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Monday, July 30, 2018
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Going overseas to hold your wedding is a very popular option for couples-to-be. There is something romantic about having a beach wedding where the weather can be guaranteed, and many couples like the idea of combining both their wedding ceremony and their honeymoon all in one tidy package.

Having your overseas wedding professionally filmed by an experienced wedding videographer will also help you to record your special day and capture the true feelings and emotions of the day in glorious colour and high quality sound. It is the perfect way to capture all the sights and sounds of your big day so you can relive every moment over again for years to come.

Professional wedding videographers are quite used to shooting wedding abroad, so will be happy to accommodate your needs. They will need to fly out in advance of your wedding to check out your wedding venue, so you can expect to have extra charges added on top of their regular prices to cover their flights and accommodation.

Tips For Booking Your Overseas Wedding 
Usually, a wedding videographer will only need to stay over for one or two nights at most and will travel back home after they have finished filming your wedding. However, you can help them out by doing some research of your own about the area you will be filming in, unless you have been there before and are pretty knowledgeable about the area.

Booking your flights early can also save you some money in the long run. Flight prices to tend to increase, so booking them as early as possible could work out cheaper, plus you will be able to factor in these costs into your budget as you will know exactly how much you have paid.

Check your baggage allowance – most airlines have a limit about how much baggage you can take with you and also what you are allowed to carry. Also, make sure that any precious or fragile items you will need to take out with you is securely packed in your hand luggage. The way that most hold luggage is handled and thrown about is quite eye-opening. The last thing you want is to discover on arrival that delicate items have been broken or smashed, such as the bridesmaids tiaras for example.

Videographer considerations
Remember that your wedding videographer will be carrying some very fragile and expensive equipment with them. Consider this when budgeting for flights that restrict carry-on baggage. Most videographers will carry such tools as a tripod, slider and glide cam. An experienced videographer will know how to carefully pack their equipment because some of it will need to go into the oversized baggage, but their camera and sound equipment is precious, so they will want to include them in their hand-luggage allowance.

Car Hire For Your Videographer
Unless you are planning to get married on an all-inclusive resort where your accommodation is very close to where your wedding ceremony will take place, your wedding videographer will need to have some sort of transport to carry their camera equipment around, which can be very heavy and bulky. Consider factoring in extra expenses such as a hire car that will allow your videographer to carry their equipment to and from your wedding venue.

This is also an important consideration should you plan to have the bride and groom preparation held in separate places. Travelling between two different venues to capture footage of your wedding preparations as well as travelling to your ceremony venue can take some planning and equipment coordination. A hire car may seem like an inconvenient added expense, but it may well work out much cheaper than relying on a taxi service that could end up costing a lot more than the price of a hire car.

Would you choose an overseas wedding? 

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  1. I don't think I would have an overseas wedding because many people I would want at my wedding wouldn't be able to make it.

  2. I think if I were to get married it would definitely be overseas! I would love it!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  3. I got married abroad and found the whole planning part totally stress free x

  4. That cake firstly! I think we would get married in South Africa, as there are too many people who arent able to travel overseas for health reasons.

  5. I loved getting married in the UK with family x

  6. I would only have an overseas wedding if it was super small.


  7. I want to get married in a very specific church, so no overseas wedding for me ! However, a lot of people do have them now and they’re really fun to attend !
    Robyn | www.butterfly-culture.com

  8. I'd love to get married abroad, but I'd be gutted if everyone couldn't attend! xx

    Brooke | www.brookeclarke.com

  9. I'm a wedding videographer myself but I've not done a destination wedding yet! There's a lot to think about logistically. I have attended a wedding in Santorini and it was the most beautiful setting!

    Hanh | hanhabelle

  10. I wish I had hired a videographer for my wedding for sure!

    Roxie | thebeautifulbluebird.com

  11. I'm actually quite glad I didn't have a videographer, they were just so expensive and I got an extra photographer instead!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  12. I would love an overseas wedding, but I'd miss those who couldn't make it! xxx

  13. an over seas wedding sounds like it would be so gorgeous!

  14. A wedding abroad would be lovely, at least you could guarantee the weather.


  15. I got married here in the UK and wouldn't change it for the world! x

  16. An overseas wedding does look dreamy but sounds too complex for me I think! I'll definitely be having a videographer at my wedding xo

    Char | www.charslittleblog.co.uk

  17. I've been thinking about destination weddings recently


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