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Friday, March 08, 2019
Last month I received one of the best blogger parcels I've ever received, not only because it contained the largest number of items I've received at once but also because it contained lots of food and useful household items! If you follow me on instagram (@ofbeautyand) then you'll have seen the ginormous unboxing on my stories last month - I always show everything I'm lucky enough to be sent on my Instagram stories so make sure you're following!

*Product Of The Year Goody Bag (worth over £235)
If you're in the UK then you'll have seen the 'product of the year' advertisements and their famous logo on various products from snacks, pet products, drinks, cooking ingredients and beauty products. The 2019 products of the year were announced in an awards ceremony last month and in today's post I'm going to let you know some of my favourites.

How are the products chosen? Firstly, companies can enter their products to be considered then a panel of judges including industry experts, bloggers and journalists try the products before they are shortlisted and the public can vote in the largest consumer product survey so you know that they're going to be worth the money.
Food and Drink 
The food and drink items seem to be the largest category, followed by the household items and beauty and pet related products. I'm surprised by the wide and inclusive range of products within the food category as it ranges from cupcakes, cereal, snacks, wine and cordial to yoghurt, tea, flavoured water, ice cream, coffee and many more.

From the huge selection of food items there are a few that instantly caught my eye with the first being Halo Top Ice Cream which I've tried previously as they have a variety of vegan options. The Salted Caramel flavour from Halo Top is utterly delicious and I cannot recommend it enough! I'm so glad that there's a large amount of vegetarian and a couple of vegan items in the winners list this year.
Another item I've already tried from the winners list is the Skyr Fruit and Oats Yoghurt which I loved (sadly as I'm now vegan, it's something I'll have to skip on). I also cannot recommend the Robinsons Fruit Creations cordial, Malteaster Buttons, Volvic Watermelon and Dolmio Veggie Goodness sauce packet enough.

While I'm very grateful for any items I've lucky enough to be sent from PRs (I'm always surprised that such amazing worldwide companies want to work with little old me!) but I did receive a fair amount within this package that I couldn't possibly keep all for myself. For the Cadbury Heroes Cupcakes which looked incredible, I shared them with the children in my mum's class at the primary school I used to go to and they all loved them!
The drinks included within the package included Bulmers Original Cider, Blossom Hill Pale Rose, Volvic Watermelon Water (limited edition), Frijj UHT Milkshake, Tropicana Essential, Robinsons Fruit Creations and the Fuze Iced Tea. I don't really drink very often but the Blossom Hill Pale Rose is delicious and something I think many will like.

However, my favourites from the range have to be the Volvic Watermelon and the Fuze Iced Tea in the Peach Hibiscus flavour, both of which I'd definitely buy in the future. Overall, there were so many fantastic food and drink items within the goody bag, especially the Halo Top Ice Cream which is one of the best vegan ice cream options I've tried - my personal favourite flavour is the salted caramel option but I do really want to try the peanut butter flavour.
Household Items
The next category are all of the household, cleaning and home fragrance items within the winners list and goody bag. For the cleaning products the list includes: Mr Muscle Platinum Kitchen Cleaner, Comfort Perfume Deluxe, Persil Capsules and the Regina Blitz Paper Towel, all of which I've been using for weeks and I can definitely see why they're all on the list of winners for 2019.
However, my favourite household item has to be the Ambi-Pur 3Volution Plugins which I have in the Cotton Fresh Scent. It's been a staple in our living room for weeks and it's so much more effective and convenient compared to room sprays! The plugin diffuser contains three scents which change as it's switched on so you experience a different scent over time which is a great idea and all of the scents are so fresh and spring-like. 
Last but not least (although there are pet products and a vape e-pen in the goody bag) is the beauty section. Let's start with the Oral B 3D White Toothpaste in the 'whitening sensitive' and 'enamel care' options. I've been using the 'whitening sensitive' toothpaste and I love it, especially as I do have quite sensitive teeth and most toothpaste options tend to feel somewhat uncomfortable.

Another beauty item that's been a favourite of mine for weeks is the Barefoot Overnight Foot Treatment as well as the Always Platinum Pads (the only pads I buy are from Always as they're so reliable) and the Palmolive Shower Gel. There's one product that I found to be a little unusual and that's the Mancave Micellar Water which seems quite out of place compared to the other products.
Lastly there are a few items with children and babies including the Extra Care Baby Wipes, Kids Multivitamins, Cow and Gate Follow On Milk and the Colgate Magik, the latter is a manual toothbrush with a stand so that it can be used with their app which tracks, in real time, the position of the toothbrush when it's used to track the brushing technique. I think that's an amazing idea and something I would have loved growing up so I'm going to pass it onto my friends son who I think will like it too!

Overall, I'm so grateful to be very kindly gifted a goody bag of all the winning products, most of which I loved and have been using for weeks now. Today's post was a run down of all my favourite items from the winners list but you can check out the full list on the Product Of The Year website.

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of the award and winners list?


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