Ultimate Gift Guide For Her Part Two

Friday, December 14, 2018
Today's post is the second and final women's gift guide that I will be posting this year! The run-up to the festive season has come by so quickly, where did the time go! It's not long now until Christmas but you still have time to buy gifts for friends and family. I hope this gift guide will give you some ideas. There's a range of gifts from eco-friendly pampering product to beauty gifts and wearables.

*Bloomtown The Perfect Little Bloomtown Stocking Filler (£12.50)
Let's start with one of the cutest and most festive products in today's gift guide, the Bloomtown stocking filler gift idea! How adorable is this festive giftwrapping, it is great for those like me who cannot wrap presents at all - I don't know why I can't, it's just an ability I don't have. The gift contains three minis including a soap bar, infused oil and lip balm. All of their products are natural, vegan and cruelty free; additionally Bloomtown is the UK's first palm oil-free certified company which is amazing.
I've been lucky enough to try some of their products previously and loved them and I feel the same about these. I received the Avo Mint lip balm, The Woods soap bar and The Woods infused roll on oil. There are various scents to choose from but the ones I received are the Avo Mint which smells refreshingly mint as you would expect and The Woods scent which is heavenly - it's bergamot and green clay so it is very fresh, green and very Lush-like which I adore.

The scent I tried previously was The Meadow which is gorgeous but I think I might actually like The Woods even more as it's green, natural and clean but a little musky which is exactly what I want in a fragrance or in my body products. I think this set is perfect and a great trial set for someone who is new to the brand. I cannot recommend it enough, especially The Woods infused oil!
*Fat Face Scented Candle Trio (£15)
One of my favourite christmas gifts recently is from Fat Face. It's a brand that I haven't tried much from but whenever I browse their site, I always find so many clothing items and gifts that I'd love to receive! I was very kindly sent a couple of gifts, both of which are so cute and would make wonderful gifts for friends this year!

The Fat face candle trio features three mini tin candles in the scents: woodland, winter spice and frosted berries, all of which are packaged so beautifully and smell perfect for the festive season. I love the festive packaging, the range of christmassy scents and the set as a whole. The set would be great as a gift on it's own or you can split the candles into festive hamper for friends or family members.
*Fat Face Fox Mug (£12)
How utterly adorable is this fox mug from Fat Face! There are so many great gift mugs on the Fat Face website but this one is the cutest available. Foxes are some of the cutest animals, we usually see some around the area we live in and they're so playful! I think a fox mug would be ideal for animal lovers or anyone who loves foxes. You could add some christmas chocolates, hot chocolate, cosy socks or even stationery to the mug to make it more of a substantial gift. You still have time to order online from Fat Face and you can also purchase in-store too.
*Hair Secrets Hair Podz Diamond Edition - Pink (£12.99)
Moving onto a great stocking filler gift idea is a very cute brush from Hair Secretz. The Hair Secrets Hair Podz Diamond Edition in pink is the ideal stocking filler for friends or teens! The detangling hair brush also features a mirror, interchangeable head (for easy cleaning) and it can easily fit in your handbag.

One of the more stand out features of the brush, as well as the unique shape and design, is that it's encrusted with a shimmering Swarovski crystal which definitely adds a luxe touch. The brush is composed of triple flexology bristles that gently detangles your hair (even my very thick and tangle prone hair). It can be used on wet or dry hair, it's perfect for on the go and would make an ideal accessory for those who commute or travel often.
*StyleFairy Boutique T-Shirt (£12.50 - sale)
Next up, a little bit more of a different gift as it's a cute tee! I'm never usually a fan of any kind of slogan t-shirts but I love this one from StyleFairy Boutique for a few reasons. The first is because the slogan itself is very simple and minimal with an easy to read font. Also the style of the t-shirt on the whole and the plain white colour makes it more of a wearable, casual t-shirt that pairs with so much, whether it's a pair of black skinny jeans or as a lounge wear top with pyjamas! I have the small size which fits me exactly as I wanted it to - not too fitted but not baggy (I'm a UK 8 for reference).

One of my biggest annoyances when it comes to t-shirt shopping is that white t-shirts are usually pretty much see-through! I don't want everyone to see my bra so I want a more opaque t-shirt and thankfully this one is. Additionally, many basic t-shirts have cap sleeves which aren't flattering on anyone, in my opinion, so I'm really happy with the longer length of the sleeves on this one. I think it would make a great basic slogan tee gift this christmas and it's currently on sale.

