DegustaBox: September 2018

Tuesday, October 02, 2018
I'm very lucky to receive the amazing products that I do from a range of wonderful PRs and brands and DegustaBox is one of them. I'm a DegustaBox ambassador so I review their boxes each month and every single month, I'm always very happy overall which each box and the September box is no different.

*DegustaBox - September 2018 
The September box has a great range of items this month from sweet treats, healthier snacks and snack bars to alcohol (if you subscribe to that box), hot chocolate and milk, among other items. There are a few products from this months box that I'm extremely excited about and one product that I have actually wanted to try for years!
*Juicy Fuel Cola (£1.50)
Let's start with the four drinks that were included in my box this month. The first is from a brand that has appeared in previous boxes and I know that I love it is, Juicy Fuel Cola. I think the previous flavours were blueberry and cherry, the latter was definitely my favourite but I love this original even more.

*A2 Milk - Long Life Whole Cows' Milk (£1.50)
Another brand that has appeared in a DegustaBox before and that's A2. The difference between A2 milk and 'normal' cows' milk is that A2 milk doesn't contain the naturally occurring A1 protein so it is easier to digest for those with milk intolerances. I personally don't drink cows milk but I know that my grandad really liked the previous bottle.
*Jack Daniel's Tennessee Cider (£2.29)
I had no idea that Jack Daniel's made anything other than whisky and occasional Christmas gifts so this was a surprise! I haven't actually tried Jack Daniel's (although I love the packaging) and I like cider so I will a have to try this.

*Cadbury Oreo Instant Hot Chocolate (£2.99)
Last but not least for the drinks section is my favourite of the four and the one I was very excited to receive in this months box. It combines two of my favourite things, hot drinks and Oreos. I'm not a biscuit person but I do love Oreos so this was the first item I tried! It does take a little biscuity, more so that the original hot chocolate and I think I like it a little more too.
*Yes! Fruit and Nut Bars (£1.20 each)
Now onto the snacks, I love snack bars and I always have at least one in my handbag as well as my car for emergency healthy snacking! I received three of the bars in my box and my favourite of the three is definitely the dark chocolate, sea salt and almond bar as it was very moreish, delicious and has lots of interesting textures too, unlike some snacks bars which are quite mushy.

*Indie Bay Pretzel Bites (99p each)
Indie Bay is a brand that showed up in a box a couple of months ago and I'm glad that it has reappeared because I love pretzels! I received the BBQ flavour (which I liked) but you could have received the cheesy ones which I would have preferred; however I'd definitely recommend both the snack bars and pretzel bites.

*Choc Chick Cacao Nibbles (£1.85)
There are so many sweet treats within this box, I'm not complaining though because this time of the year and halloween are perfect excuses to treat yourself a little. I have wanted to try cacao nibs for a while as they are a superfood that's apparently delicious but sadly I'm not a fan as they were quite waxy and bitter.
*Reece's Peanut Butter Cups (89p each)
My favourite sweet treat from this September box is definitely the Reece's peanut butter cups which I love! I adore peanut butter and chocolate, it makes the best combination and reminds me instantly of halloween for some reason. These peanut butter cups didn't last long at all and I'd love to see more American brands in these boxes!

*Jules Destrooper Butter Crisps (£1.80)
Last month I visited the incredibly beautiful country of Belgium, Ghent to be precise, so it's very nice to see a Belgian brand. The 'crisps' contain butter, sugar, eggs and flour to make a very delicious and dangerously moreish snack - the entire box can empty very quickly, without you knowing anything about it...

*Mallow & Marsh Raspberry Marshmallows 
The final sweet treat isn't listed on the leaflet included with the box but it looks delicious. It is raspberry marshmallows that are covered in 70% dark chocolate. If they were suitable for vegetarians then I would absolutely devour them but sadly they aren't; however I know so many of my friends who'd love them.
*Dr. Karg's Organic Wholegrain Tomato and Mozzarella Snack (£1.60)
The penultimate product is another snack but this time it is a savoury cracker-type snack that has a tomato and mozzarella flavour. They are very crunchy and apparently they're baked and fibre rich so they are healthy snacks too which is always good! I think they'd be great with various dips for the upcoming festive season.

*Good Hemp - Hemp Seed Hearts (£3.99)
The final and most expensive item is the one I've wanted to try for a couple of years but I keep putting off buying them, hemp hearts. I follow the Hot For Food vegan Youtube channel and Lauren always uses hemp hearts in sauces, dips and smoothies to make them creamer while adding nutrition and protein so I cannot wait to try these.

Don't forget to use the code: KVAA2 to get your first box for only £7.99!

What do you think of the September box? Have you tried any of these products? 


  1. Need to get my hands on that oreo hot chocolate x

  2. This box is great idea to try new products. I keep meaning to subscribe x

  3. They put a great variety in these boxes.

  4. Okay I need the hot chocolate & marshmallows in my life immediately.

  5. Such a lovely box my darling! Indie Bay do lovely snacks!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  6. Ooh the Oreo Hot Chocolate and the Marshmallows sound amazing! I need one of these boxes xo

    Char |

  7. YES YES YES! I need to start getting a food box delivered!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  8. There is always a few products in these boxes which catch my eye x

  9. Aaaaahhh I need that instant hot chocolate!

  10. This box looks so good, great idea! 💗

    With love, Alisha Valerie x

  11. I think I might have to try some of that Jack Daniels Cider! x

  12. These boxes always make me leaving your blog hungry!

    Gemma Louise

  13. Oreo hot chocolate! Sign me up!

  14. im intrigued by the jack Daniels cider


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