*How to Make Your Home Visitor Friendly

Wednesday, September 04, 2019
Image from That Scandinavian Feeling
You will always want to make your home as welcoming as possible to visitors so that your friends and family can relax and feel at home from the moment they step through the door. This is not always the case, however, and you need to take a few steps to make your house feel more welcoming to any visitor. Here are a few ideas:

Hang Up their Coats 
You do not want your guests entering the home wearing their coats as this will make them feel like a visitor and they may not feel like you want them to stay. This is why you should take their coats from them as soon as they enter and have somewhere near the front door to hang them.

Shoe Storage 
Similarly, you can show people that you want them to stay and feel relaxed by having somewhere for them to store their shoes when they enter. A shoe storage bench from somewhere like Cotswold Co is a smart idea because it will help you to keep the hallway free from clutter.

Offer a Drink 
Offering a drink once the guest(s) has entered the home and sat down is important because it is courteous but it also shows that you want them to relax and feel at home. This can also help to create a relaxed atmosphere and gives you both something to do.

Clean the House 
It is hard to feel welcome when a property is untidy and this can also be embarrassing as a host. This is why it is always a smart idea to clean the house top to bottom well in advance of your guest(s)’ arrival so that they do not feel like they are intruding or not welcome.

Be Ready 
One of the most important tips is simply to be ready to welcome people into your home. As a guest, it can feel awkward and uncomfortable when you arrive at somebody’s house and they are rushing around and clearly not ready for you. Be prepared in advance and it will help guests to feel much more welcome.

You should always think about how you can make your guests feel more welcome because you will want them to relax and feel settled as soon as they enter. It can be awkward when somebody comes to the home and you are not ready for them but the above steps should help you to create a welcoming space and environment for friends, family members and any other visitors that you might have.

Do you have any tips? 



  1. I always try to make sure I'm ready early before people arrive. I hate rushing around and feeling flustered xx

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  2. I always make snacks for people when I know they're coming over. Being ready early/ on time is always a must too x


  3. That picture has got autumn vibes all over and I love it!! x

  4. I always get the good coffee and biscuits in xx

  5. These are so great tips

    Candice || natalyaammour.com

  6. Clean house is a must for me, I cannot stand being invited to a dirty place x

  7. Great tips. I always make sure the house is clean x


  8. I'm hoping to get a proper shoe storage for my flat but this would help if I had any visitors that come! xD All I ever get are repair guys or someone coming to do a gas safety check! Maybe I'll do this and hope someone visits! The problems of someone socially awkward...

    Daisy xoxo | TheDeeWhoLived

  9. I'm always making cups of tea or coffee for my guests! x

  10. Such good ideas! If only I had more time to clean my house lol

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  11. Some great points. Agree with them all.


  12. I really need to invest in some shoe storage - it would make my life a lot easier and tidier!

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  13. You’ve reminded me I need to get new shoe storage, I chucked my last shoe rack out and haven’t yet replaced it x

  14. Tidy house is a must - I can't wait to finally have my own house one day so I can have a proper coat rack by the door (how sad! ha)

    Danielle | walshdanielle.wordpress.com

  15. Kettle is always on in our house...and if you're lucky you'll get a cake or a biscuit!
    Em x

  16. Offering a drink is ingrained in my mind since childhood ha

  17. I always pop on a wax melt and make sure the house smells inviting. x


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