DegustaBox - May 2020

Friday, May 29, 2020
It's the time of the month again for my review of the DegustaBox food subscription box! I am lucky enough to receive a box to review each month but I cannot recommend them enough especially for families or to share with others as there's something for everyone in each box. If you use the code DTPL4 you can get £3 off your first box (the discount has changed from £5 to £3 off your first box). If you use the code above, your first box will be £9.99.

*DegustaBox - May 2020 
The theme for the May box is 'BBQ and snacking' which is perfect for the absolutely gorgeous weather we've been having in the UK for what seems like the past couple of months - I've been reading so much in the garden because of the lovely sunshine! The box contains a great selection of ingredients you can use for a BBQ or picnic as well as snacks, sharing treats and drinks. There aren't nearly as many vegan items in the box as there usually are (cries) but I do love the vegan options from the box.
*Skinny Tonic Water (75p)
I'll start with the drinks within the box and as with the last box (and all of the box from now on), there isn't an alcohol box and a non-alcohol box so they are combined. The drinks within the May box range from vegan energy drinks and wine to these mini cans of tonic water. You should receive both flavours in your box - Indian and Mediterranean tonic waters. The Indian flavour is a blend of botanicals including Sicilian lemon, orange and thyme. Whereas the Mediterranean flavour contains fresh citrus, thyme and sweet basil notes. They are both delicious!

*Beronia Rioja Crianza (£2.99, 18.75cl)
As well as the mini cans of tonic water, there's also a mini bottle of win in the May box too which would be great for a picnic for two! The Beronia Rioja Crianza is a wine from Spain that is fruity, with hints of blackberry and strawberry as well as vanilla and spice from being aged in French and American oak barrel for 12 months before bottling.
*Xite Energy Drinks (1.49)
I've never been a fan of energy drinks in any form so I didn't have high hopes for either of these but they are vegan and very low calorie so I decided to give them a go and I'm so glad that I did as they were both delicious. You should receive two flavours in your box and I cannot recommend them enough. These are the first energy drinks that I've tried that I actually loved and would 100% buy in the future!
*Hartley's Juicy Jelly Shots (£2.79)
Moving into the snacks in the box and the first is a box of jellies from Hartley's which I know my friends toddlers will love so I've passed them on and I'm sure they're very happy with them. Growing up, I used to love jelly packets and pots like this! The box contains four of the strawberry flavour which is was always my favourite flavour of jelly, closely followed by blackcurrant. I think they'd be great as a snack or as part of a picnic.
*Hellmanns Dressings (£1.65 each)
Another item I think would be ideal for making picnic or BBQ snacks is these two dressings from Hellmann's. You should receive both in your box, the far free vinaigrette and the classic house salad dressing. The vinaigrette is vegan but sadly it isn't something I'd eat although both of my parents have been loving both of the dressings and the bottles are almost empty so I think they have the seal of approval!
*Bull's Eye BBQ Sauce (£2.49)
Another essential BBQ item is BBQ sauce which is something I'm starting to love. This one is based on the original US BBQ sauces and contains sweet and smokey flavour that can be added to any meat or even veggies. After a quick search online, I think this original sauce is vegan but it isn't stated on the label - it sounds delicious and I can't wait to confirm whether it is vegan so I can finally open it!
*Mission Street Tacos (£1.20)
As well as the energy drinks, my favourite items from the May box have to be the two packet soft street tacos! There are two flavours you should receive, original and chilli and lime, both of which I have used and loved. The chilli and lime flavour is definitely my favourite of the two and it's delicious when combined with vegan cheese and smoked tofu for a super quick and easy taco snack. The small size is perfect for a snack or as a small side dish too - I will definitely be buying these in the future!
*Yes! Snacks Bars (£2.99)
Moving onto the sweet treats in the box as there are always a good range of sweeter snacks each month. The YES! brand has been included in previous boxes and I'm sure the bars were vegan but sadly these aren't. I received the dark chocolate, pecan and banana flavoured bars but you could have received another flavour option. We all know by now how much I love snack bars, I always have one in my car and one in my bag at all time as they are just handy to have if you need a quick energy boost throughout the day.
*Barebells Hazelnuts and Nougat Protein Bar (£2.50)
The penultimate item is another snack bar but it's from a brand I haven't tried before. I love the packaging and the protein content but sadly it isn't vegan as far as I am aware. It sounds delicious though as hazelnut and nougat seem like a perfect combination!

*Lindt Lindor Milk Bar (85p)
Last but definitely not least is an item I think so many people would be very happy to see in their box - a heavenly Lindt chocolate bar! When I was vegetarian, rather than vegan, I always received one of these smaller bars as either part of an easter present or birthday present. They are so silky smooth and delicious - I wish they made a vegan version.

Have you tried any of these products? Don't forget to use the code DTPL4 to get £3 off your box!



  1. ooe I really like the sound of skinny tonic! You guys always get the best goodies I love seeing what other countries have to other when it comes to food. everything is so different.

  2. This sounds like such a great subscription box. I live trying new food and drink.

  3. I really want to sign up as you get so many fab things to try xx

  4. Ooo the jelly pouches sounds so good! Joshua would love those xx

  5. Oh this box is making me hungry for lunch! Seems like a perfect BBQ meal - and can never go wrong with some Lindt chocolate!

  6. A great range of products here x

  7. The salad dressings are perfect for this time of year! I've been making so many pasta salads that these would go great with xx

    Tiffany x

  8. I'm in love with those *Yes! Snacks Bars—they're such a unique creation from Nestle but they are expensive when bought alone x

  9. These boxes are making me hungry! Yes I love those!!

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  10. The jelly pouches and tonic are right up my street.

  11. Ooh I didn't realise Mission did flavoured options - definitely checking those out!

    Jasmine xx

  12. The chilli & lime tacos sound delicious. There seems to be a good range of products here x


  13. The food always looks incredible in these! SO good!

  14. There's so many great things in this box!
    Em x


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