Mother's Day Gifts: Newbridge Silverware

Tuesday, March 19, 2019
Mother's Day week is in full swing and today's post is all about luxurious, high quality jewellery that I think most mums would love (I know mine would). All of the items in today's post are from the wonderful people over at Newbridge Silverware who've been designing and crafting beautiful silverware items from jewellery and home accessories to gifts and tableware since 1934.

*Newbridge Silverware Locket (£60)
Before I go into each item I want to talk about the gorgeous presentation and packaging of the items as when it arrived, it looked very luxe and all of the items came either in Newbridge Silverware pouches or boxes which makes gift giving so much easier as I'm awful when it comes to present wrapping! I'm so impressed with the packaging and the details. Their prices range from less than £10 to over £400 so there's an item for everyone.
The locket is composed of glass, rhodium and cubic zirconium, it is 800mm in length and it comes in such a beautiful presentation box. I don't personally own any lockets but I think they look very classic and timeless as well as something a little more unique and special for Mother's Day as you can include a small photograph or tiny keepsake within the locket. Locket necklaces always remind me of the victorian era as they would wear keepsakes and sentimental items within beautiful pieces of jewellery. 
The locket is very beautiful and it is also very substantial so if the person you're buying for loves larger, more statement or unique necklaces then this one might be a great option to consider. I love the large stone in the centre surrounded by tiny stones, it makes it look more ornate and intricate, in my opinion.

It is much larger and the chain is longer than I would typically wear, however, I love the almost vintage style along with the simple but beautiful design. While it isn't typically my mum's style, I think she would absolutely love it as it's always nice to receive a beautiful piece of jewellery, especially one which you might not have picked out otherwise.
*Rose Gold Plated Long Pendant (£30.73)
The second and final necklace from Newbridge Silverware is this gorgeous and very unique necklace which is rose gold plated and features an anti-tarnish layer to keep it look beautiful for as long as possible. It also features a unique and almost 60's style design in pink enamel which would be a great colourful addition to a spring and summer wardrobe.

As with the previous necklace, it's fairly weighty, the chain is 760mm in length and it has a slider mechanism for easy adjustment. Even though longer necklaces aren't a go-to for me, I think it suits the style of these two perfectly as they fall nicely, they look classic and in the case of this rose gold pendant, it is colour and vibrant for spring. Also, I utterly adore rose gold so this one was naturally going to be a hit for me!
*Rose Gold Plated Half Enamel Bangle (£24.58)
Last but definitely not least is the most affordable and also the most contemporary of the three lovely pieces I was very kindly sent. I like all three items but I think that the first gorgeous pendant and this unique bangle are my favourites!

The bangle is composed of pink enamel, as with the previous pendant and it features an anti-tarnish layer as well which is a nice detail and something I wouldn't have really thought of before as I just assumed that most jewellery items have this but maybe not so if you're looking for an affordable piece of jewellery that will have longevity then check out Newbridge Silverware.

I love the combination of the rose gold and the pink enamel as it looks so unique and modern - who doesn't love pink and rose gold together. It's a little big on me but I do have teeny tiny wrists; however I think my mum would absolutely love it and for most people I think it would be a better fit. Both the previous pendant and this pretty bangle come in Newbridge Silverware pouches so whatever item you choose, it's going to be well packaged and presented to make a lovely gift this Mother's Day.

What do you think of these Mother's Day gift ideas? Will you be checking out Newbridge Silverware?



  1. I was expecting the locket to be way more expensive. So beautiful.

    Roxie |

  2. I absolutely love the locket and it’s one thing I don’t actually think my mum owns x

  3. The necklaces are probably a bit big for my Mum's tastes but the bangle is lovely

    Jenny in Neverland

  4. Some really gorgeous pieces, all would be perfect for Mother's Day x

    Tiffany x

  5. I love that locket so much, it's so beautiful and would make for the perfect gift xx

  6. Oh how pretty. The perfect gift x

  7. Oh wow they are so beautiful! SO SO pretty!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  8. They’re so pretty and jewellery is such a great gift

  9. I also received this exactly same items darling, they're so gorgeous aren't they?! 🌸💜

    With love, Alisha Valerie x |

  10. Some absolutely beautiful items here!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  11. I love a locket, its so nostalgic!

  12. How gorgeous does this all look x

  13. Wow that first necklace is absolutely stunning, I'd love to wear that x

  14. I love the look of the bangle but I also have really small wrists and struggle to get anything like that to stay on x


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