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Friday, May 22, 2020
Happy Friday, I hope everyone is well and staying safe! Today's post features a product duo from the lovely people over at Green People that is perfect for our current global situation with an added benefit of helping charities too! I've been lucky enough to work with Green People a few times since 2014 and I cannot recommend their products enough, especially their sensitive skincare range and lipsticks (the velvet matte lipstick in 'berry nude' is my ideal everyday lipstick). 

*Green People Scent Free Everyday Hand Care Set (£25) 
I was very kindly sent their new scent free hand care duo which I've been using everyday for the past week or so. Before I get into the review, I'll mention that for every purchase of the hand care set, the two items individually or some of their other products, a donation of £1 will be given to NHS charities if you make your purchase before the 31st May so go, go, go! Click on the link above to see a list of all the products that are eligible for the donation if you want to make an order with Green People and support the NHS. 
Let's start with the product everyone has been using in abundance (hopefully) over the past couple of months, hand wash. I've been using a mixture of generic hand wash and my Lush soaps that I needed to use up ('honey I washed the kids' is my all time favourite soap). The generic anti-bacterial hand wash and hand sanitisers I've been using have all left my hands feeling quite tight and dry which isn't very pleasant especially as we're all having to wash our hands more often so I'm very glad to have this new hand wash from Green People as it's the most gentle and non-drying hand wash I've ever used. 
Last not not least is an equally as important hand care step, lotion! We've all been told to wash our hands and use hand sanitiser multiple times per day but using lotion after hand washing is so important to keep the skin comfortable, moisturised and supple. If you have been following my blog for a couple of years then you might know that I used to suffer with horrendous, itchy and dry eczema on my face and hands (thankfully I don't have any eczema now due to switching to a vegan diet) but I used to need hand lotion constantly so I know the benefit to provides to the skin. Due to my eczema I've tried countless hand creams and lotions, most of which work well but if you are looking for a quick to absorb lotion that is gentle but effective then you really can't go wrong with this lovely Green People hand lotion! 

Have you tried anything from Green People? 



  1. I haven't tried anything from them before but I love the fact that it doesn't dry your skin out. It's great that they are donating money to charity too.


  2. They sound great! I have really dry skin in general and they really suffered a lot with the extra washing, especially before lockdown when I was still leaving the house. It's amazing that they're donating too! x


  3. These sound like great products. My hands have been awful lately x


  4. I don't think I've ever tried Green People before. I have a feeling we had some baby samples once though xx

  5. Never heard of this brand before. These products look like great quality. With all the sanatizing my hands has been rough and dry!

  6. I haven't tried this brand before but I love the look of these products! I've been washing my hands so much recently xx

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  7. Ooh this sounds great - my hands are always dry as I wash them a lot (especially now!) so could do with something less stripping

    Jasmine xx

  8. I have been using so much hand cream as my hands got so dry from all the washing! xx

  9. I've never heard of this brand but we're all suffering with our hands at the moment I think with the extra washing we're doing
    Em x

  10. My hands are WRECKED. The only thing saving them is the L'Occitane hand cream! Joys of 12.5hr shifts at the hospital :(

  11. The price is quite steep for a hand and lotion set—but if it works and gives your hands thorough cleanse then it's worth every penny x

  12. They sound fab and so good for your hands. I find a lot can leave mine dry and sore.


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