Ultimate Father's Day Gift Guide: Part One

Wednesday, May 15, 2019
My favourites posts to write are gift guides and my Father's Day gift guides are no different. I've already published a couple of father' day gift posts reviewing individual products but today's post is my first full Father's Day gift guide of the year and it features a range of fantastic gifts! Thanks so much to all of the wonderful brands within today's post. Make sure you check out my latest two giveaways in which you can win a gorgeous unisex watch and a blog birthday prize bundle!

*Heath Hand Salve (£10)
Let's start with some of the grooming gifts that I was very kindly sent from the ever so lovely people over at Heathcote and Ivory, the first of which is the Heath London Hand Salve. Heath London is a brand I haven't tried before but I love the look of all of their product as they're so simple, classic and fuss free.

The hand salve contains shea butter and vitamin B5 with a spring-like mint and lavender fragrance which I love! It has a non-greasy formula but it's still very nourishing and moisturising which I definitely need and my dad does too as his hands are always so dry. I think this brand would be a great option to choose for dads, step dads or grandads who don't typically like to use grooming products because it's simple to use, fuss free and effective.
*Heath Moisturiser (£15)
Another product from Heath London is their moisturiser which contains lots of fantastic ingredients such as Vitamin E, coconut oil and hyaluronic acid, the latter is amazing for dry skin - it's an ingredient I always look out for as it really helps to lock in moisture. The moisturiser comes boxed, as does the hand salve and it would make a great addition to a grooming or general Father's Day gift  hamper!

I love the pump dispenser on the moisturiser as it makes it more convenient and simple to use so for those who have dads like mine, who don't like to use products that aren't as convenient as they can be, then this moisturiser is a great option to consider. If you want to gift your dad or grandad a few effective but simple grooming/skincare products for Father's Day then definitely check out Heath.
*Morris & Co Glasses Case (£18)
Next up from Morris & Co are a couple of products from their 'Refined Gentleman' range which is inspired by heritage designs and artisan craftsmanship. The glasses case and the travel bag both feature the gorgeous acanthus leaf pattern which I love (you can see it on the packaging of the travel grooming set below too). The glasses case when it isn't used is very flat and perfect for on the go but it's still very sturdy and perfect for protecting your glasses. My dad definitely needs a sturdy glasses case as his glasses were very expensive at over £400...and he never has a case for them!

*Morris & Co Travel Bag (£18)
The second accessory from the Refined Gentleman range is the travel bag which is made of vegan leather - how amazing is that! I personally didn't realise it was made from vegan leather and I think it's fantastic that more and more products are being made to be suitable for vegans! The travel bag is a great size for a weekend away and as with the glasses case, it is well made so I think it will last for a while. As well as the glasses case and travel bags, there's also a wash bag, wallet, hip flask and luggage tag in this range.
*Morris & Co Hair and Body Wash (£8)
All of their grooming products such as the hair and body wash have their gorgeous Refined Gentleman signature blend fragrance of vetiver, bergamot, pepper and amber so I think it will be a scent that most will love. The body wash packaging has the same classic and timeless leaf design as the rest of the range and I love it. The body wash would be ideal to combine with one or more of the accessories to make your own set of products. Additionally, you could make up a hamper of your dads favourite things or a selection of new products to try.
*Morris & Co Travel Grooming Set (£22)
The first set from the Refined Gentleman collection from Morris & Co is their travel grooming set which contains the hair and body wash, moisturiser, face scrub and shave gel. The sizes are all 100ml each which I think is a fantastic size for a travel set or just to trial the products for the first time before potentially buying the full size equivalent.

I think travel sets are great gift ideas, especially if it's a new or expensive brand. It would also be ideal for dads who like to travel or dads who have to commute to work. I love that this set has a great range of items, including a more unusual face scrub which is an item that I haven't ever seen within a mens travel set before. Overall, I love the Refined Gentleman range of Morris & Co and I especially like the travel grooming set as a safe and easy gifting option for difficult to buy for dads or grandads.
*The Sartorial Travel Guide by Simon Crompton (£16.95)
If you've read any of my book posts or my gift guides including books, then you'll already know of my love for the publisher Thames and Hudson. I adore their non-fiction reads, especially The Smile Stealers and all of Richard Barnett's books - all of which I'd also recommend as great niche non-fiction gift ideas for book loving dads and grandads.

