Top Ten Books + Audiobooks of 2018

Monday, January 14, 2019
Firstly, I read 190 books and audiobooks in 2018 so this post is going to be a little long and I will be cheating...I can't stick to only ten, I have to include a tonne of honourable mentions for the books and audiobooks I read as well. I also wanted to mention that I'm very harsh with my ratings, even though I probably couldn't write a book, so if a book gets four or five stars (as some of these books have) then it's pretty exceptional.

Lastly before I move onto my top books and audiobooks for 2018, I wanted to explain my reasons choosing some of the books that I have. Some of these reads were amazing and they received a star rating of four or five stars so naturally they are on this list; however, other books received a good three stars and they're still on this list, that's because they've stuck with me since I read them.

There are two books that are tied at the very top of the list for my best books of the year and they include: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes by Caitlin Doughty and The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton, both of which I would include on the list for my favourite books of all time!

Next up are a few books that are tied at the third(ish) spot on my list includes the following reads: A Winters Promise by Christelle Dabos, Girl Squads by Sam Maggs and A Hero Born by Jin Yong, all of which were four star reads. If you're looking for a great YA magical fantasy read then check out A Winters Promise, for an empowering read all about amazing women then pick up Girl Squads and lastly, if you want a classic asian adventure novel then look no further than A Hero Born.

The next books I'm going to mention are pretty much all on the same level and they include: A Discovery of Witches, The Death of Mrs Westaway, An Unwanted Guest and Flame In The Mist but I think that the first three in the list are my favourites and the books I'll recommend to everyone.

Honourable Mentions
I'm cheating and I'm going to include a list of honourable mentions for the physical and e-books I loved in 2018 including: Career Of Evil, Crucial Interventions, The Last Hours, Alone Time, Ace of Shades, Blackwing, Children of Blood and Bone, Women of the Raj, The Belles, City of Lies, A Gathering Of Ghosts, Wrecker, Bottled Goods and Neverwhere. I think that out of my honourable mentions, my favourites are Blackwing (dark fantasy), Career Of Evil (detective/crime), Bottled Goods (literary fiction/magical realism) and Neverwhere (YA urban fantasy).
Now onto my favourite audiobooks of 2018, all of which I listened to on BookBeat which is the most amazing audiobook subscription service as it's so easy to use and you don't pay per book, you pay a set fee each month which means that you can listen to as many audiobooks as you want in that month! I am definitely going to be paying for the subscription myself in the future as it's just fantastic.

As I said, I'm very harsh with my book ratings and even more so with audiobooks - I don't know why! Most books and audiobooks receive a three out of five stars from me which is a good rating but it isn't amazing. However, some of these audiobooks received four stars from me which is rare and those include: Bloody Brilliant Women, Rebecca, Witchsign, Spellslinger and Shadowshow, however the latter isn't on my favourites list despite it's rating as it's now become completely forgettable sadly.

My favourite non-fiction audiobook is definitely The Ravenmaster which was such an interesting and informative read. Very few non-fiction audiobooks end up on my best books list as I tend to forget them quite quickly and that is also the case with The Ravenmaster but I'd still recommend it, along with these fantastic fiction audiobooks: A House of Ghosts, Awakened, Jane Eyre and The Ashes of London.

I only have a few honourable mentions when it comes to the audiobooks I've listened to and those include: Challenge Accepted, Frankenstein and Napoleon, the latter is a fantastic non-fiction audiobook that I'd definitely recommend.

Have you read any of these books or audiobooks? 


  1. Some great suggestions here. I really want to get into audiobooks.


  2. I abslutely love Shari Lapena books!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  3. I'm saving this post for inspo later on when I just don't know what to read!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  4. Some great suggestions here, I'm trying to read more this year so this is really helpful. I'm struggling to listen to audiobooks though! I've never heard of BookBeat before but that sounds like a much better option than audible if you're listening a lot x


  5. Wow that's amazing! I wish I had time to do this :(

  6. Wow! Some really great picks! Needed to find some more recommendations for audiobooks so thank you! <3

    Daisy xoxo

  7. I still haven’t tried Audiobooks but I do now listen to a few podcasts when I’m faffing about x

  8. I am going to give an audiobook a whirl this weekend xx

  9. Haven’t tried any of these but really want to start listening to audiobooks on my way to work x

    Melanie ||

  10. You mention some great audiobooks. I’ve noted some for later

  11. Some great suggestions here. I need to put more time aside I 201o to read more.

  12. I’ve never listed to an audio book. I’m toying with the idea of Audible.

  13. I always love your book round ups and posts! x


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