*Home Improvement Plans + How To Find The Right Company in 2019

Thursday, January 31, 2019
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For me, the star of a new year comes with various emotions and goals, some of which are those of wanting to start fresh. I think most of us what to make changes with a new year and some of those, for me, are related to our home. At the end of last year, one of the bathrooms was renovated which was not a pleasant process and next week, we're going through the same process again - I can't wait for it to be over as I'm never comfortable with builders in the house!

How To Find The Right Home Improvement Company 
There are various home improvement plans we have for the year including the bathroom which should hopefully be finished by the end of next week but before even getting to that stage it can be difficult. There are so many home improvement companies out there so it can be extremely difficult to not only find one within your area or budget but to also find one that will do a good job, has a great reputation and that is even available.

We're lucky enough to have a couple of lovely neighbours on our street that are well known, reliable and fantastic tradesmen so that wasn't a problem for us but if you do need to find a company then looking through various review websites such as Trustpilot is worth doing especially if you're looking for a larger jobs to be undertaken which probably isn't going to be cheap. Also checking out quotes from various companies, asking for recommendations from friends and family members as well as various apps which list tradesmen and companies could be a good place to start. Additionally, rather than a general builder or tradesman, someone who specialises in the project you want to be completed is something to look out for, along with images on social media or generally online of their work so you can see the standard they offer. One website that has great offers on home improvements is SEHBAC, specifically for windows, doors, extensions and conservatories.

2019 Home Improvement Plans 
As I've mentioned, the bathroom is being renovated next week and I'm sure I'll share a few snippets on my instagram (@ofbeautyand) but we are also thinking of renovating or knocking down and rebuilding the conservatory. It was built when I was around six years old or so which is twenty years ago...I think it's time for a change as it is definitely starting to show signs of it's age. The conservatory  is currently a mini home gym which I love but I think it would be great to have a new, larger and fresh space in place of the cold, rickety conservatory we currently have.

Do you have any home renovation plans for the year? Do you have any tips for home renovations in general or how to find a good builder, company or tradesman? 

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  1. I would be useless at building things, completely clueless lol

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  2. It can be hard to find reliable and reasonably priced people to help with home improvements for sure. We always use people we know or recommendations from others.


  3. We are saving for a wedding at Ye money so the house will have to fall down around me before I get any repairs ha.

  4. We still haven’t decided on the bathroom and it’s been a year since we agreed it would be done. Oops!

  5. If I didn't rent my home and owned then I'd love this. I'm bookmarking for when we buy x

  6. We are looking to convert the garage into an extra room this year.


  7. Renovations are the worst! It is so important to find the right company, to make it a little easier!

  8. How exciting! My next renovation is my bathroom too! X

  9. I'm planning to work on my living room first and get some help from someone to decorate! I'd do it myself but I did NOT inherit my dad's painting skills! Haha!

    Daisy xoxo | TheDeeWhoLived

  10. Finding good tradesmen is so difficult, hope everything goes well with the bathroom x


  11. These are such important tips and finding someone you trust in your home can be hard!

    Love, Amie ❤

    The Curvaceous Vegan


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