DegustaBox: July 2018

Sunday, August 05, 2018
I love the last week or so of the month because it means that I receive my monthly DegustaBox which I absolutely love receiving because it always contains so many amazing snacks, drinks and cooking ingredients. I more often than not receive item(s) that I'm very happy with and would purchase. You can get your first box for only £7.99, which is amazing value, by using the code: KVAA2 at the checkout!

*DegustaBox - July 2018 
I'm a little late with this review as usually I post is within  day or two of receiving the box but July has been a very busy month with car shopping, holiday planning and a plethora of sponsored posts to publish (which I'm incredibly grateful for). The July box is based around picnic, beach and road trip snacking on the whole along with a couple of items that would be great for a BBQ or summer party. Within each box you always receive between 10 to 15 items and it's a surprise each time - that's one of the main things I love about subscription boxes.
*Ribena Sparkling (£2.70 each)
Let's start with a nostalgic item for me and that's the new Ribena drinks! Ribena is a brand I've loved since childhood so I was interested to try out their new sparkling drinks in the blackcurrant and pineapple & passionfruit flavours. I love the original blackcurrant flavour of Ribena so naturally that's my favourite of the two but the pineapple and passionfruit flavour is very delicious and perfect for summer.

*Cadbury Highlights Milk Chocolate (£2.99)
Next up is an item I'm very excited for as it's making me wish it was autumn - hot chocolate. This new and lighter way to enjoy hot chocolate may not be ideal for the current humid heatwave we've been having in the UK but it will be perfect for chilly autumn days which I CANNOT wait for! I'm forever wishing that it was autumn, particularly during this heatwave.
*Heinz Salad Cream (£1.49)
As I mentioned previously, there are a couple of items in this box that would be perfect BBQ additions and this is one of them. While I am definitely not a fan of salad cream but I know that a lot of people are and it's apparently one of Britain's best loved sauces!

*Rosie's Pig Flat Tyre (£2) 
This is a brand that was included in the June DegustaBox which you can read, if you want, and I mentioned then that I loved the unique packaging and that is the same for this flavour. You will only receive this product if you opted for the alcohol version of the DegustaBox. I love the flavour, it's very tart, fresh and fruity which is great for summer.

*Pulsin Salted Caramel Raw Choc Brownie (£1.59)
I received a product from this brand in a previous box but I can't remember which one and to be honest I wasn't a fan of that flavour but this one was very moreish! I love salted caramel as a flavour and this one was so nice - I think it will be a hit with so many people. I am looking out for calories and these are very calorie dense for what they are so I have to split it over two days but it's so yummy!
*Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles (£1.29)
Next up is sadly an item that I can't eat as it contains gelatine (boo!) but I did used to love these sweets growing up when I wasn't a vegetarian. This option contains 30% less sugar which is great although considering it contains isn't free from disgusting ingredients.

*Capsicana Brazilian Smoked Paprika & Spices Seasoning Mix (£1)
The next two are the products of the month from Degusta. This brand has been featured in DegustaBox boxes previously and I enjoyed those products so I'm interested to try these too. As always I love the fun, colourful packaging! The seasoning mix can be used on meat but obviously I'll be adding it to veggies before putting them in the oven.

*Capsicana Mexican Guacamole Mix (65p each)
Both of these products are going to be launching in Sainsburys stores this month and that's one of the things I love about these boxes - they usually include one or two items that are brand new! The guacamole mix just needs avocado adding to it for a perfect dip. It's more than a little spicy for me but I think most people would love this!
*London Flavours Crisps (95p each)
Some of my favourite items from box, naturally they are savoury crisps. I have the cheddar and red onion flavour and the lightly salted flavour, both of which I love. The cheddar and red onion is my favourite of the two and even though they are very high in calories, I would buy them in the future.

*Peckish Cheese Trays (£1.59)
I received the BBQ flavour of the Peckish rice crackers/crisps in last months box and I loved them as they were very moreish so I was glad to find a tray of the cheese flavour in the July box. As with the BBQ flavour these are very moreish and a great lighter snack. They are baked not fried so they're healthier and they are under 100 calories per portion.
*Percol Iced Coffees (£1.50 each)
The penultimate item is another of my favourites as it is coffee! I adore coffee, it's something I drink every single day so I'm always happy to try more. There are two flavours and I received the protein latte option which contains 18g of protein. They are also fair-trade and organic. The coffee is ideal for the heatwave we've been having, it's very delicious and very rich/creamy.

*Miso Tasty Mugi Barley Miso Soup (£3.75)
Lastly, is an item I haven't tried yet but miso is something I've wanted to try for a while. The soup mix contains fermented barley, soybeans and mungbeans which if I'm honest, it doesn't sound very appealing but I definitely want to try this soup.

Don't forget to use the code KVAA2 which means that you can get a box for only £7.99 which is great value for money!

Have you tried any of these products? Will you be checking out DegustaBox? 


  1. That Ribena looks AMAZING! So good! I need to sign up for these boxes they look so good!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  2. Everymonth it’s makes me hungry haha. What a great selection of food and drinks x

  3. That sparkling ribena looks so delicious!! Love the sound of the iced coffees too.

    Lucy |

  4. Oo I've never tried an ice coffee before but have been wanting ALL summer.

  5. This has been one of the best boxes I’ve seen for a while x

  6. 7.99 is a great price for it. I love how it's a surprise with what you get each time the box arrives. It's certainly a fun subscription box! I think the Ribena looks delicious and really refreshing, especially during the hot weather that we have been having. I do like fruit pastilles too!

  7. I love fruit pastilles. Looks like a great box.


  8. Ooh so many good things in here! Making me hungry x

  9. That raw brownie sounds so good! Xx

  10. I'm always tempted by these boxes they seem to always have a great selection x

  11. This box looks fab! Subscription boxes and food are my favourite two things! xx

    Brooke |

  12. I like the idea of a box like this but there are a lot of items in this one I wouldn't eat. This makes me cautious about subscriptions.

  13. Ooh the Ribena sounds so good and I really wanna get the reduced sugar fruit pastels.

  14. That ice coffee sounds interesting! Xx

  15. This box seems incredible! You really get so many products! xxx

  16. I'm so hungry and want everything! I think I'm going to order myself one of these super yummy boxes at the end of this month xo

    Char |

  17. This sounds like such a yummy box!!


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