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Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Last week I was very excited by a ginormous box that arrived from the incredibly generous people over at Jet2 and it was filled with lots of christmassy goodies, from food and decorations to gift ideas and more. If you follow me on Instagram (@ofbeautyand) then you will have seen my unboxing of the box on Saturday. It was probably the largest single box of blogger mail I've ever received and it made for a lovely early Christmas gift!

The hamper contained so many amazing items and one of my favourites is definitely the heart shaped gingerbread cookie that not only looks amazing but it tastes great too. I've wanted a gingerbread heart like this for years as there are so many at the Manchester Christmas markets but I've never bought one. Is there anything more christmassy than gingerbread!
I also received these cute nutcracker decorations that I've already added to our tree. Another item that I love are the copper fairy lights which came at the perfect time because I managed to suck up the fairy lights I've been using for all of my christmas gift guides into the hoover a few days ago so a new set is just what I needed. I'm not usually that clumsy, I promise.

The food items included are also essentials for christmas including a packet of mulled wine spices from Fortnum and Mason which is very fancy and some mince pies. I haven't tried any mince pies before (or at least not that I can remember) so I'm interested to try these this christmas. Christmas isn't Christmas without a few things such as tinsel, fairy lights, gingerbread and of course, baking. I love baking at this time of the year and this kit from BakedIn is perfect - I recently reviewed one of the BakedIn subscription boxes on my blog which you can read if you want some baking inspiration or a foodie gift idea.
The christmas hamper from the lovely people at Jet2 has made me think about the places I want to visit in 2019. I don't think I'll be able to get to that many on my list (my travel wish list is VERY long) but maybe I can get to a couple. The Jet2 catalog that came in the hamper hasn't been helping my need to travel as there are so many amazing deals, the prices of which are so surprising! They shouldn't have included the catalog as I've already gone through and marked a few that I'm interested in...

All of the prices shown in the catalog include return flights, accommodation and 22kg hold baggage which is amazing as you know exactly what you're paying for. There's an amazing offer for a three night stay in a very cute looking hotel in Prague for only £159 per person, which again includes accommodation, flights and baggage. There's also a deal for three nights in Krakow within a historic building that has intrigued me.
As well as Prague and Krakow, there are so many other options to choose from including New York (I'd love to visit New York but it's a little too pricy for me right now sadly), Venice (which I cannot recommend enough), Florence (again I cannot recommend visiting Florence enough) and Paris. I have so many places on my wish list and a few of them are included in the catalog, including Paris which I've only visited in terms of Disneyland Paris and I was six at the time so I barely remember anything!

Earlier this year I paid for myself and a couple of friends to go away to the Lake District for a couple of days and it was such a lovely experience. I'd love to go away again with them in 2019 so I think I'll show them this catalog when we meet up for christmas to see if anything catches their eye...I'm forever tempting people to spend money, it's a bloggers prerogative after all.
Jet2 offer so many amazing short city breaks throughout Europe and it's started to make me very excited for the prospect of travelling with friends and family in the new year, especially because it looks like there are very cheap deals on Jet2.

I'll definitely be sharing some of the items with friends and family this christmas, although the gingerbread heart is mine and I'm not sharing. I'll also be sharing some of the comforting food items with my neighbour who isn't too well this year. Thanks so much to the incredibly lovely people at Jet2 for the amazing christmas hamper!

What do you think of the deals with Jet2? Do you plan on travelling in the new year? 


  1. What a fab hamper of goodies. I love Jet2, so affordable with brilliant service.

  2. This sounds like a great hamper. Those deals sound great too. My travel bucket list is huge too. I'm off to Istanbul in March and I can't wait x


  3. This is so nice of them! You lucky thing. Krakow is top of my list too - and NY one day too

  4. i did one last year and LOVED it! such a good gift too!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  5. omg how amazing is this hamper!! such a great idea for gifts xx

  6. I’ve never thought to look at Jet2 I’ll be honest, but it is definitely one to think of for my next trip x

  7. I love a good city break, they are so refreshing!

    Danielle xx

  8. I have so many places on my to visit list, I'd love to visit Edinburgh!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  9. Wow how generous. I've heard loads of good things about Jet2.


  10. This looks like such a great hamper! I have never booked a break with Jet2 but will keep them in mind, 💜✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie x |

  11. So exciting! I love planning travel plans x

  12. Such a lovely gift! I love a good Christmas hamper.

  13. Bakedin kits are amazing! What a wonderful selection of goodies.

    Roxie |

  14. I would absolutely love if someone bought me any type of travel voucher for Christmas.

  15. I've never looked on Jet2 for holiday's, but I may have to take a look! Prague for £159 each sounds amazing xo

    Char |

  16. What a lovely Christmassy hamper they sent! x

  17. What a cute hamper! This time of the year is perfect for a trip!


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