removed my base products, brows and lipstick with ease although it did struggle a little with my mascara but I find that most makeup removers aren't completely effective against stubborn mascara.
*Glamglow Superserum 6-Acid Refining Treatment & Supercleanse Cleanser
The some of the final few skincare products from the 'beauty from home' box are all from the higher end brand, Glamglow. I've loved the Glamglow masks I've tried but I haven't tried any of their other skincare products. The serum and cleanser are designed to smooth, cleanse and refine the skin and I cannot wait to try these two minis.

*Glamglow Berry Glow Probiotic Recovery Mask 
The Glamglow product I've tried from the box is the face mask which is a mini but I managed to get two full uses out of it. The mask claims to leave the skin plumped, healthy, radiant and hydrated which is everything my stressed out skin needs right now. I haven't used a traditional mask like this for a while as I've been using Korean sheet masks for the past couple of months; however I loved using this mask! I didn't notice too much of a difference in terms of the clarity of my skin but it massively improved the texture. The day after using this mask, my skin was incredibly smooth, soft and moisturised - I need the full size mask ASAP!
*Lacura Caviar Illumination Day Cream
The final skincare item is one from Lacura, which is an Aldi's own brand of skincare, I think. I have heard great things (on the whole) about this brand. However, as I have so many moisturisers already in my skincare collection and this cream is designed for more mature skin, I passed this one onto my mum. She's been using the day cream for the past week or so and she loves it so far!
*Florence by Mills Built To Lash Mascara 
I have a few favourite products from the box including the Oh K! sheet mask, the Glamglow mask and the Trilogy cleansing balm but I think the most pleasantly surprising product is this mascara from Millie Bobby Brown's makeup collection. I love the packaging, the brush size is huge but it isn't so huge that I end up almost blinding myself each time I use it and the mascara gives me enough time to apply it the way I want before it dries down. It gives me fluttery, subtle lashes with a formula that is easy to remove which is what I want in a everyday mascara - I can't recommend it enough
*Nudestix Gel Colour Lip and Cheek Balm 
Nudestix is a brand I've been intrigued by for years but I haven't tried anything until now! I love the concept and I like the mini travel size, however the shade just isn't for me unfortunately. The shade in the box is 'rebel' which is a bright, pale almost bubblegum pink which doesn't suit my very pale skin or do any favours for my teeth. Although I like the smooth formula which feels light and comfortable on the lips.

*Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick
Lastly, a classic red lipstick from Max Factor in the shade 'ruby Tuesday'. I never used to wear red lipstick as I was always self conscious of how it made my teeth look but I've been wearing red shades much more in 2020 and this one is gorgeous! It's a great spring, cherry red that looks a little pink depending on the light and how much you apply so I think it would suit most skin tones!

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of the Beauty From Home box? 



  1. Wow so many amazing products in this box! I'm still yet to try Latest In Beauty xx

    Tiffany x

  2. Wow, it sounds like you got so many amazing products in this box from some brands I really love. I've wanted to try a face razor for so long! x


  3. What a great haul! I have been wanting to try a Korean face mask forever - that one looks great. And a facial razor too sounds excellent. Can't wait to hear how that one goes for you!

  4. Some fab sounding products in this box x

  5. You got so many good things in this box!!!

  6. There are so many fab products in this post. I love using the Bumble & Bumble Surf spray but I didn't know Dr Paw Paw had a hair spray, I'm definitely going to have to try some.

  7. How come the Kiehl's oil didn't work for you? I'm so keen to try it! John x

  8. It's such a fab box! Such a shame you didn't like the oil - it's one of the best on the market! xx

  9. Love the GalmGlow masks and Bumble and Bumble Surf spray is a classic!

    Jasmine xx

  10. Oh wow, what a fab selection of products, they’re always great curations.

  11. the midnight recovery oil is a great favourite for me
    Em x


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