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Friday, February 15, 2019
The weather over the past couple of days in Manchester has been pretty glorious and I'm hoping that it signifies the premature start of spring because I'm done with winter and I cannot wait for warmer days, sunshine, flowers in bloom and lighter evenings for photos! Along with Autumn, spring is one of my favourite seasons and it is also a popular wedding season. I personally never want to get married but if in a parallel universe I did, then it would either be a spring or autumn wedding.

Today's post features a selection of three wedding guest dresses and outfit ideas for any wedding you have coming up to attend, especially spring or summer wedding although all three of these dresses would be great with a leather (faux, obviously) jacket for colder days. Thanks so much to the lovely people over at Pretty Little Thing for the gifted dresses.
*Dusty Blue Lace Ruffle Dress (£45, UK 8)
Let's start with what is probably my favourite dress of the three but it is very closely followed by the one shoulder green dress (that I definitely needed to iron but I haven't had the time). If you follow me on instagram (@ofbeautyand) then you'll have seen the unboxing earlier in the week and some sneak peeks of the photographs today.

The dress size I have is a UK 8 which is the perfect size for me! In terms of the give, waist size and sleeve length, this dress couldn't have fit me any better. Although as I'm so tiny, the dress is longer on me than the model photographs online but I actually like the length overall. If you're petite as I am then you'll know how difficult it is to find more formal dresses that aren't an awkward length or that don't trail fully on the floor but this one is a great longer option. I wish more clothing stores, particularly ones that specialise in formal dresses, had a petite section!
Usually I wouldn't got for this duck egg blue shade but as always when I'm lucky enough to be gifted clothing items, I opt for something I wouldn't usually go for. I'm pleasantly surprised by how much I love this dress as it features a few things I wouldn't typically like such as the colour, ruffles and the length but I love it. I'm glad that it isn't just solid blue lace, there are black sections which breaks up the pastel blue shade and makes it more wearable (for me anyway).

I think this dress is the perfect for a spring wedding as it has the general wedding outfit categories of featuring lace but it looks more modern compared to most lace dresses I've owned - let's be honest, sometimes lace dresses can look quite austere and old fashioned. I added plain black heels but I think a faux leather jacket or nude heels would be great addition instead.
*Emerald Green One Should Satin Dress (£30)
Another dress that I wouldn't normally choose (although I'm always drawn to items that are this gorgeous deep emerald green shade) and another dress that emphasises how pale I am...I think I could give Voldemort some competition on the ghostly pale front, if I'm honest! Additionally, one shoulder or asymmetric hems are unusual for me too but I think it's quite flattering!

As with the other dresses I chose a UK 8 and this one is a tiny bit tighter and more form fitting (with less give) than the other two so if you are in-between sizes then maybe size up as you can always cinch in the waist with the attached tie to make it a little more flattering and fitted.
I adore the shade of this dress and it's made me want to buy everything in this shade because it's so gorgeous and I don't think I actually own any dresses in this shade. I also love the cut of the dress with it's asymmetric hem which naturally as I'm so tiny is longer on me than it is shown on the site but again I like the length.

I've added my faux leather black jacket with the dress as it is a little big on the chest and I'll need to alter it very slightly. However, I'm very happy with this dress as I think it would make a great all round dress that would be ideal for so many occasions, from spring weddings and birthdays to a graduation party, garden party or even a fancy date night.
*Cape Detail Bodycon Dress (£18)
Last but not least is the more inexpensive dress in todays post and it's also a dress that has reminded me not to take outfit photographs while on my period...that period bloating is insane! Hopefully you can ignore that, even though I can't and focus on this cute little dress. It comes in three shade including mauve, a spring floral print or green so naturally I had to chose the gorgeous green option.

The UK 8 is a good fit, the length is perfect for my petite frame and it is a great dress if you don't love your upper arms. I used to be so self conscious of my upper arms (thankfully I'm less so now I've lost weight) but this dress would have been a miracle a couple of years ago when I could only find sleeveless or cap sleeve dresses...why are cap sleeves a thing, they aren't flattering on anyone, unless you're Kate Moss.
I may already be searching for more dresses in this colour as you're reading this post...I also want a bag in this colour so let me know in the comments below if you've spotted one recently. Overall, I'm so happy with all three of the dresses from Pretty Little Thing (thanks so much) but my favourite has to be the first dress as it's so spring-like to me; however it also ticks all of my very specific boxes when it comes to formal dresses. If you need a formal, wedding guest, prom or party dress then look no further than Pretty Little Thing!

What do you think of these dresses? Have you bought anything from Pretty Little Thing?



  1. wow this dress looks amazing

  2. I never want to get married either, but mine would be in winter in my parallel universe. I really like the one with the Cape detail x


  3. That green colour is beautiful on you xx

  4. The ruffle dress isn't really my style but I love the green shade of the second one and I love the fit and style of the last one!


  5. I have so many weddings coming up this year. Never thought of PLT but will check them out! You look lovely in these outfits, by the way xx

    Sincerely, Sarah

  6. Those are ever so stunning dresses, I am going to have to check this website out soon!

    Danielle xx

  7. I love these styles and how many variations you can get in guest dresses now x

  8. The ruffle dress really suits you! It's not too showy to overshadow the bride but still look gorgeous as a guest! I might have to find a wedding for me to be invited too! Haha!

    Daisy xoxo | TheDeeWhoLived

  9. The last dress is gorgeous! I love it!

  10. Beautiful dresses, you look lovely in them all 💜

    With love, Alisha Valerie x |

  11. Oh wow they are beautiful on you! So so nice!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  12. Absolutely love all of the dresses, you look beautiful xx

    Tiffany x

  13. I love them both for different reasons! The design of the first one and the colour of the second x

  14. PLT do some lovely items of clothing x

  15. I love the first option, it is so pretty but edgy!

  16. I saw the lace dress on your Instagram. It's do pretty!

  17. I think the third dress is my fave. I’d even wear that on a day to day basis.

  18. Oh wow I adore the first one on you. Stunning!


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