DegustaBox - May 2019

Sunday, May 26, 2019
It's that time of the month again for me to review the new DegustaBox! I am a DegustaBox ambassador so I'm lucky enough to be sent the boxes every month to review and this months box I received all of the extra items. The May box that you will receive has twelve items within it but I also received the drinks from the alcohol box as well as all of the flavour variations from the box, just to make it clear.

*DegustaBox - May 2019 
There's a fantastic range of items within the May box from soft drinks, healthy snacks, vegan sweets, plant milk, chocolate, vegan mayonnaise, tea and BBQ ketchup. I love the inclusion of vegan items in the boxes this year! Out of the twelve items from the box, over half are suitable for vegans, whether they are naturally or have been altered to be vegan. The theme for the month was 'brunch and afternoon tea' which is a fantastic theme idea and I love the selection of products included for that theme as most are perfect snacks for sharing.
* Kuhne Gin and Whisky Cornichons (extras from the alcohol box)
I'm going to start with two of the extra items I was kindly sent which won't be in the regular box but they will be included in your box if you choose the alcohol box. I've never tried cornichons before, especially ones that contain gin or whisky. I think these snacks have to be some of the most unusual items I've received in a DegustaBox. Cornichons are mini gherkins, which I think would be great to share as part of an afternoon tea with sandwiches. I haven't tried them yet and I think they'll be a love it or hate it inclusion but I'm interested to try them.

*La Gioiosa Prosecco (extra from the alcohol box)
The second and final item from the alcohol box is a mini bottle of Prosecco which is something I've never actually tried! I definitely appreciate mini bottles like this as I rarely drink so a smaller size is perfect for me and it would be great as a little boozy addition to a picnic or afternoon tea - maybe in a teacup! It is a dry Prosecco with flavours of lemon and almond which actually sounds delicious.
*Bravura Foods Free From Fellow (£1.99)
Now onto the products in the May box and I'll start with the vegan sweets included. I was lucky enough to receive a couple of extra bags of a few of the products from the May box and one of them included these chewy sweets. I've never really been a fan of wine gum style sweets and it's the same for these - they are just too chewy but I'll finish the bag because I can never say no to vegan sweets.

*Indie Bag Snacks Spelt Pretzel Bites with Rock Salt (£1)
My favourite snack from the box has to be the pretzel bites! I received four bags but you will receive two of them in your box. I'm so glad that I received extras because I finished them all over the bank holiday weekend. They are perfect low calorie snacks that are delicious, moreish and healthy. They contain fibre, protein and they are vegan so for me, they tick all of the boxes.
*Fruity Beauties Snack Bars (£1.50)
Another snack that I loved and finished so quickly were these fruity snack bars which admittedly do not look appealing but they taste so nice! I love snack bars for how easy and convenient they are for on the go snacking and these are no different. Each bar is one of your five a day, it's high in fibre and full of nutrients. If you like baked or dried fruit then you'll like these snack bars.

*Shore Seaweed Puffs (£1.19)
Next up is a very polarising snack but I personally like them! They are seaweed puffs so they are filled with minerals such as iodine and they are low in calories too. You will receive one bag in your box which is from a possible variety of four flavours. I received the salt and vinegar and the Thai chilli flavours. The Thai chilli flavour was so moreish and I loved it so I will be looking out for it in the future.
*Real Good Smokey BBQ Ketchup (£2.49)
Next up, the Real Good BBQ ketchup which is a brand that's been included in a previous DegustaBox. I liked trying this brand previously and I know I'll love this new item as well. It's made with natural hickory and oak smoked water from Tennessee and it contains 80% less sugar than regular sauces. It seems like an interesting and more flavourful alternative to regular ketchup and I can't wait to try it.

*Firefly Drinks Lemon, Lime and Ginger (£1.55)
My favourite drink from the box this month is the lemon, lime and ginger botanical soft drink from Firefly. I love the packaging, I love that it is vegan friendly and it doesn't contain any preservatives or colours. The drink was very refreshing, sweet and perfect for spring/summer so I'd definitely buy it in the future.
*Splenda Minis (£1.50)
One of the more unusual items in the box is the Splenda sugar alternative which is something I've wanted to try for a while as I do want to reduce my sugar intake. I've been using them for the past few days and I like them! They're not sugar and you can tell but it is a sweet alternative and I will continue to use them in my coffee.

