New In Homeware: House Planter From Red Candy

Saturday, July 20, 2019
We all know that autumn is my favourite season and while I do wish that it could be autumn all year round, I do like clear summery days (although if my hayfever could disappear, that would be great) and I love certain summer homeware items/styles. I'm not a fan of very bright, neon summery homeware or decor but I adore quirky homeware and that's what Red Candy stock in abundance.

*House Planter from Red Candy (£14.50)
I was very kindly sent this beautiful planter, that I chose, from Red Candy which is a site I've been lucky enough to work with previously. They stock such a wide range of very unusual and quirky homeware, decor, gifts, wall art, lighting and more so you're bound to find something very different for your own home or as a gift. I reviewed their floating/hidden book shelves years ago and I loved them, I think they're a great example of a practical, unusual and surprising home gift idea.
I like to look through their 'new in' section as there are always so many quirky items and one of the main categories I'm drawn to are planters as well as vases (I have an astronaut vase on my wish list). I am not naturally a gardening inclined person but I have been obtaining house plants over the past couple of years and now I have around nine in my office, bedroom and bathroom, all of which I love. I've only managed to kill one so far, hopefully that will be the last!

For all of my plants, I have them in plain white/peach plastic containers that were very cheap from the garden centre I bought them from (I bought mine from Gordon Riggs) and while I like how minimal they are, I do want something a little different. I noticed this beautiful and incredibly unique planter on Red Candy and instantly fell in love with not only the planter I was send but also the greenhouse version of it as well. The brand is House Of Disaster and I'll definitely be looking into this brand in the future.

I knew I'd love the planter when it arrived as it's beautiful online but I didn't know that it would come in the most adorable box ever - the box matches the design of the planter and it's gorgeous! For that reason alone it would make for a wonderful and stunning gift but the planter is also cute and very summery, in my opinion. The design brings to mind the cute rustic French apartment buildings/houses I've seen on holiday in Toulon and Nice. Overall, it's a great size for a medium sized house plant, it looks so unique and I think it would make a lovely and surprising gift.

What do you think of this planter? Do you have any house plants? 



  1. That planter is so cute and looks absolutely wonderful!

    Love, Amie ❤

    The Curvaceous Vegan

  2. Oh my goooooosh! That house planter is ADORABLE!! I've been trying to find something fun to pop a plant into and I think this would be perfect for my flat! Thanks Heather!!

    Daisy xoxo | TheDeeWhoLived

  3. I'm definitely more of an Autumn girl too, I'm counting down the days! This planter is beautiful though xx

    Tiffany x

  4. This is the kind of thing that my Mam would love for her birthday. It's so cute! xx


  5. How cute is this!! I'm so rubbish at keeping plants alive though so I'll have to come up with another use I think!
    Em x

  6. This is so cute, I bet it'll look lovely when there's a plant in it x


  7. I’m not a big fan of Summer as I always struggle with the heat, I’m a definite Winter boy for sure! X

  8. This is so cute! I love quirky home accessories like this.

  9. Aaaah that is beautiful! I love it!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  10. That is so flipping cute! I wish I could keep plants alive!

  11. I’ve never come across Red Candy before. But I’m now going to look x

  12. Ohhh that’s fab! I love it. So cute.

  13. This is so cute, don't have any house plants but I'd definitely look into one of these if I did x


  14. Love this xx never heard of this company x


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