*Winter Spruce: Making the House Cosy

Wednesday, September 11, 2019
Image from John Lewis 
When the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder, it’s more important than ever to make sure that the interior of your home is as warm and comfy as ever. Doing so needn’t require much effort or expense – depending on how much you like the way your home is now. I thought I’d take a look at some ways to ‘cosify’ an interior and make it look and feel fantastic, even when the sleet is pouring down outside.

To create the perfect space to unwind in, you need the right aromatics. This might mean incense sticks and air-fresheners, but for most of us there’s no substitute for the right candle. Find something spicy and warming, and stick with it throughout winter. You don’t want anything that’s too overpowering, so just go for one candle at a time. Another great way to bring in some freshness is with the help of flowers. The winter kind will make your home look great, and provide a reminder that warm weather will come back soon!

Tidying Up 
Spring cleaning isn’t just something that happens once a year. If you do it twice, then you’ll find that the job isn’t quite so long and tedious as it might be if you left the mess to build up. You can take any clutter you identify as being surplus to requirements and take it to your local charity shop.

If you find that you’re getting tired of your existing living space, then this might indicate that it’s time for a refresh. Break out a pot of paint and give a wall a refresher. You might find that a summery, light colour – even if it’s just on one wall – is just the thing to perk things up. If you don’t feel like decorating a wall, then upcycling an existing item of furniture with a fresh coat of paint can have a dramatic effect on the space as a whole.

Without the right lighting, your home isn’t going to look cosy, no matter how much decorating you do. For the best cosy effect, it’s best to opt for warm-tinted lighting, as the sterile, pure-white kind will tend to make things look a little bit stark and surgical. Go for modern LED lighting and you’ll save yourself a packet in the long-run.

Distributing that natural light will help the space to look spacious, and it’ll fend off Seasonal Affective Disorder, too. Go for some strategically-placed mirrors, and put your artificial floor-lamps nearby for maximum dispersal.

Do you have any tips to make your home cosy? 



  1. I love that it is cost candle and blanket season! Almost time to change the duvets over for the big thick ones and snuggle down x

  2. Candles are such a great way to make a place cosy

    Candice || natalyaamour.com

  3. Lighting plays a huge part in making a home cosy x


  4. I love soft candlelit rooms and lots of throws/ blankets to make things cosy x


  5. I'm hoping to get myself a gorgeous candle in the next few days to bring my flat to life and I'm going to ask for some help to decorate! Amazing tips, hun! xx

  6. I love making my home cosy in Autumn and Winter. Lots of blankets and candles xx

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  7. I love all the cosy vibes when the weather gets colder, I'm all about the blankets and candles!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  8. I definitely find mirrors make a space look larger too :)

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  9. ALLLLL THE CANDLES! And blankets, and lovely cushions! I love this time of year :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  10. I love candles and twinkly lights for making it cosy x

  11. Without a doubt a cosy blanket when watching the soaps! x

  12. I'm a candle lover all year around!
    Em x

  13. I'm all about cinnamon, orange and vanilla scents during winter!

  14. I love this! Trying to do this at the moment in our new house x


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