Thames and Hudson manage to produce not only niche and unusual non-fiction but also every book is so beautifully designed and published, this one is no different. The Sartorial Travel Guide is a gorgeously designed hardback with colourful ribbon bookmarks, all about Simon Crompton's experience of travelling around the world and meeting the finest menswear designers and producers. I think this book would be great for dads who are passionate about tailoring, menswear and travel.
*Father's Day 'Best Taxi Driver' Card (£3.75)
If you read any Mother's Day gift guides then you might have noticed the brand Love Layla and I'm lucky enough to be featuring more of their products in today's Father's Day gift guide. They have such a fantastic range of humorous, naughty and sarcastic gifts, greeting cards and wrapping paper for many occasions and gift recipients.

The have a fantastic Father's Day range and I was kindly sent a few of their products to review, including one of my favourite Father's Day cards ever! I chose the 'best taxi driver' design which has a taxi driver review on the front - my dad has been our personal taxi driver for years so I think this is the perfect Father's Day card for him!
*Your Favourite Child Wrapping Paper (£2.75)
Another funny option is their wrapping paper sheets which has 'your favourite child' printed all over it which is something that myself or my sister would always write in our Father's Day cards so again, it's a perfect option for my dad! The quality is great too, unlike most wrapping paper options that always tend to rip somewhere while I struggle with it (we all know by now that I can't wrap gifts). They have so many wrapping paper options to choose from as well as gift bags so you can find everything in one place.
*Dad's Bad Joke Notebook (£9.95)
Lastly from Love Layla is the 'dad's bad joke' notebook which is similar to the Mother's Day option I reviewed a couple of months ago. It's a sturdy hardback notebook with an elastic strap and pocket at the back of the notebook for extras. It is lined with 160 pages and an elastic pen holder so it's ideal for on the go! While it is 'dad's bad joke' notebook, I think would be great for many uses and I cannot recommend their notebooks enough - you can never have too many notebooks.
*Sneaker Cleaning Kit from Men's Society (£20)
Next up is another unusual but practical gift (my favourite kind of gifts to give) is the sneaker cleaning kit from Men's Society. I adore their little kits as they don't just make great gifts but they look fantastic, you can re-use the tin and the kits are usually quite specific or unique such as this sneaker cleaning kit.

The sneaker cleaning kit contains a suede and canvas cleaning brush, neutral cleaning fluid and an instruction guide. I love how simple the kit is but how gorgeously designed it is and the attention to detail in each product. You can even purchase a personalised version (£20) of this kit with the name of your gift recipient on the brush handle! If the sneaker cleaning kit isn't suitable for your dad or grandad then check out their vast range of kits such as the grooming and beard, golf, festival survival, bicycle, travel and alcohol kits!
*Taylor's Eye Witness Copper Knife Set
Cooking gifts, along with toiletries and aftershave, are all 'safe' gifts for my dad and I know he'll like them but it can become a little boring after a while so anything I find that is a little unusual is fantastic. I was very kindly sent this knife set a while ago and I've being using it for a couple of months - I love them!

Firstly, they come very nicely and safely packaged, they have a two year guarantee and they are made with hard titanium so they should last for a while. They also have soft rubber handles which make them easier and more comfortable to use. Additionally, I have to mention the amazing copper details and blades - as a blogger I love anything that is copper or rose gold. As I said, I've been using them for a couple of months and they are so effective and nice to use.
*Personalised Beer from PrezzyBox (£19.99)
The final gift for today's Father's Day gift guide is a personalised gift from the incredibly lovely people over at PrezzyBox. I've been so lucky to have worked with PrezzyBox numerous times over the past couple of years and I genuinely cannot recommend their products enough as they are always so unique!

I was very kindly sent their set of three personalised beer bottles which feature a personalised label including a message and the gift recipients name. Also, the bottle labels spell put 'dad' which is just another nice attention to detail. Each bottle is 500ml and contains award winning pale ale from Yorkshire - it's the perfect gift for my dad, I know he will absolutely love them!

What do you think of my first full Father's Day gift guide post of the year? Make sure you watch my mini video below for a more detailed view of the products shown in today's post.

What do you think of my gift ideas? 



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    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  4. I love the Sneaker Cleaner Kit. I need that in my life haha x

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  6. Freddie's taking notes, he thinks the bad joke book is fab x

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  9. I buy all my cards from Love Layla. They're so funny!


  10. The Sartorial Travel Guide sounds like a brilliant read.

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  12. some great ideas, I always struggle on Fathers day! esp as its near his birthday too

  13. A travel guide is such a lovely gift :)

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