Latest In Beauty: Backstage Beauty 2019

Tuesday, September 24, 2019
We all know how much I loves subscription boxes of any kind but sometimes the lack of interesting items or items you want outweighs the excitement of the mystery and that's were the Latest In Beauty 'build your own' boxes come in. Each month there's a new theme and selection of items to choose from and the theme for the month of September 2019 is 'backstage beauty'.

*Latest In Beauty - Backstage Beauty September 2019
The backstage beauty edit for September features so many amazing products, including their 'hall of fame' product which is a mini Nars lipstick...naturally I had to choose that one when selecting the items to review in my Beauty Enthusiast box. Unlike other subscription boxes, you can choose not only the items you want to receive but also how many items; from the Beauty Novice box (3 products for £9 per month), Beauty Enthusiast box (6 products for £15 per month) or the Beauty Guru box (9 products for £18 per month), all of which comes tip free shipping.
*Kat Von D Go Big Or Go Home Mascara 
I want to start with my favourite item from the selection I chose (well, it's probably tied in first place with the Nars lipstick). The Kat Von D Go Big Or Go Home mascara which comes in a decently sized mini tube and it's actually the first item I've tried from Kat Von D. If you've been following me on social media or my blog over the past couple of months then you might know that I wanted through laser eye surgery in July and I had to throw away all of my old liners, mascaras and eyelash curlers so I added a couple of mascara minis to my box.

I am incredibly happy with the results of the surgery but the recovery has been a little longer than I thought it would and not being able to rub my eyes has limited the amount of times I can wear mascara as it's very difficult to remove any mascara without having to rub my eyes. Also I hadn't had time to buy any new eyelash curlers so all of my mascaras have looked a little sad...until using this one! This mascara doesn't need the benefit of eyelash curlers as it volumises and boosts my lashes on it's own - I hadn't been this impressed by a mascara for a while!
*Buxom Big Tease Mascara 
The second mascara mini I tried was the Buxom mascara which is another brand I haven't ever tried before! There are so many great things about the Latest In Beauty 'build you own' boxes but the ability to choose brands you haven't tried before or to choose a selection of exciting products as well as 'essentials' is great! Unlike the Kat Von D mascara, this one is quite subtle and natural looking which is what I usually want in an everyday mascara but I think it might be a little underwhelming for some.
*Faith In Nature Coconut Body Wash 
As well as the mini sizes, there are also quite a few full sized items within the September selection including this heavenly scented body wash. You can see if an item is full sized or smaller by clicking on the product and you'll be able to read more information about the product including the size. The product smells gorgeous, it is a full sized item and it is available for vegans to use - what more could you want?

*Caudalie Vinosource Sorbet 
French skincare is a favourite of mine and Caudalie is one of the best brands out there so I naturally had to add a mini moisturiser to my box. I have tried this moisturiser quite a few times but I adore it so I'm always in need of more, especially as I'm travelling to Glasgow next month and I will be packaging very light so minis will be perfect. If you need a fantastic moisturiser (that's great on dry/sensitive skin) then look no further. 
*Nars Toledo Satin Lipstick
Onto the 'hall of fame' product which is the Nars Toledo lipstick - there will be a new 'hall of fame' product release on the 1st of every month so stay tuned. I have adored the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils for years but I haven't tried any of their other lip products until now. The mini size is adorable, I love the packaging and the shade is a beautiful natural rose red - it's a 'my lips but better/darker' shade on me. The longevity is fantastic, it feels comfortable on the lips and it has quite a matte finish which I love. 
*Living Proof Instant De-Frizzer 
Living Proof is a brand I've wanted to try more of for a while but it's a little more expensive than I usually pay for haircare, especially products I haven't tried before so I was very happy to see one of their products as part of the Latest In Beauty selection. The size of the product is fantastic, it sounds amazing and so far so good. Just spray it on and smooth down for less frizz - even on my very frizzy and thick hair. 

Have you tried any of these products? Have you tried any of the Latest In Beauty boxes? 



  1. The Nars lipstick is a gorgeous colour x

    Tiffany x

  2. I absolutely love that mascara, it is one of my favourites!

    Love, Amie ❤

    The Curvaceous Vegan

  3. I love the defrizzer! It's been brilliant in the rain we've had xx

  4. I love Latest in Beauty, they're amazing x


  5. I haven't tried the Latest in Beauty boxes but I think I will after seeing what you could get! I love the sound of the Caudalie product and that lipstick shade from Nars!

    Daisy xoxo | TheDeeWhoLived

  6. Wow some amazing bits here - love NARS toledo!

  7. That lipstick is STUNNING!! I love it!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  8. I love the Caudalie moisturiser. It's always great to have a few mini products for when you go away for a weekend
    Em x

  9. I love the sound of the KVD mascara, the lipstick is a beautiful shade too x


  10. Love the Nars lipstick formula - what a great value box!

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty


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