*Koko Dairy Free Super Milk (£1.99)
Yet another vegan product and it's a dairy free milk that I haven't heard of or tried before. It's the Koko dairy free 'super' milk which contains added vitamins and minerals. They've added so many extra nutrients such as calcium, iodine, Vitamin B12 and more which is fantastic as I think we could all benefit from some added vitamins and minerals. I haven't tried it yet but I'm interested to see how it compares to my usual oat and almond milk options.
*Helmans Vegan Mayo (£2.15)
The final vegan food item is one that was fairly recently released, it's the much anticipated Helmans vegan mayonnaise. I have tried a couple of other brands of vegan mayonnaise and I've liked them but my favourites have to be the vegan garlic aioli variety which is just delicious - especially the Follow Your Heart brand. I am excited to try this and see how it compares to the others I've tried.

*Milkybar Mix Ups (65p each)
Another snack and one that I received a few of are the Milkybar Mix Ups which you should receive two bags of in your box. I have never been a fan of Milkybar chocolate, it's just too sweet and I think these will be the same. Although I gave a couple of packets to my sister and she liked them so I think I'm in the minority that has never liked Milkybar chocolate.
*Oteas Black Tea and Apricot (£3.75)
The penultimate item arrived with the best timing possible as I'd finished finish up my stash of herbal and mint tea so I needed a replacement. The Oteas black tea with apricot is the product of the month for the May box. I love black tea and I like apricot so I think the combination will be fantastic. I cannot wait to try it!

*Daelmans Duo Stroopwafels (£1.29)
Last but not least is a favourite of mine and a few of my friends as well, stroopwafels! They are caramel filled thin waffles that are made by Daelmans - the original dutch stroopwafels. There are two in each packet and I have tried them before but not this brand. Sadly, they aren't vegan but from trying them over the past couple of years, I know how utterly delicious they are. You put them over your hot cup of tea or coffee so the caramel filling melts slightly and it makes them the most delicious and moreish snack.

What do you think of the May DegustaBox? Have you tried any of these products before? 



  1. This Degusta box sounds great. I see so many yummy products included.

  2. I love that you can opt in or out of having some alcohol because some people will love the addition whereas others would prefer not to get it. I saw those new Milkybar sweets for the first time yesterday but haven't bought them yet. Nice selection of goodies here xx

    Beautylymin | BeeGood Skincare Bundle Giveaway

  3. Real bundle of treats - so much choice and luxury

  4. I really want to try the milky bar mix ups!

    Jenny x

  5. Chocolate AND prosecco?! I'm sold! What a fabulous lineup of brands.

  6. I love Dergustabox,so great their sending out Vegan items to sample x

  7. I haven't had Milkybar in years. So underrated.

  8. Every time I see this box I'm always intrigued by it x

  9. I love stroopwaffles! Though they definitely aren't very good for me...

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  10. There's such a good mix in this box, love the prosecco xx

  11. This box sounds like such a good idea! Thank you for sharing x

  12. A big tick to the Prosecco! Looks like a great box this month x

  13. I used to love getting Degustabox, love the variety that's included xx

    Tiffany x

  14. I love the Koko dairy free milk!

    Love, Amie ❤

    The Curvaceous Vegan

  15. I absolutely LOVE Stroopwafels! They're so delicious!

  16. YUM! IT all looks SO good! Those waffles especially!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  17. You get some great things included in this box

  18. Great selection of goodies, I'd love to try this

  19. Any delivery that comes with prosecco is a winner in my book!
    Em x

  20. This looks very interesting, and I'd like to try a few, but (being a bit on the tight side) I want to know whether they are really value for money. Your opinion would be much appreciated.

  21. Milky Bar used to be my favourite before I was vegan! I got sent a few different varieties of the free from fellows sweets for Veganuary and loved them x



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