*Rubis Tweezers - Christmas Stars (£29)
Another beauty item and one that is definitely a luxe item, Rubis Christmas Stars Tweezers. I tried a pair of these a year or so ago and loved them. While I do love Tweezerman tweezers, these ones are just more precise, weighty and luxe. I adore the rose gold shade as well as the cute christmas star design - anything with stars on it and I'm there! I cannot recommend them enough!
*Pairfum Orangerie Blossoms Diffuser (£25)
I personally love candles, they are some of my favourite gifts to receive but not everyone loves candles from a safety point of view, like my mum, so diffusers are a great alternative. This is the second diffuser from Pairfum that I've been lucky enough to try and I love both but I think that this 'orangerie blossoms' scent is my favourite of the two.

I love the almost art-deco box and bottle design so aesthetically it looks like a very fancy, luxe and unique diffuser, especially because most on the market at a reasonable or cheap price point are very generic and inexpensive looking which isn't what you want in a christmas gift. The scent diffuses well, it looks so nice in our living room and it smells musky, floral and homely, in my opinion.

*Sensationail Express Gel Polish (£15)
I've tried and reviewed a couple of kits from Sensationail, the latter one I adored - the 'peel off strip gel starter kit'. I received the beautiful Raspberry Wine shade within that kit which I love but I'm so glad that I've kindly been sent the That's My Jam shade which is perfect for the festive season. If you know someone who already has a Sensationail kit then a new polish would make a great stocking filler or if they don't have a kit, you could buy one as it comes with pretty much everything you need in one easy to use package.
*Kameleon Rose 5 Way Cardigan (£80)
I've included a couple of wearables in this post but the most unusual but very practical is this five way cardigan from Kameleon Rose which would make the most ideal present for not only fashion focused individuals but those who love being cosy or for travellers as this cardigan can be made into five various shapes/styles! I haven't ever heard of clothing like this where it can be altered, buttoned up or styled in so many ways with just one item of clothing.

The cardigan is a little pricy, in my opinion but due to the variability of it, you basically get five items in one so when you look at it like that then the price is pretty reasonable. I chose the grey shade as I knew it would the shade I'd wear the most and I'm so glad I chose that colour. I also have the size small and it does fit well (I'm a UK 8 for reference) but it's a touch too long on me; however I am very petite.
You can wear the cardigan as a waterfall cardigan (as I am in the photos), as a hoodie, as a hooded cardigan and many more. Check out their website as they show all of the styles far better than I ever could. As well as being multi-use, it also has numerous interesting features including a passport pocket, non-creasing fabric, thumb holes, hand warming sleeves, a secret pocket and even more.

I think this cardigan is amazing and it would be fantastic for campers, adventurers, students or those planning lots of travelling or even a gap year in 2019 as it's so versatile and has so many useful features. They don't just have this cardigan that has an amazing multi-use ability; they also have travel pants, a travel dress, bag, top and shirt, all of which can be altered and used in numerous ways.

What do you think of my final womens gift guide? 


  1. how cute is that little fox mug, such a perfect christmas gift xx


  2. Ooh I really like that cardigan and the option of how to wear it x

  3. The Fat Face mug is so cute! I'm forever buying pjs and novelty mugs at this time of year.

    Roxie | thebeautifulbluebird.com

  4. Oooo love the sound of the diffuser x

  5. I absolutely love Bloomtown! Their products are amazing!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  6. Fab suggestions - I like that cardigan!


  7. So many great items in this blog post, I may have to check them out for myself!

    Danielle xx

  8. I’d be over the moon to unwrap any of these lovely gifts


  9. Candles would be awesome! tbh no one ever gave me candles just always make up hmmm

    Nique || www.niquewallace.com

  10. I wouldn’t say no to any of these gifts :-)

  11. I loved Fat Faces gift collection this year, they have so many amazing picks.

  12. The mug is so cute! I feel like I'm constantly buying candles and diffusers at this time of year x


  13. That fox mug is SO cute!! So so sweet :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  14. Omg that fox mug is adorable!! The Fat Face Candle Set looks lovely too. Lots of great picks in here xo

    Char | www.charslittleblog.co.uk

  15. I love that mug! I love cute mugs for Christmas x


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