*In Need of a Holiday and it’s only January!

Thursday, February 07, 2019
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We have barely scratched the surface of 2019 and, already, I would be willing to bet good money that there are many of you who already feel as though you need a week away. Christmas feels like a distant memory and the long-awaited bank holiday weekends are still a little way off. *Sigh*

Well, at least we can start to look at where we plan to go this year. Perhaps looking through endless pictures of sunny beaches, holidaymakers kicking back and suitably chosen reviews will make us feel as though we are already there. Out of the office, away from emails and sat around the pool with friends and family with a glass of our favourite tipple. Sounds delightful.

Holiday as and When 
Wouldn’t it be marvellous to wake up early on a Saturday morning and decide to go out for the weekend on a whim, regardless of whether it’s a cold and dreary January weekend or a sunny and inviting summer’s day? That would be the life. So, yeah, shock horror – we can’t just jet off to Dubai like our favourite celebs (curse you, Tom Cruise) – but we can staycation, baby! For those of us operating on more moderate budgets, we are more than happy with a caravan. This humble abode has been the reason for many a good family holiday tale and will continue to do so. Parks always seem to have holiday caravans on sale, proving to be popular for those that like to have the option of getting away from reality at a moment’s notice. If you are in that group of people that feels in need of a break despite only just returning to work, this could prove to be a viable option for you.

Who actually has the means to go on sabbatical from work? To just wake up one day and say to your boss: “Look, I’m tired and in need of a break. I’ll be back in six months.” That. Just. Doesn’t. Happen. Well, you might be surprised to learn that, actually, it does – and more than you think. Around 20% of companies have a sabbatical policy that employees can ask to take. Only thing is, it’s not quite as simple as booking annual leave. You will likely be asked to pitch why you are deserving of a sabbatical from work (because, if everyone took up the option, firms wouldn’t have any employees left to work). Before pitching, familiarise yourself with your company’s sabbatical policy (if they have one) as this will likely be partially paid or completely unpaid. You will have to work out if this is something that you can realistically afford.

Chill Out 
While we have just come off a week off, Christmas is a stressful time, especially if you found yourself hosting family. It is only natural to feel as though you need some time to yourself and there is nothing wrong with that. This is where you need to make time for you. After all, it’s important to rest and recuperate. Block out evenings and/or days where you focus on nothing other than yourself. That means no work, no emails, no events that you don’t actually want to attend. If anyone asks you to do something, you’re busy – no exceptions.

Take this time to binge watch that series on Netflix you have been meaning to get around to, try a new make of coffee or, better yet, sleep in until midday. If you are feeling as though you need some time out, it could simply be because you are feeling rushed off your feet – which is a major sign that you need to slow down and take it easy.

Do you feel like you need a holiday already? Where would you travel to?

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  1. I would love a holiday right now! I've seen some amazing photos of the Maldives on social media recently xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

  2. I find that doing a day trip on the weekend really helps me get that holiday feeling back!

  3. The way my January went, I definitely need a holiday. Although we've just come back from a few days at my boyfriend's parents house in the country which I love.


  4. It's so nice to have a little getaway planned & look forward to.

  5. Love the suitcase! I think everyone needs a holiday in January after the stress of Christmas, lol! 💜

    With love, Alisha Valerie x | www.alishavalerie.com

  6. I didn't take any time off over Christmas so I could definitely do with a break. I'm going away next month and it can't come quick enough! x


  7. I definitely need a holiday but we're saving for a few other things at the moment so I think if we get one this year it will be a few days not too far away from home, still exciting for me though haha! I love staying in caravans, always a fun way to create memories xx

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  8. I need one too . Although hubs and I booked a little cheeky festival in August but we also need to escape somewhere outside UK and we are strongly thinking to do a road trip in Sweden / Denmark.


  9. Wow I love this post just amazing

    Your blog is stunning as well


  10. I’m thankful I’ve got a week away coming up but it is to Disneyland Paris with two 4 year olds so I suspect I will need another holiday x

  11. Christmas is NOT a holiday. Whoever said it was can suck my woman d**k.

    It's an annual celebration of busyness.
    Mine was particularly hard because I had just moved into my own place as well so ERGH I need that holiday like yesterday.

    Lovely post! Relatable as hell.

    You can find me here :)

  12. I would love a holiday! I go to Amsterdam in April and can’t wait x

  13. I always need a bloody holiday haha!

    Love, Amie ❤

    The Curvaceous Vegan

  14. I have thankfully booked a trip for march!

  15. I've lost count of how many times I've said that I need a holiday this year already x

  16. My next holiday is at Easter and I’m counting down the days.

  17. I so want to go away! But with placement, uni and lack of cash I doubt it will be happening anytime soon!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  18. I always want a holiday and constantly drooling over travel pictures from other bloggers! I'm going to see what is cheap to get away to this year. Any ideas?

    Dee xoxo | TheDeeWhoLived

  19. I’d love to get away. I’d head to Bali if I could go anywhere.



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