Trollbeads Bracelet ft. Joshua James Jewellery

Wednesday, August 14, 2019
August is my birthday month and recently I've been sent a wonderful array of goodies from so many brands (you can see all of my blogger mail and unboxings on my instagram - @ofbeautyand) so it has felt like my birthday with every package. One of my favourite parcels has been from the lovely people at Joshua James Jewellery! I was very kindly allowed to choose a bracelet and charms from Trollbeads via Joshua James Jewellery and I'm so happy with the end result.

*Trollbeads Sterling Silver Bracelet (£40)
I haven't tried anything from Trollbeads prior to making this bracelet so I didn't fully know which items I needed to complete the bracelet but after a quick read through the Trollbeads website, I concluded that you need the bracelet, a lock and whatever charms you need (you may also need a spacer or two if you have a lot of charms). The bracelet I chose was the sterling silver bracelet in the 17cm size but there are various sizes to choose from including 13cm to 22cm so there's a size option for everyone. As well as the sterling silver option, there's also a gold version and pre-made bracelets too.
As I said, I haven't tried Trollbeads before and I wasn't able to try on the bracelet beforehand as I'd ordered it online, so I think with hindsight I would have gone with the 16cm size instead but I can still wear this one thanks to the charms making the bracelet a little smaller. The sterling silver bracelet is 100% sterling silver and it has a 'foxtail' chain which is designed for elegance and strength as well as being able to allow the beads to flow easily.

The bracelet came with the charms and lock already on it which I'm thankfully for and it came beautifully packaged within an official Trollbeads box which looks so elegant and unique. I think aesthetically it would make a lovely gift, especially if you choose the charms, lock and spacers specifically for your gift recipient as it would become a more personalised gift.
*Trollbeads Silver Lace Lock (£40)
The lock that I chose was the 'lace lock' which has such a beautiful floral design that I thought would fit well with my theme for the bracelet which was 'nature'. The lock, as with the bracelet, is made of 100% sterling silver so the tone and finish matches the bracelet. There are quite a few locks to choose from, most of which look very unique and unlike anything else I've seen on a charm bracelet. The options vary from a plain lock, animal themed and floral lock to a gold, mixed metal and elaborate twisted locks. I'm very happy with mine and I think it looks perfect with the beads I've chosen.

*Trollbeads Spring Leaves Charm (£23)
As my theme was 'nature', the first charm I had to choose was this adorable 'spring leaves' charm which is a pair of little falling leaves. It's composed of 925 sterling silver. Spring and autumn are my favourite season and they are both characterised by leaves so I felt as though this charm would be perfect for my bracelet and theme.
*Trollbeads Hydrangea Silver Bead (£30)
Sticking with the theme of nature and sterling silver is the next charm which is the one that matches my lock perfectly. I had to choose a floral charm for my bracelet and the 'hydrangea' charm seemed like the best fit with the charms and lock I had already opted for. I love how it looks on the bracelet, especially alongside the leaves charm and the aventurine bead. The design is simple but so pretty, feminine which is the jewellery style I'm most drawn to.

*Trollbeads Aventurine Bead (£40)
Lastly, I had to pick one of the glass/stone beads as they look so beautiful. I was torn between this gorgeous Aventurine bead and the Mamma Mia, Pink Desert, White Stripe and Traces glass beads - they're all too pretty! I'm happy with my choice of the Aventurine bead as I think that the colour matches the sterling silver charms and bracelet well and it fits in with the theme. I'm glad I did add a colourful bead as I think that only sterling silver beads wouldn't be as attractive on the whole, in my opinion.

Have you shopped on Joshua James Jewellery before? What do you think of my Trollbeads bracelet?



  1. It’s so pretty

    Candice ||

  2. This is really pretty and I can see you'd soon get carried away with the charms!
    Em x

  3. Oh wow this is beautiful (I now expect to be sent a load of things for my birthday month ha ha ) c

  4. I love what you’ve picked out.

  5. So pretty. I would love one of these!

  6. Ooh this bracelet is absolutely beautiful! I'd get so carried away with the charms xx

    Tiffany x

  7. I've never heard of this brand but it's a lovely bracelet x


  8. I have heard of this brand but never seen a review. Thank you. The range is very extensive and pretty. Great gift.

  9. How pretty! The charms are lovely too!

  10. I love troll beads,so pretty x

  11. This is such a nice bracelet, I've never seen this brand before x


  12. That design isn't what I expected from Trollbeads at all - I love it!

  13. That is a very cute bracelet. Would make a good gift.

  14. That bracelet is gorgeous!! It reminds me of something you might see in Middle-Earth or something. I'll definitely be checking the Trollbeads website after this!


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