DegustaBox: July 2019

Sunday, August 18, 2019
As you might know, I had laser eye surgery a couple of weeks ago and the recovery has been much longer than I thought it would and there have been a few birthdays between then and now too so I'm a little behind with posts and reviews so today's post reviewing the July 2019 DegustaBox is a bit late (sorry!). I'm a DegustaBox ambassador so I receive the boxes for free to review. You can use the code: DTPL4 to get £5 off your first box.

*DegustaBox - July 2019 
The boxes are usually themed and the July theme was: picnic. I love the theme and the box contains a great range of cooking ingredients that can be used to make sharing picnic snacks as well as a variety of snacks and sweets that can be shared. There's a good range of brands, snack types and vegan options in the July box, although not quite an amazing range of vegan products compared to the previous couple of boxes.
*Franks Red Hot Original Cayenne (£1.50)
Let's start with one of the more exciting items I wanted to try, the Franks Red Hot sauce. Franks Red Hot is vegan and I've watched quite a few recipe videos that contain this hot sauce as the base for a BBQ sauce on baked tofu which sounds amazing. I haven't tried it in a recipe yet but I have tried it on it's own and I love it.

*Ravish Pineapple and Yuzu Salsa (£1.50)
A bit more of a dubious item was the pineapple and yuzu salsa which is an item I haven't ever come across before but I have noticed yuzu as an ingredients on various baking TV shows - especially the Bake Off: The Professionals (which I love). To be honest, I tried a teeny bit and I wasn't a fan but I knew I probably wouldn't love it.
*Ribena Frusion (£2)
One of my favourite items is the new Ribena drink which is a mix of blackcurrant water and botanicals which is naturally low in calories, free from sweeteners and filled with vitamin C. I loved this drink, it's a great easy summer drink and I will probably buy it in the future.

*Monin Butterscotch Coffee Syrup (£3)
Another of my favourite items is the Monin coffee syrup which I was very excited to find in the July box as I adore coffee and I love to try new coffee variations as well as sweeteners and syrups. I have tried the gingerbread flavour from this brand years ago and loved it so I knew I'd like this one too. I think that out of the two flavours I've tried, the gingerbread option is my favourite but I'd recommend both.
*Mister Free'd Vegan Tortilla Chips with Beetroot (£1.99)
A perfect sharing picnic snack would be tortilla chips and these are vegan! I am so happy that DegustaBox have started to include much more vegan options in their boxes, especially this year and I hope that it continues. Although I wish there was a vegan symbol on the leaflet to make it clear which items are vegan or not. The chips were great with a homemade vegan ranch (made with cashew nuts).

*Kallo Belgium Milk Chocolate Rice Cake Minis (£1.99)
Kallo is a brand I've tried before and I love their vegan stock cubes (I need to buy them again actually, especially the mushroom ones) but I haven't tried anything else from them. They contain milk so I didn't try them but my sister did and she enjoyed them as a snack. They are only 104 calories each, they are gluten free and they are suitable for vegetarians.
*Ape Snacks Coconut and Sesame Seed Bites (£1.49)
Now onto my favourite item from the box and it's an item I didn't really think I'd like as they sound quite unusual. I love coconut but I haven't tried a combination of coconut and sesame seeds before but it was so delicious and very addictive - one packet of these snacks was not enough so I will be buying these in the future!

*Deli Kitchen Greek Style Flatbread (£1.35)
One item that my parents loved and went onto buy were the Deli Kitchen flatbreads which is a new product and they're a great sandwich/bread for summer picnics. They are fluffy, easy to fold and great for kebabs or wraps. If they were vegan I think I would have absolutely loved these and I know everyone else liked these as my parents bought them.
*Simply Cook Piri Piri Meal Kit (£2.50)
Moving onto some of the last cooking ingredients and snacks, the Simply Cook meal kit is a selection of three spice and herb blends that can be added to any meal although this one is specially designed for piri piri chicken. There's also a coupon within the box to be able to get another kit for free which is great. As well as the items in the box, DegustaBox sometimes adds coupons for money off or free products within the box too.

*Rowntrees Randoms (£1.29)
The final item for the July 'picnic' box is a pair of Rowntree's Randoms sweet packets which have been included in a DegustaBox previously but for the July box, the new flavours are included. The flavours include the 'squish'ems' and the 'sours'. Sadly, they aren't vegan otherwise I would have consumed these within a few seconds.

Don't forget that you can use the code: DTPL4 to get £5 off your first box!

Have you tried any of the items? What do you think of the July DegustaBox? 



  1. I love the Monin Coffee Syrups. I need to add this one to my collection!

  2. I used to love getting Degustabox, always such a good selection of products! xx

    Tiffany x

  3. I love Franks Hot Sauce x


  4. Those coconut bites look so yummy x

  5. You got some lovely little treats

    Candice ||

  6. The coconut bits sound super yummy

  7. I love the sound of the coffee syrup. I've tried the dark chocolate version of the Kallo rice cakes and really like them too x


  8. Ooo! Those coconut bites sound delicious and Ape are a pretty ace company for yummy stuff! Plus you can never go wrong with hot sauce! c;

  9. Anything with Franks' in it gets my vote! x

  10. The piri piri kit sounds so lush xx

  11. Love the sound of those coconut sesame seed bites! x

  12. I might have to have a look at this. Looks like a great selection.


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