Cancer Care Deluxe Parcel

Sunday, August 12, 2018
Last year I was lucky enough to receive and review one of the very thoughtful Cancer Care Parcel boxes and I'm lucky to receive another. Cancer Care Parcel was set up by Dr Shara Cohen to bring calm into the lives of those suffering with cancer. In 2017 they won the Live Better With spotlight award for the best mind and brain product which is fantastic!

*Cancer Care Parcel - Luxurious Women's Cancer Gift (£149.99)
The cancer care gift set that I received was the luxurious gift set which is the most expensive set on their site but it is packed full of items from beauty products, stationery, toiletries and more practical lifestyle items including a cool food bag, light, throw, earphones and more. There are so many boxes to choose from, all of which are great value for money considering the quality and number of items in the boxes.
Let's start with the beauty products included in the box! There are various products including a Body Shop hand cream, Body Shop vitamin E facial cream, Brazilian mud clay mask, Vaseline lip therapy and a gel eye mask. There are a great range of everyday and pamper products in the box and I am very happy with all of them, especially the lovely Body Shop hand and nail cream.

I think all of the beauty items would be fantastic for anyone who has to have a longer stay in hospital as they're great sizes, good brands and I think using beauty products, for me at least, give a sense of normality to the day. Treatments could also potentially dry out your skin so keeping it moisturised is ideal and Body Shop products are fantastic. All of the products in the boxes have been chosen to be suitable for any treatment.
Home & Lifestyle 
There are also a few lifestyle and home items including an adorable battery operated bedside light in the shape of a bottle. When I opened it, I didn't know it would look so pretty when it's lit up! It is battery powdered and the batteries are supplied so it would make a lovely little light for any bedside. There is another small USB powdered light within the box too.

A few useful item is a super soft neck cushion with would be perfect for a hospital stay or travelling as it is very soft, comfy and provides a lot of support. Along with the water bottle, both would be the ideal travelling duo. Earphones are always useful and would be perfect if you have a longer wait in hospital or long journey.
There are a few health related items including E45 cream which is something I've used previously for eczema as well as a digital thermometer, tissues, hand sanitiser (perfect for hospital visits, although some have hand sanitiser dispensers in corridors) and the Sea-Band anti-nausea wrist band. The latter would be ideal for those suffering with certain illness or cancer as some treatments can cause nausea - it may also be useful for car/sea sickness.
Food, Tea & Extras
Next up are a few food and drink items as well as a few extras! I love herbal tea and thankfully there are a couple of packets of tea within the box including my favourite of the two, peppermint herbal tea and the second is a large tin of chocolate and ginger tea which is a Great Taste Award winner (2016). The chocolate and ginger tea doesn't sound like something I'd love but I know it would be a hit with so many others.

There's also a very cute woven cool food bag which would make the perfect lunch bag or for medicines - either on the go or for a hospital stay. I love the design of this lunch bag! Lastly for the food and drink related items is a plastic, eco friendly BPA free water bottle. This year I've switched from using disposable plastic bottles to re-useable bottles which is much better for the environment.
Tech & Activities 
I imagine waiting in hospital can be very stressful so they've included a colouring book and pencils within the box which are apparently very good stress relievers but I personally don't have the patience for them. It would be great to use with the super soft throw, neck cushion and peppermint tea!

A battery operated beside light is included as well as a UBS light (I think maybe a clip on, battery operated book light might have been a good idea instead) and a Powerseed portable power bank. I never used power banks but they are so handy to have, so long as you remember to charge them.
Overall, I absolutely loved the parcel, I think there's such a great range of items from soothing herbal tea, calming activities and essentials such as skincare to more health related items, homeware items and products to help you feel comfortable either at home, while travelling or during a hospital stay.

The idea was created by Dr Shana Cohen as she was diagnosed with breast cancer so she knows the products that would be best for someone with cancer and having to deal with hospital stays, treatments and more. I think the idea is wonderful and there's something for everyone with a wide range of products. It's such a thoughtful gift to give and I cannot recommend it enough.
I have had numerous people within my family as well as family friends who have had to deal with cancer treatments, appointments and who have sadly passed away as a result of cancer, such as my dads parents. As a child I did experience, minimally, my grandads struggles with prostate cancer, among other things, which was difficult to deal with but I think if I'd have been the age I am now, I would have bought a parcel like this for him as it shows that you care but it's more practical and useful than flowers, chocolates or cards.

What do you think of the Cancer Care Parcels? 


  1. This is such a thoughtful gift and such a lovely concept. So beautiful

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  2. I hadn't heard of these but it is a lovely thoughtful idea. All the things inside are certainly very useful. Your photos are fantastic too.

  3. This sounds like a good idea. We recently got some bad news and my grandad would love something like this.

    Roxie |

  4. This is such a lovely idea and I’ve got two friends who have different forms of cancer right now x

  5. What a lovely idea! It’s full of some really great products.

  6. Well this is lovely! Such a nice idea x

  7. That is such a lovely idea for a parcel!
    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  8. This is such a lovely idea and box x

  9. This is a really beautiful idea. xxx

  10. This is a really thoughtful box full of things I can imagine would come in really handy for side effects etc.


  11. I'd never heard of this but what an amazing idea! x

  12. This is an amazing idea, I have never heard of it before x

  13. This is the most amazing idea and would be such a thoughtful gift x

    Gemma Louise

  14. This is such a lovely idea for a box! Everything inside the box sounds great too xo

    Char |

  15. What a wonderful box! I’m using that Vaseline lip care now!! I love it!

  16. I'm a little confused at this concept - do they give proceeds back to charity research or anything like that? Seems quite pricey x


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