Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide For Her: Part One

Tuesday, December 04, 2018
I've published my mens gift guide already along with a few others but one that I haven't posted just yet is my women gift guide; however, it's here today! Today's gift guide is all about the womens gift ideas that I cannot recommend enough, from gorgeous and luxe jewellery and food gifts to a DNA test, beauty gifts and more so hopefully you'll find a gift idea for a friend or family member this year...or for yourself, I'm not judging. 

*Nude Jewellery White Topaz and Silver Pendant (£185)
The first item within my gift guide is from a lovely and luxe brand that I've been lucky enough to work with previously, Nude Jewellery. Nude Jewellery is a luxury, jewellery boutique based originally in Mayfair, London which has been shortlisted for the boutique of the year by the UK Jewellery Awards. As always the Nude Jewellery pieces are so beautifully packaged and presented, it's such a beautiful item to open! 
The pendant I have is from their 'Victoria' collection which a simple but elegant jewellery collection featuring gorgeous gemstones such as amethyst, sapphire, aquamarine, pink sapphire and many more! I chose the stunning white topaz and silver pendant as it looks so elegant, classic and timeless in my opinion and I think so many of my friends and family members would be very happy to see this pendant under the tree. 

The price varies depending on the metal used, for example, rose gold, yellow gold, silver, 18ct gold, as well as the gemstone that is wanted. The beautiful pendant I have is one of the more inexpensive items you can choose from the collection but it's still a very special, luxe and timeless piece of jewellery that will be cherished. I have been wearing mine recently, although I've been very careful with it because knowing me, it will be lost or broken within a day or two!

I think anything from the Victoria collection would make such a gorgeous gift this christmas as not only is everything so beautifully packaged and presented but it is a lovely collection; to me the style of the collection has a victorian era feel to it which is very christmassy as the victorians created the main elements of the christmas we know today. 
*Morris & Co Gardening Gloves Set (£24.99)
When it comes to gift giving, there are always a selection of safe gifts such as food, fragrances or beauty gifts, I'm always buying pampering or beauty gifts for friends and family as I know that they will be a hit! Generic pampering gifts are great for those gift recipients you don't know too well but more specific pampering sets, such as this one, are great for people who you know that love gardening or who are interested in gardening. 

The set comes with a pair of gardening gloves and a shea butter hand cream (100ml), both of the products as well as the box feature a gorgeous classic Morris & Co lily and country bloom print which is so pretty! The gloves look very high quality and they are a medium size so hopefully they should fit various gift recipients. I think the set as a whole looks so pretty, put together and very substantial. 
*Heathcote & Ivory 'Gardeners' Merry Hands Set (£12)
Morris & Co have a fantastic range of gifts for all budgets, all of which look very luxe for the price and very festive - the most festive of the range is the cute 'merry hands' gift set which is in the style of a christmas tree. The set contains six x 15ml hand creams which is an ideal size for travelling, keeping in your car or having in your handbag. The hand creams contain shea butter and essential oils to keep your hands smooth and moisturised all winter which is great for someone like me as my hands, thanks to eczema, are perpetually dry and hands creams are an essential! 
*Heathcote and Ivory Perfume Gel Collection (£10)
Lastly for the pampering gifts is a bit more of an unusual offering from Heathcote and Ivory which contains a collection of three gel perfume rollerballs. All of the fragrances are alcohol free and they're not only beautiful fragrances but they contain shea butter and vitamin E as well to nourish the skin. The scents contained within are as follows: neroli and lime leaves, lavender fields and sweet pea and honeysuckle. 

I absolutely love the packaging for this set as it's incredibly sparkly and pretty and if you can't have a tonne of glitter over everything during the festive period, then when can you! I haven't seen set like this before that contains gel rollerball fragrances, I think it's more of a unique and unexpected gift compared to all of the generic fragrance gifts on the market. 
*Case App iPhone 7 Cases (£19)
Another safe gift idea has to be phone or tablet cases as they're pretty safe gifts to give for most people, they are practical (and we all know that I love practical gifts) and they are something that could be added to a gift hamper. My favourite site for phone cases has to be Case App as I love all of their unique designs, most of which I haven't really seen anywhere else and the quality of the iPhone 5c and iPhone 7 cases have been absolutely fantastic!

I have now upgraded to an iPhone 7, although I'm thinking of getting the latest (my bank balance won't thank me for it though) but in the meantime, I'm loving the iPhone 7 cases I have from Case App. I chose the 'Lemons' case which is just gorgeous and definitely the colour palette that I love and the 'Winter Pattern' design which is as christmassy as my phone case is going to get! I love both designs, you can see the 'Lemons' case on my instagram (@ofbeautyand). If you're looking for a phone case or tablet skin as a christmas gift or if you want a new phone case for yourself then I cannot recommend Case App enough. 
*Amphora Aromatics Mulled Pear and Spices Christmas Mini Pot Candle (£5.50)
Candles are one of my favourite gifts to give and one of my favourites to receive as they just make any room so instantly cosy and inviting, especially at this time of the year when it's chilly, dark and dreary outside! I have so many favourite candle scents and candle brands but a candle that I've been loving recently is this little one from Amphora Aromatics which is a brand I've been lucky enough to work with previously. 

