DegustaBox - June 2020

Saturday, June 27, 2020
It's coming to the end of June (where has the time gone!) which means that it is time for me to review the latest DegustaBox. I'm lucky enough to be a DegustaBox ambassador so I receive the boxes each month to review on my blog although all of my opinions are my own. Check out my subscription box reviews for more information on previous boxes. 

*DegustaBox - June 2020 
Aa an ambassador, I also I receive a couple of flavours and extras that you may not receive in your box. If you are interested in your own box, you can use the code: DTPL4 to get £3 off your first box which is fantastic value for money, especially with this months box as one item out of the 16 individual items in the box is £9. 
*Blossom Hill Gin Fizz (£9, 750ml)
I'll begin with one of the prettiest items from the June box and it's a bubbly blend of wine, gin and botanically infused water from Blossom Hill. I don't personally drink very often, I usually only drink on special occasions and when I do, I have loved Blossom Hill as a brand. There are two flavour opinions and I have the rhubarb flavour which does sound delicious, especially for the summer months. 
*Le Joli Sparkling Water (£1)
The final drink within the box is also beautifully designed and another perfect option for summer picnics (socially distanced picnics, of course!). There are three flavours but you'll receive two in your box. I received the Scottish raspberry and rhubarb flavour as well as the Mexican lime and mint. I thought I'd love the raspberry and rhubarb flavour the most but the flavour was subtle and a little bitter. However I did love Mexican lime and winter flavour! 
*Baru Chocolate Marshmallow Bar (£1.69)
Moving onto the sweet snacks in the box, of which there are many! The first is quite luxurious and something I haven't come across before - a chocolate marshmallow bar. The marshmallow bar contains bourbon vanilla bean, honey and real spices, the latter makes its unique chai topping. Sadly, it isn't vegan as I would have loved to try this sweet treat. 

*Gregory's Tree Fruit Twists (69p)
My favourite sweet treat is thankfully vegan and I ate them as soon as I'd finished photographing the box.  The fruit twists are exactly what the name suggests, chewy and gummy fruit sticks that contain no added sugar. They are absolutely delicious and almost the fruit version of candy - I will definitely be buying some of these in the future. 
*Olly's Olives (£1.50)
As well as all of the sweet snacks, there are a few savoury options too including the basil and garlic flavoured olives from Olly's Olives. I personally don't like olives but my mum does so I will definitely be passing these onto her as I know that she'll love them!

*Noisy Snacks (£1.49)
A savoury snack that I absolutely enjoyed were the roasted crunchy corn in the Jamaican jerky flavour. I haven't heard of this brand before but I love the packaging and the flavour of this snack. Although it is definitely not a movie theatre or office snack as it is so crunchy and loud to eat! They are a little different to other snack companies as most use about 4% flavouring whereas Noisy Snacks use 8% and it's much more flavourful. 
*Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffs (£1)
I have tried a couple of flavours of the Hippeas chickpea puffs in previous boxes and I liked them but the one flavour that I've wanted to try for a while is the 'take it cheesy' flavour so I was very happy to see it in the June 2020 box. I think that vegan snacks can be very hit or miss with some people loving them and other hating them. Although I think this brand will be a favourite for many but the taste and texture of vegan snacks can take a little getting used to. I love the cheesy flavour and I will be buying some more soon. 

*Nine Seed Bar (£1.29) 
The final sweet snack in the box are two snack bars from Nine which is a brand I haven't heard of before. There are so many reasons I love these boxes: the wide range of snacks, they usually have a good selection of vegan options and they always introduce me each month to a new product or new brand. One of the two bars was vegan and thankfully it was the flavour I was most interested in - salted caramel. I loved this bar! 
*Attack a Snack (£1.50)
The final savoury snack for June was a huge snack; it was a chilli heat nacho kit with chipotle dip and sour cream sauce. The kit contains two dips and the tortilla chips so it would be great as a sharing snack on a picnic (with members of your own household or bubble). It isn't vegan unfortunately (I wish it was as I used to love snacks like this) but my sister tried it and loved it. 

*Maynards Bassetts Superfruit Jellies (£1)
Lastly, the final sweet snack and it's a packet of the new soft jelly sweets from Maynards Bassetts. The sweets are a little unique as they contain a higher fruit percentage compared to other sweets and they have added benefits such as vitamins C and E. Can you believe that every six sweets contains 15% of your daily recommended intake of vitamins C and E! I think they're a great 'healthier' sweet treat for kids! 
*Lizi's Granola (75p for 40g)
The penultimate item in the box is actually a breakfast item which would be great for a breakfast picnic or a healthy breakfast beforehand. There are two options within the box, a high protein and a low sugar version. The high protein option includes 27% of your daily protein needs and the low sugar option only contains 1.9g of sugar. Breakfast cereals never tend to be that healthy so if you are looking for a healthy option rather than sugary cereal, check out Lizi's granola. 

*Newman's Own Italian Dressing (£1.65)
Last but not least is a heavenly vegan friendly salad dressing from Newman's Own. This brand has been included in a previous DegustaBox but this is the first vegan option, as far as I can remember. It is described as a dressing and dip but I think the consistency is really made to be a dressing instead. It's a delicious herby Italian dressing that's ideal for summer BBQ salads. 

Have you tried any of these items? What do you think of the June 2020 DegustaBox? 


  1. What a fun box! I'd definitely be into the chocolate marshmallow bar.

  2. The Italian dressing looks lovely. I've tried Hippeas before and wasn't a huge fan x

  3. You got so many great things! I might have to get a box xx

  4. This box contained so many great products. I love the sound of the Maynards jellied sweets. I'm definitely tempted to order a box myself.

  5. So many great things inside this month's box! Those drinks all seem like they'd be so refreshing xx

    Tiffany x

  6. Thanks a lot for the provided box! I insanely like its content and happily waiting for something new and creative. Cheers!

  7. Ooo the gin fizz sounds lush! xx

  8. I love the picnic theme! Lots of delicious sounding snacks in this one too. The gin fizz sounds incredible x


  9. The gin fizz sounds fab! Hippeas are so good!!

  10. Wow this Gin Fizz sounds amazing! I've not seen it anywhere before, but it sounds like the perfect drink for summer! xx

  11. Wow - that gin fizz sounds amazing!!! I need to find me a bottle!
    Em x

  12. I really like vegetable and pulse crisps - so tasty!

    Jasmine xx

  13. I always love the look of these boxes!


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