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Friday, November 23, 2018
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There’s something exciting about having an occasion to wear that expensive ring you’ve kept in your jewellery drawer for fear of losing it, isn’t there? A sense of pride when someone comments on your fancy new necklace, how it perfectly matches your outfit. Yes, for some of us, accessorising our outfit is the best part of putting an outfit together. If we had all the money in the world, what glittering adornments could we afford to flaunt? Well, in this article, we’ve put together an outfit’s worth of the most precious jewellery in the world. Ah, we can dream to wear such things, right? Tell the time in style:

Graff Diamonds’ Hallucination This watch isn’t just studded in diamonds. 
It isn’t adorned with them. The wrist piece is positively doused with coloured diamonds. Pink, orange, blue, the list goes on. The miniature watch-face in the centre of it all is set in a halo of pink diamonds. Graff’s website claim that the watch “takes jewellery watchmaking to a whole new level”. The watch’s conception came from none other than Laurence Graff himself, and is a staggering display of craftsmanship. This watch certainly would give you an excuse to say you’re “fashionably late” — you might get dazzled by the diamonds and lose track of time!

Weight: 110 carats
Worth: $55 million (£41,534,625.00 approx.)

If you put this ring on it, you definitely like it: The Pink Star 
According to The Telegraph, this ring sports an internally flawless rare pink diamond and sold for an eye-watering $71.2 million at auction. The buyer, retailer Chow Tai Fook, now possesses the largest Fancy Vivid Pink diamond of a flawless nature ever graded by the GIA. The auction was run by Sotheby’s, who revealed that the oval cut took around two years to achieve. The Pink Star is also twice as big as another well-known pink diamond, the Graff Pink.

Weight: 59.6 carats
Worth: $72 million (£54,372,600.00 approx.)

Broach-ing the subject of diamonds: Graff Diamonds’ Peacock Broach Graff 
Diamonds certainly knows how to make an elaborate accessory, with a second spot on this lavish list. This $100 million broach is in the shape of a peacock, with a stunning tail displaying white and yellow diamonds. For an added touch of royalty, the body of the peacock is made from an extremely rare fancy blue diamond. Forbes observes that the piece actually has an extra clasp, allowing the lucky owner to wear the broach in two different ways. So it’s functional as well as pretty, in case you were on the fence about buying this one.

Weight: 120 carats
Worth: $100 million (£75,517,500.00 approx.)

A higher cost: The Hope Diamond 
The Hope Diamond is a cushion-shape dark blue diamond that currently adorns a necklace setting, and it is probably the most well-known piece of antique jewellery. In the past, the diamond has been set in a number of ways, from headpieces to pins. The necklace is currently in possession of the Smithsonian Institution, though it has had many owners in the past. The story goes that the gemstone is cursed, hence the high number of owners.

According to the myth, the Hope Diamond’s owners were plagued with bad luck and untimely deaths. MentalFloss explored a number of these owners, the unluckiest being:

  • Jean-Baptiste Tavernier; some stories say the man suffered a fever after stealing the diamond, and that his body became dinner for the wolves. Other stories say he died at 84. 
  • King Louis XVI met his end at the guillotine, aged 38. 
  • Marie Antoinette was also guillotined when she was 37 years old. 
  • Henry Pelham-Clinton, died at the age of 45. 
  • Wilhelm Fals, a Dutch jeweller who handled the diamond, was murdered by his own son. A Greek merchant who possessed the diamond drove his car over a cliff, killing himself and his family. 

Even in the modern day, the carrier who brought the diamond to its current place of residence has been plagued with awful luck. Nancy Pope wrote on the Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum’s blog that the carrier was involved in two accidents that left his leg and head wounded. Then, his wife sadly passed away from a heart attack. After that, his house caught fire, and his dog was strangled on his leash.

Weight: 45.52 carats
Worth: $200-$250 million (£151,035,000.00 - £188,738,750.00 approx.)

Which of these glimmering prize jewels would you want to wear? Well, in the wise words of Coco Chanel, “before leaving the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” Maybe leave The Hope Diamond at home…

Have you heard of any of these famous jewels? 

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  1. That Pink diamond is gorgeous!!

  2. Wow these prices are insane! I don't think I would ever spend that much on one item!

  3. Oh my god these are crazy money! I wish I had money like this haha x

  4. AAAAAND i'm pretty sure I would still loose it lol I'm SO clumsy lol

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  5. Imagine owning something worth so much money? I’d be terrified of losing it x

  6. I'm not really one who cares much about expensive things - especially jewellery - but that pink diamond is really pretty.


  7. I'd be afraid to even wear one of these beautiful pieces!

  8. Oh my goodness! Those prices are eye watering! Absolutely gorgeous pieces though.


  9. I would never want to own anything like that, I would be worried about losing it!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  10. Amazing pieces but I’ll keep dreaming lol

  11. They all sound amazing! and so expensive haha x

    Joyce | http://www.joycelauofficial.com/

  12. Wow! Imagine having that much money?! That pink ring is absolutely gooorgeous xo

    Char | www.charslittleblog.co.uk


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