The mini pot candles are so reasonably priced but that doesn't mean they aren't beautifully packaged or heavenly scented, as they are! I utterly adore the packaging and the box as it looks so gorgeous, more expensive than it actually is and it looks quite festive in my opinion. It is a mini candle so you're not going to get as much burn time from it compared to a larger candle but it is great for the size. The scent is quite different and I've personally never heard of a mulled pear and spices candle so it's a little more unique compared to most cinnamon scented festive candles. There are so many scents to choose from, you're bound to find one, two or three that you'll love!
*Beauty BLVD Mattitude Lip Liquid (£9.50)
I think the Amphora Aromatics candle would make a fantastic stocking filler and another item I think would be ideal as a beauty stocking filler is from Beauty BLVD which is a brand I haven't tried until  now but I've heard great things. Firstly, I love the packaging for this product, it looks so unique! I was very kindly sent the Damn Fine shade which is a gorgeous red so it is ideal for the festive season and new year. 

I've tried so many liquid lipsticks and most that claim to have a matte formula can be very drying on my lips which isn't very convenient when you're lips are as dry as mine are but thankfully this formula isn't extremely drying compared to others that I've tried. The shade is just gorgeous, if a little darker than what I'd normally wear and it is very long lasting too; additionally this product is also suitable for vegans which is fantastic! There are numerous shades to choose from including a very unique and intriguing blue shade!
*Hasslacher's Colombian Drinking Chocolate (£5, 250g)
Next up for my stocking filler gift ideas is something that will go down very well with pretty much everyone I know, hot chocolate! However, this isn't any hot chocolate but it is made from top quality 100% Colombian cacao which is naturally high in antioxidants and 100% natural! Another unique aspect of this drinking chocolate is the format as it's in a solid bar which can be broken up into squares to make 16 servings. It can be purchased as a block or as chocolate drops as well as gorgeous gift sets and various other flavours. 

To use, you just break off a couple of chunks and add it to hot milk, stir and enjoy! I think the packaging, unusual format and quality of this drinking chocolate make it a very unusual but pleasantly surprising gift that will delight your gift recipients. You can also purchase their *Single Estate Panela (£3.50, 200g) to add to your drinking chocolate. Panela is organic dried sugarcane juice that can be used to sweeten hot chocolate, porridge or desserts and it can also be used in baking too. 
*Il Gusto Violet Gin 
If you know someone who drinks then these adorable alcohol related gifts from Il Gusto would be absolutely perfect as not only do you get a delicious liquor but it's presented in a christmassy bottle too. There are various bottle designs and shapes to choose from including a christmas tree, gingerbread man and star among other non-christmassy designs such as a motorbike, truck, skull, heart and football boot, to name a few. 

I was very kindly sent the christmas tree violet gin which looks amazing, not only because of the cute festive bottle but the colour of the gin is quite unique too. The Il Gusto violet gin is 25% and can be enjoyed on it's own or it can be mixed. I think it would be perfect either as a christmas stocking filler or as part of a christmas hamper! 

*Il Gusto Salted Caramel Liquor 
Lastly for the gorgeous Il Gusto gifts, the salted caramel liquor which comes in the most perfect bottle, a gingerbread man! The salted caramel liquor is 10%, it comes from the Vosges mountain range and it can be used over ice cream (which I'm going to have to try as I love salted caramel anything) or on it's own. 
*Ostara Skincare Beauty Berry Body Moisturiser (£24) 
Moving back to the pampering theme and another couple of gorgeous, natural pampering products that I think would make great stocking fillers. Ostara Skincare is a new brand to me but I'm very impressed with their products so far! I was very kindly their christmassy 'beauty berry' body moisturiser and the face mask, both of which are so beautifully designed - I love the slightly festive packaging too. 

The body moisturiser contains lots of lovely natural ingredients such as organic olive oil, organic goji berry extract, vitamin E, organic raspberry seed extract and more. Over the past few years I've been trying to use more and more natural or 'green' products as they just tend to work well for my skin. This moisturiser is no different, it has a lovely scent and texture and it's moisturising without being very greasy or heavy on the skin as some moisturisers can be. 

*Ostara Skincare Beauty Berry Face Mask (£15)
The mask from the range has some of the same ingredients as the lovely moisturiser and it is just as effective. It is unusual in a couple of ways from the other face masks I have in my collection such as the magical colour changing effect and the plethora of natural ingredients along with the cute packaging. I've only used it a couple of time so far and not when I've had an eczema flareup but so far so good in that it doesn't irritate my skin. If there's any time of the year when you should be pampering and indulging in rich products then it's winter! 
*Magnitone Wipe Out Cleansing Cloth (£15)
I have so many favourites from this post but I think my favourite practical product has to be these cleansing cloths from Magnitone! I have tried a few microfibre makeup removing cloths like these and I absolutely adore them (I've been using various cloths from the past year or so). This is the first time I've tried Magnitone's version and they are fantastic. If you haven't tried any microfibre cleansing cloths then you're missing out on easy, no fuss cleansing! These cloths remove makeup in seconds (that's not an exaduration), they are so gentle on the skin which is great for someone like me who has sensitive, eczema prone skin and they are the perfect first step in your skincare routine. 

