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Monday, September 30, 2019
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Today's post is following on from my recent recycling, reusing and eco-friendly themed posts as I think that reducing our carbon footprint, recycling and making more environmentally conscious choices needs to be a priority for everyone. I personally think that bigger changes such as switching to a vegetarian or vegan diet can make the most impact but smaller changes that you can easily incorporate into your life are always needed too.

Re-useable Switches
The first thing I did was switch from using disposable plastic bottles of flavoured water to using re-useable water bottles. I use my Box Appetit bottle most of the time (which I reviewed on my blog a while ago) and I can also recommend their food flask that not only looks amazing but it works so well too. I also stopped using plastic straws (I use paper straws when I have to) and I always use re-useable containers for leftovers.

Know What You Can Recycle? 
I think the first thing everyone needs to know about recycling is what you can and can't recycle. As well as the material, I think that what you can recycle also depends on the area you live in. For example, the area of Manchester that I live in there's a collection for food waste, green waste, paper recycling and plastic recycling but in other areas you might to have to take your recycling to a specific centre.

There are certain types of plastic and wrapping paper that can't be recycled so you have to check beforehand, especially with Christmas coming up so I will probably be switching to using brown paper which can be recycled instead of glittery or metallic paper which can't. Also, did you know that foil can be recycled but only if it is a certain size! A ball of tin foil needs to be at least tennis ball sized otherwise it might not be recognised by the processing machines.

Workplace, School & Business Recycling 
Lastly, recycling in schools, the workplace and business recycling. Hopefully most businesses and schools have numerous recycling bins but if they don't then perhaps it is something that can be implemented - although I know that at my dads workplace, he takes everyones plastic recycling home so it will be recycled. Also, encouraging individuals or staff to use high quality re-useable plastic containers and recyclable plastic bottles is another way in which we can all help the environment by not contributing to landfill with disposable plastic items.

Have you made any re-useable switches? What do you recycle? 



  1. It seems like it always changes where we are and our council are pretty crap about it too xx

  2. I don’t know why people assume it’s down to the council to give them all their info on recycling. It’s not difficult to google what is and isn’t recyclable these days and the fact people still don’t do it enough really annoys me x

  3. Thanks so much for sharing these helpful tips



  4. Great tips. We recycle a lot in our house x


  5. These are all such helpful tips! We've become so much better at recycling this year and have been trying to cut down on things like meat. Small changes all add up if enough of us do them xx

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  6. Interesting tips! I've definitely recycled a bunch more which I'm proud of myself for. My local council gives us a list of things to put in our bins and I also checked packaging to make sure it can be recycled. I've ordered a metal straw too!

    Daisy xoxo | TheDeeWhoLived

  7. Great tips! I've recently switched to a stainless steel safety razor instead of a plastic one and it's honestly a game changer. So much less waste!
    Alice xx

  8. I always take reusable coffee cups with me everywhere!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  9. I love my metal water bottle - I want to investigate reusable cotton wool pads next, as that would definitely cut down my waste!

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  10. Great tips! Knowing what you can recycle is such an important one as it can differ from area to area x


  11. I've made so many changes now, so happy with it!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  12. Great post, so important that we do our bit.


  13. I don't Recycle as much as I should but you have some great points! X

  14. I'm a bit of a recycling beast and it's made such a difference to our waste x

  15. I need to get better at recycling


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