DegustaBox - February 2020

Wednesday, February 26, 2020
I'm trying to stick to my rule of publishing my reviews of the wonderful DegustaBox packages within the month so today's post is my review of the February DegustaBox which is themed around Easter! You can read my previous DegustaBox reviews and subscription box reviews for more information. Also, check out my latest giveaway on Twitter for a chance to win a Slip Silk Sleep Mask (worth £50).

*DegustaBox - February 2020 
I always love the theme for each DegustaBox and this months theme is perfect - Easter. The box contains a plethora of delicious snacks, so many of which are vegan! There's a great range of products from cooking ingredients and milkshakes to vegan chocolate, snack bars and easy lunch ideas. The brands vary from Heinz, Very Lazy and Galaxy to KitKit, Trek, Grey Poupon and more.
*Galaxy Vegan Bars (£3, each)
Let's start with the most exciting products in the box - the new vegan chocolate bars from Galaxy. Thankfully before I switched to a fully vegan diet at the beginning of 2019, I didn't love chocolate and I have to admit that vegan chocolate isn't fantastic. However, the new Hotel Chocolat vegan nutmilk batons are incredible and a very close second has to be the Galaxy bars. I bought the caramelised hazelnut bar a few weeks ago and loved it so I was very happy to see not one but three bars in the February box.

As I'm a DegustaBox ambassador I am lucky enough to receive multiple flavours of some of the items in the box but you will only receive one of the three flavours, either caramelised hazelnut, caramel and sea salt or orange. I haven't tried the latter but I definitely recommend the caramelised hazelnut and caramel and sea salt flavours!
*Trek Protein Flapjacks - Cocoa Oat (£2.50)
Another product that I've purchased previously are the protein flapjacks from Trek. I purchased a bulk box of the bars (in the cocoa oat flavour) a couple of months ago as they're a great on the go, heathy and filling snack bar so I was happy to receive more. The bars contain 9g of protein, they're vegan and they are very moreish. I will definitely buy more again in the future!

*Jacked Foods Jackfruit Chunks and Ndizi Banana (£1.89)
One of my favourite things about the DegustaBoxes is the inclusion of a range of products and brands that I haven't heard of before, such as these dried fruit pieces. I haven't tried the jackfruit option but the ndizi banana pieces were surprisingly delicious - I don't usually like bananas or banana flavoured snacks but I loved these.
*My Sweet Chickpea (£1.25)
Another sweet vegan treat are these chocolate coated roasted chickpeas from My Sweet Chickpea. Firstly, the brand name and packaging is amazing! As well as the dried jackfruit and dried banana from Jacked Foods, I also didn't know if I'd like these - I haven't tried chickpeas in anything other than savoury meals but they were very addictive!

*Heinz Pasta Shapes (55p each)
I used to love tinned pasta like this growing up, especially if the pasta was in the shape of a cartoon or movie character so I knew that my friends son would love these too so I've passed them on as he likes Paw Patrol which is one of the pasta shapes. There should be two tins including Paw Patrol and Frozen in the February box.
*KitKat Easter Bunny (65p each)
The easter specific product in the box are two cute KitKat easter bunny chocolates - which you should also receive two of. I loved receiving chocolates likes this during easter as a child and if there was a vegan version that would be perfect. They are gluten free, free from colour/preservatives and they are vegetarian.

*Shaken Udder Milkshakes (£1.40)
Occasionally there will be a voucher within the box for a free product that isn't in the box as it is a fresh or refrigerated product and the voucher in the February box is for a free milkshake by Shaken Udder (which if I'm honest is such a stomach turning brand name, sorry). There are many flavours, some of which contain fresh fruit or Belgian chocolate as well as cows milk. The milkshakes are gluten free, they contain less than 5% added sugar and they are suitable for vegetarians.
*Livia's Salted Caramel Million Squares (£1.50)
The last vegan chocolatey snack is the very gooey squares from Livia's. I absolutely adore the peanut butter and jelly Dunx from Livia's but sadly they are discontinued (cries, literally). While I don't love these like the previous Livia's product, I do still like them. I think they're a great indulgent on the go snack.

*Very Lazy Slow Cooker Pastes (£1.99 each) 
I love the Very Lazy garlic and ginger jars and it's something I will continue to purchase but I didn't know they made any other products. You should receive one of the two paste flavours, either smoky Spanish stew or harissa tagine. I haven't tried either yet but they are both vegan which is great!

*Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard (£1.50)
Another cooking ingredient within the box is the Grey Poupon dijon mustard which is a brand that has been included within a previous DegustaBox. I'm not really a fan of mustard but my mum loves this one and she loved the others within the December box too.

*Lost Coast Fruit Spritzer (£2.49)
The second and final drink included is a bit of an unusual product as I received the sparkling apple cider vinegar juice with mango, turmeric and sounds like a very strange but healthy combination. I love the packaging and design but I was definitely a little wary about trying this product and if I'm honest, I still don't know how to feel about it. It definitely tastes of turmeric and it's quite tangy but it is also fruity and sweet so you'll have to try it for yourself! There are two other flavours you could have received instead in your box.
*Mug Shot High Protein Roast Chicken Pasta (£1.29)
Last but not least is an easy work lunch option from Mug Shot. I used to love their cheesy pasta pots but sadly I don't think any of them are vegan - it would be amazing if they brought out a few vegan flavours! This one isn't vegan or vegetarian as it contains chicken (unlike the vast majority of products like this that are 'chicken' flavoured). It contains 13g of protein and is less than 260 calories.

Overall, I'm very happy with the February box as it contains so many delicious sweet vegan treats but my favourite item by far has to be the Galaxy vegan bars (in particular the caramelised hazelnut flavour) as well as the Trek bars. Don't forget to use the code DTPL4 to get £5 off your first box!

Have you tried any of these products? 



  1. I really need to try the Galaxy Vegan Chocolate! Also, I quite like the kit kat bunnies but the smaller ones in the bag xx

  2. I love Kit Kats - they probably one of my favs, these all look so delicious!

  3. Love that there's so many chocolate things in this box x

  4. I really want to try those Galaxy vegan bars soon! x

    Tiffany x

  5. Oh WOW! Everything looks so so yummy 😋

  6. I've never seen the My Sweet Chickpea products before, they sound really nice x


  7. Ooh I'd love to try vegan Galaxy! Will definitely pick it up if I see it in the supermarket :)

    Jasmine xx

  8. Those milkshakes are pretty great tasking, and filling too! John x

  9. I need to start ordering these cause they always look so good!

  10. I keep meaning to try them! The vegan galaxy bars sound fab!


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