I use the cloths to remove 99% of my makeup which is the fastest way to remove my makeup and then I use whatever cleanser I'm using at the time and my skin ends up completely makeup free, clean and ready for my serum. I cannot recommend these cleansing cloths enough as they make removing my makeup so quick and easy! They're also amazing for travelling!

*Palmers Lip Balms (£2.49)
I was very kindly sent a package full of Palmers products so I thought I'd mention them in today's post as I think some of their lotions and lip balms would make great basic stocking fillers for so many people, from teens to grandmas. I have loved their products for years although over the past year or two, I have switched to others that I've been sent. One of my favourite products from Palmers has to be their lip balms which are so thick, rich and nourishing, unlike others and I cannot recommend them enough. They'd be great as stocking fillers or to add to a beauty hamper - I love creating hampers, I think they make such surprising and thoughtful gifts. 
*Find My Past DNA Kit (£79)
Moving away from all of the pampering products and onto something a little more personal, a DNA test. I'm extremely interested in my family history and what my DNA can show about where my ancestors came from which is why I did take a DNA test, one of the first I knew about back in 2012 and surprise, my DNA is 100% European...ok, not a surprise but it was interesting to see the various countries my DNA can be traced back to. 

The DNA test I took just involved a simple cheek swab which is pain free, quick and easy and this one is no different; although the steps and general information is definitely a little clearer in this test that it was in that very first test I tried. The first DNA test wasn't massively detailed in terms of the results but it was one of the very first tests the public could buy to trace their ancestors origins but now the technology has progressed so much that the Find My Past test can even specify which regions your ancestors were from! I think a DNA test would make for such a fantastic gift as it's quite unusual and I think most people would find it very interesting which is why I'm giving this test to my grandad so he can see his results and percentages. 
*TX30 Stereo Game & Go Headset (£14.99)
Within today's post and video, I wanted to include a wide variety of items so there were lots of gift ideas so we have beauty, skincare, food and homeware to tech, jewellery and fragrance gifts. One of the more tech related gifts, as well as the phone cases, is a cute pair of headphones from Gioteck. Earphones or headphones aren't something I'd want to buy for myself so receiving a pair as a gift would be great! I personally love my Sudio wireless earphones but sometimes I'd like a pair of larger headphones while I'm at my desk so this set from Gioteck would be perfect. 
I was kindly sent the bright pink pair although there are various colour options to choose from including: green, blue and black, the latter would probably be the most popular. I love the white, purple and bright pink shades in mine; teenager Heather would have absolutely loved to receive these under the tree! The headphones are light, flexible and comfortable to wear as they are cushioned which is worlds away from the awful cheap headphones I had to wear in school which left you with bright red ears and earache after an hour! 

I think these are probably the first headphones I've tried since secondary school IT lessons which brings back a lot of uncomfortable memories of secondary school in general and of those awful headphones but thankfully the cushioning is fantastic and they are far, far better than my previous headphone experiences (I'd rather not think about secondary school IT lessons again). The build quality is great, they have an in-build microphone if that's something your gift recipient would need and they would be idea for gaming, or on the go. 
*Silk Bedding Direct Pillow (£69.49)
My final gift idea is a little luxurious but Christmas is the time to treat others...and yourself! I've wanted a silk pillow for a while as last year quite a few bloggers were mentioning them and as bloggers are great enablers, I wanted one immediately. However, they can be quite pricey so I've been putting off buying one for myself as it isn't the kind go thing, on the whole, that someone would buy for themselves so it would make a great gift. 

The pillow is filled with 100% natural long stranded mulberry silk and the pillow case is made from 100% deluxe 200 thread count fine cotton sateen so it feels very luxurious and indulgent. The pillow I have is the king size (90cm by 50cm) which is huge and much bigger than I thought it would be. It comes in a case case which is quite fancy and makes it even more of a perfect gift idea as it's already partly packaged and nicely presented.

It's hypoallergenic, the mulberry silk interior claims to be useful for those suffering with eczema, allergies, asthma and other issues of a similar nature so if your gift recipient suffers from any of those then it might be a useful and thoughtful gift to give. It is also great for protecting your hair and reducing ageing, the latter I'm not sure of though! I'd definitely recommend this luxe pillow from Silk Bedding Direct as a gift idea for mums, grandmas, friends or aunties this christmas so check out their amazon store or their website. 

Use the code: PARTY15 to get 15% off their sale but you'll have to be quick as it ends on the 30th December!
What do you think of the gifts included in todays gift guide? Have you done all of your christmas shopping yet? 


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