Valentine's Day: Personalised Gifts #1

Friday, January 17, 2020
Christmas is sadly over but gift buying for Valentines Day or Galentines Day is just around the corner! There are so many gift options to choose for Valentines Day such as chocolates, flowers, perfume and of course, jewellery. I think all four options are great gift ideas for any occasion and for most gift recipients too but they fit very well for Valentines Day especially. Whether you are going to be celebrating Valentines Day, Galentines Day or treating yourself next month, now is a great time to start looking for gift ideas.

*Personalised Always With You Bracelet in Rose Gold (£19.99, sale)
I think that jewellery is such a lovely gift and it can be made into an even more special and thoughtful gift if it is also personalised. I've been lucky enough to review quite a lot of lovely personalised gifts on my blog and I've been gifted many too and it's always lovely to see the gift recipients expression when opening a more unique or personalised gift. My name isn't unusual but it is fairly old fashioned so I do find it a little difficult coming across gifts with my name; if you gift recipient is the same then I think a monogrammed or personalised gift would be all the more thoughtful.
Just Love Gifts have a wide range of gift ideas for all occasions, from anniversaries and birthdays to Mother's Day (which is coming up in March for those in the UK - I will be posting gift guides for Mother's Day next month) and of course, Valentines Day. There are so many options that can also be personalised for each occasion and celebration too including photo gifts, personalised gifts for pets, alcohol related gift ideas and personalised jewellery, among others.

I was very kindly sent the *Personalised Always With You Bracelet in Rose Gold which I love! I chose the rose gold option (who doesn't love rose gold) but there's also a silver option and other personalised jewellery pieces available to choose from. Sadly this option is currently out of stock on their website but hopefully it will be available to purchase again soon.
One of the things that caught my attention about this gorgeous bracelet, besides the minimal design (we all know I love minimal jewellery), is the beautiful colour combination of soft grey and rose gold! It looks so chic and timeless as well as a colour combination that would be perfect for many causal outfits and occasions. I also love the fit and how easily adjustable it is as there's so fiddly clasp which is perfect for someone who has teeny tiny wrists, like me. The 'one size fits all' design of the bracelet makes it ideal if you are unsure of the size for your gift recipient as it will fit comfortably for everyone.

The personalised element of the bracelet is the cute circular rose gold tag which can be personalised with the first initial of your gift recipient (or yourself, I'm not judging). I love how minimal the design is and how unobtrusive the personalisation is too as sometimes a full name is a bit much for a small or delicate piece of jewellery. Thankfully the personalised element for this gift option is quite subtle which suits my jewellery preferences.

I'm very happy with this gorgeous personalised bracelet and I think it would make a fantastic and special gift idea for Valentines Day or Galentines Day this year! Check out the other personalised and Valentines Day gift ideas on Just Love Gifts for more inspiration.

What do you think of this gift idea? 



  1. I love this bracelet! We don't do valentines presents but my birthday is in March so maybe I'll suggest this!
    Em x

  2. Oh wow that bracelet is just stunning. I love the matte, textured finish of the cord against the shine of the rose gold disc! Such a cute gift idea xx

  3. Aww! This is a gorgeous idea. I always loved the idea of a personalised gift as there were never many gifts with Daisy mentioned when I grew up. Now my name is common as muck so yeah! xD I have no-one to give to for Valentine but great idea!

  4. I really like personalised jewelery x


  5. Ooh that bracelet is gorgeous, love personalised items x

    Tiffany x

  6. That bracelet is beautiful, I have one similar x

  7. Such a lovely idea and I love how delicate it looks x

  8. Such a pretty gift idea, I love minimal delicate pieces like this x


  9. Such a beautiful piece at a low cost! X

  10. This really is very pretty, I can't believe the price - wow!

  11. This is such a beautiful bracelet.
    It would Make a lovely gift.


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