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Saturday, September 15, 2018
I stopped writing favourites posts for a couple of years but I've started monthly favourites again and I'm loving them! It's always nice to write about products I've been loving and the past couple of months have been great for new and exciting products. Today's post is all about the lifestyle items I've been using and loving throughout August and so far in September including supplements, exercise leggings, homeware, accessories and an amazing audiobook subscription service.

*Suck UK Book Rest Lamp from Red Candy (£32)
Let's start with my most recent favourite which you will have been on my Instagram Stories (I'm @ofbeautyand) earlier this week - follow me on Instagram to see all of my blogger mail and unboxings. Usually I wouldn't include an item that I've only had for such a short period of time but I love this lamp! I'm a huge bookworm and I always have a few books on the go so this lamp is absolutely perfect for me. It is such a cute little house shaped lamp that is the perfect size for a book rest while still providing enough light to read by or just as a warm toned bedside lamp. I will be including it in my upcoming early christmas gift guide so stay tuned for those posts!
*BookBeat Audiobook Subscription Service & App 
If you have been following my blog over the past year or so then you'll have already seen me rave about BookBeat which is a audiobook subscription service that allows you to listen to as many audiobooks in one month as you want - rather than paying per audiobook which makes it much cheaper and easier than other audiobook subscriptions out there. The app is so easy to use, the service itself is clear and simple and the range of audiobooks is fantastic. If you want to know about the books and audiobooks I'm currently listening to then follow me on Instagram (@ofbeautyand) and GoodReads. Use my link to get a one month trial for free!

*XLS Nutrition Shake - Chocolate (£19.99)
Next up is something I wouldn't pick up for myself but I was very kindly it sent it to review and I was pleasantly surprised by it. It's a vegetarian friendly, gluten free and non-GMO meal replacement shake which I've been using on and off since I came back from holiday. I only use it as a lunch or breakfast meal replacement shake, I couldn't use it to replace a bigger meal as I just love food but it works well as a filling, sweet and easy to prepare meal replacement shake. It has a lot of protein per serving which is fantastic for me as a vegetarian to make sure I'm getting enough protein per day.

I do like the chocolate flavour but you really have to make sure that you blend or shake it very well (I mix it with almond milk), otherwise it will taste very powdery, thick and awful - I recommend buying a specific shake bottle or maybe adding it to a blender such as a Nutribullet. If it sounds like something you'd want to try then give it a go!
*The Haze Shop Cloud Design Tote (£47.99)
I've been a vegetarian for over half of my life but I've also been on/off vegan for around four years and thankfully this adorable, autumnal tote bag from The Haze Shop is vegan friendly! It's made of neoprene, it's a perfect everyday size and it features a cute cloud print design (I think it is a little bit Aladdin-esque). I have quite a few bags but I don't have any with this tote or bucket bag style and I love it as it looks quite unique, it is able to store a fairly large amount within it without looking too bulky and it is very easy to get in/out of unlike some of my other bags.

I've been using it since I received it last week and I'm really liking it for this upcoming autumn season and it goes with so many of my casual outfits - black jeans, black heeled ankle boots and a cosy jumper (the one I'm wearing above is from H&M). The length of the strap is perfect for me which is unusual as typically I have to shorten the strap and it is very comfortable to wear. The only negative I have is the large metal feature on the front but other than that, I love it and I'd definitely recommend it. They currently offer free shipping and 10% off with the code: BACK2SCHOOL.
*Hunkemoller HKMX Branded Capri Sports Leggings (£25)
The final wearable item in todays favourites post is from one of my favourite loungewear, sportswear and lingerie brands, Hunkemoller. They have a fantastic range of sportswear from sports bras, accessories, tops and leggings - I really want to try their sports bras and the Xenia collection looks amazing! I was very kindly sent a pair of their sports leggings and I've been wearing them so much while using my at home cross-trainer recently as they are not only practical but they're so comfortable, the perfect length for me and the design is very simple. I also like that they are very opaque so they don't show any underwear and they are made of a cotton material so they're very soft. I have them in a size 'small' and they fit absolutely perfectly (I'm a UK 8 for reference) and I cannot recommend them enough!
*Bomb Cosmetics Cotton Fields Candle (£15.99)
Now onto a brand that I'm lucky enough to be an ambassador of sorts for, Bomb Cosmetics. I tried one of their christmas candles last year and adored it so I was very excited to try another. I love a range of candle scents from food, spicy and musky scents to fresh and clean scents - this one fits into the latter and it's gorgeous. I love the unique 'jelly' style of this candle! It contains patchouli and vetiver essential oils so it smells amazing, fresh and clean. I love this candle and I'd definitely recommend it along with their magical, glittery and adorable Christmas gifts which have just been released.

*Utmost Me Neurorest Supplements (£24)
Last but not least is a product, along with the Feather and Down Pillow Mist, that has been helping me drift off to sleep recently. It's another product that I've been using since I got back from holiday at the very beginning of the month. The supplements are a natural sleep aid and anxiety reliever containing lots of fruit extracts, magnesium, biotin, chamomile and more. It is a natural product, it's vegetarian and vegan friendly, gluten free and GMO free which is fantastic.

A lot of supplements tend to contain fish oil, collagen or something similar so they aren't vegetarian so I'm glad that these ones contain whole food and plant extracts. You can take one or two per night but I only take one as they are quite large tablets, in my opinion and I do struggle to take them, if I'm honest. I feel as though they have been helping, especially when combined with Lush bubble baths and the heavenly Feather and Down pillow mist which is another favourite of mine. I would recommend them if you are struggling with sleep or anxiety as a more natural option to try.

*Cicioni Almond and Cashew Vegan Cheese (£8.49)
Lastly, Cicioni have create a cashew and almond based cheese alternative that is organic, suitable for vegans and is lactose, gluten and dairy free. It is also free from additives, sugar and preservatives. Additionally, it is made using only four ingredients! I love the packaging and the ethos of the brand as well as the minimal ingredients. It is unlike any vegan cheese alternative I've tried which at first I really wasn't sure if I liked but it is definitely better when used as part of a dish rather than on it's own or as I've used it above. I think, for me, the best way to use it is by crumbling a little onto salad as on it's own, it's a bit too much. Overall, if you're interested in it then give it a go!

Have you tried any of these products? What are your favourite lifestyle products of the moment? 


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  10. I love a good sleeping midst and that bag is just gorgeous! :)
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  11. I absolutely adore that bag! It is gorgeous!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  12. Ooh the Bomb Cosmetics Candle sounds like it smells delicious!xo

    Char |

  13. I love the bag you've featured in this post! Definitely my sort of style :)


  14. These all look like really amazing items!! Definitely going to check a couple of them out x

  15. I have been trying to eat a bit healthier recently, so the supplements will definitel do it for me!

  16. The cotton candle sounds so nice! x

  17. The candle looks amazing, I really should pick one up from Bomb cosmetics as I always hear lovely things!

    Jodie //

  18. I love Bomb Cosmetics. There is a little stand in my local shopping mall that has a selection of products to use x

  19. The bomb cosmetics candle looks amazing x

  20. I love your bag so much! It is so so cute!

    Erin || MakeErinOver


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