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Wednesday, October 16, 2019
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CBD is relatively new on the scene. From its initial use as a medical treatment to its abundance on the high street, the non-psychoactive chemical found in cannabis plants has had quite the journey over the past few years. Now found in many e liquids and vaporiser ready oils, CBD has truly taken the world by storm. So, if you’re looking to buy into the hype, how do you decide which CBD product is right for your specific needs? Below are some of the main forms that CBD takes, alongside the benefits you’ll find from each.

But what is cannabidiol?
CBD or cannabidiol is an extract of the marijuana plant which claims to relieve stress, anxiety and body pain. Whilst it is one of the main extracts from the marijuana plant, it’s actually completely legal in many European countries. This is in part due to it’s not having any of the harmful effects that can be triggered by THC, the psychoactive chemical in marijuana which can lead to anxiety and psychosis.

CBD oils are intended for use as a supplement. Often infused with hemp products, CBD oils are used by dripping onto your food, or for mixing into your food. Whether adding to an edible or adding to a coffee, these oils are perfect for daily use and have a calming effect that maintains your lucidity and has no known negative impact on your health.

Vape liquids
CBD infused vape liquids come in a variety of flavours. With many different strains to choose from, CBD vape liquids give vapers the chance to explore a variety of flavours infused with the natural tang of cannabidiol. These make for amazing e-liquids and add an extra soothing - or energising - kick depending on the strength of the CBD in the liquid.

Loose leaf
Loose Leaf is the most natural way to ingest CBD products. These flower buds are strains of the Sativa dominant marijuana plant that come with next to no THC and are naturally grown. Often being cultivated in natural light and in greenhouses free from pesticides, loose-leaf CBD is perfect for use on dry herb vaporisers and comes with all the benefits of CBD along with a unique taste which you simply can’t find anywhere else.

CBD creams are available in two main forms. One is an uplifting face cream that helps rejuvenate and moisturise the skin, the other is for the natural treatment of aches and pains. Whilst the face cream is merely for recreational use, the pain-relieving cream is mostly utilised for muscle strains and skin inflammations and can be bought in various strengths, either over the counter or in CBD supplying high street shops.

Whether it be in baked goods or CBD Gummies, cannabidiol can be easily utilised in an edible form. Infused with foods such as fruit and nut mixes and even in tablet form, CBD edibles have the relaxing and uplifting benefits of other CBD products but are released more gradually as you digest it.

Have you tried any form of CBD, whether it is skincare, edibles or oils? 

Also please do your own research and ask your doctor before taking any kind of supplement etc 


  1. It’s not something I feel I need to rush out and try if I’m honest but the whole CBD oil in beauty does intrigue me x

  2. I can't use CBD because of the anxiety meds I'm on. If I wasn't I'd be willing to try it x


  3. So many people seem to find CBD products amazing. I've never tried any but can see why people do x

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  4. I’ve been testing some CBD skincare and I’m really excited to share my verdict x

  5. I have skincare with CBD in it and I really enjoy it!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  6. I see CBD everywhere and, though I wish I could try the skincare, I can't use it because of my meds. Really glad that it helps people though!

  7. I have a CBD oil but I've been so unsure about actually using it because I'm not that clued up on it. I think, I think I'm gonna be high as a kite haha xx

  8. I’ve heard a lot about this but never personally tried it.


  9. There are so many different variations now! I'm yet to try any CBD products but I've heard so many amazing things x


  10. I've been trying an oil to help me sleep and I do think it might be helping!

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  11. My friends have just started growing the plants for this in America! x


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