*How to give your bathroom an upgrade for 2019

Sunday, February 24, 2019
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We all know how important bathrooms are in daily life, but the fact that there’s a lot of plumbing involved makes people really hesitant to improve theirs. You can’t just pull up a toilet and move it around, unfortunately. There are a few ways you can make the process a bit easier, though, which might be the key to giving your bathroom the upgrade it deserves:

Change the decorations
Most people decorate their bathroom with naval colours and water-themed trinkets, but there’s plenty of ways to make it unique and personal. The right decorations and some fresh tiles can completely change how your bathroom looks, even if you don’t go for full renovations. This doesn’t just have to be the walls – a new rug or a standing mirror could do the trick!

Change the lighting
A dim bathroom can look grimy and badly-maintained, even if you’ve been cleaning it regularly. Making sure that you’re getting enough light will completely change the look and feel of the room, and will also make it easier for guests to see while they’re trying to use the bathroom late at night. Make sure that windows aren’t obstructed during the day, and install new bulbs or add a spare lamp so that the room can light itself properly.

Add ventilation
Bathrooms can get very humid in hot weather, and steam can cause a lot of problems if there’s no way for it to leave the room. Make sure you’re got enough ventilation to let out heat, bad smells and heavy steam while letting in fresh air and a cool breeze. An open window or wall fan can you from overheating during the summer and might make it easier to control how fresh the air is, which will make a huge difference in how you healthy and clean you feel.

Change up the flooring 
Changing up the floor might be a good idea without having to change out your bathroom fittings. Opt for bathroom flooring that’s going to either elevate your overall style or make a statement!

Plan a full overhaul 
If you’re really not happy with your bathroom, it might be a good idea to get some specialist help and completely revamp the entire room. This might seem a pricey on paper, but it’s still far easier and cheaper than trying to do the same thing by yourself, and it can give you a bathroom that perfectly fits your needs around the home. Certain companies will even source the materials and furniture you need without needing to drag you away from your daily routine.

Are you planning any bathroom renovations this year? Do you have any tips?

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  1. I love a bit of decorating, always refreshes everything!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  2. We have no choice but to do ours because of a leak from upstairs x

  3. We'd love to re-vamp our bathroom but just can't afford it.


  4. We've just decorated our bathroom and I'm so happy with it now, simple changes can make such a difference xx

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  5. This sounds perfect for revamping!

  6. I can't wait to move and do some DIY like this x

  7. We added a shelf over our rad at the weekend and the extra space it gives makes such a difference.

  8. I love a modern bathroom, but with an old style glamorous bath!

  9. I usually change up my bathroom decor with new accessories and candles once a year.

  10. I love looking at how people decorate their bathrooms! Mine is really small so there's not a lot we can do with it x


  11. I really want to change my bathroom, and this is giving me all the feels!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  12. I’d love to redo things in our house. All the things you mention make a big change.


  13. I'd love to be able to. change our bathroom but its rented


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