Festival Beauty Picks ft. Joico + Osmo

Saturday, June 30, 2018
With summer here and festival season approaching, today's post is all about the festival and general summer beauty products that would be perfect for the season. I was very kindly sent a range of gorgeous festival essentials from Joico (surprise blogger mail always makes my day, thanks!) as well as products from Osmo, Nanogen, Twist & Spritz and Rubis Switzerland.

*Joico Instatint Temporary Hair Colour (£5.05 each)
I've tried these temporary hair colour sprays from Joico previously and loved them so I'm glad I have more in other colours. They are so quick and easy to use, if a touch messy and they have great pigmentation on blonde hair - I used them on my dip dyed blonde ends last year. They are great for festivals are they are only temporary and they wash out in just one wash. If you're looking for temporary hair colour for an upcoming festival then look no further. The colours butters would also be amazing as they're the best semi-permanent hair dyes I've ever tried!
*Joico Moisture Recovery Trio Travel Set (£12.30)
Minis and sample sizes are ideal for summer holidays, weekend breaks and festivals and Joico have a fantastic travel set that is ideal for dry hair types, as mine is. The set contains the fantastic moisture recovery shampoo, conditioner and the liquid to powder texturizing finisher, all of which are decent 50ml sizes.

I've tried the moisture recovery range from Joico a while ago and loved the range so I know this set would be great for an upcoming weekend away. My hair is perpetually dry, apart from the roots so this range is ideal for me. I haven't tried the texturing finisher yet but it definitely sounds intriguing!
As far as I knew, Joico was only a haircare brand but they do seem to have a couple of makeup and beauty items in their range too although I don't think that they can be bought individually. The nail polish can be purchased as part of the Joico Moisture Recovery and Nail Varnish Bundle if you're interested. Additionally they have a lip butter in the range and I have the raspberry flavour; it seems to be a dupe of the EOS balms and it's pretty good! I need a lip balm all year round especially in winter but it's also important to use the during the summer too. Thanks so much to the lovely people at Joico and AJC PR for the amazing festival bundle!
*Rosehip Plus Organic Cold Pressed Rosehip Oil (£25, 30ml)
We all know the benefits of coconut oil but what about rosehip oil, it's grown in the Andes mountains in Chile and extracted without using heat or chemicals so it guarantees the purity and quality of the oil. It contains antioxidants, beta-carotene, vitamins (A, C and E) as well a omega 3, 6 and 9. It can be used to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, soften and moisturise the skin, minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve the appearance of dry and sensitive skin so it's a great all rounder.

The oil would be great as a face and body oil in once, so you don't have to take two products, it would also be great as a cuticle oil, stretch mark treatment and to drier areas of the body such as knees and elbows. I think it's a great, natural multi-use product that is also suitable for vegans and cruelty free!
*Twist & Spritz Refillable Perfume Atomizer (£10)
Now onto one of my favourite items from this post as it's something that I have in my handbag most of the time as it's an atomiser. I love to take my fragrances on the go with me and the only travel friendly way to do that is to either use fragrance samples or to use a perfume atomiser. Fragrance atomisers are so incredibly handy, very easy to use and they are travel friendly so they'd be ideal to keep in your handbag, suitcase, backpack or in your work desk for easy, discreet fragrance touch ups throughout the day.

I have the black version but I was also sent a glittery pink option a while ago and that's the one that has been most constantly in my handbag. I've used it for so long that I would definitely purchase one in the future if mine ever broke as it's just very handy! You don't have to worry about having a huge glass perfume bottle in your bag or that it will leak. There are so many colour options and styles to choose from and I think they'd be a handbag essential for so many, especially during the summer and festival season.
*Rubis Switzerland Tweezers (£32)
Next up is another long term favourite and essential for me as it's the amazing Rubis Tweezers! I have the gorgeous rose gold version that I've been using for months. Now I have the equally as pretty silver version. Rubis Switzerland is a luxury brand, hence the price and it definitely shows in the product too as they're quite heavy and incredibly well made. They are very durable, sturdy and some of the most effective tweezers I've ever used. Tweezers are such a ordinary daily essential but so many pairs are just ineffective and flimsy; however these are fantastic and I cannot recommend them enough - I know they're a little pricy but honestly, they're worth every penny particularly considering how often they're used.
*Crazy Colour Semi-Permanent Hair Colour Cream - Neon UV Reactive Shades
Last spring I tested out a couple of pinky shades from Crazy Colour and I loved the pink one so I was excited when these new shades arrived from Crazy Colour (surprise blogger mail is the best!). I was kindly sent four but sadly the pretty green shade exploded in transit! Crazy Colour dyes are incredibly quick and easy to apply to bleached ends, as I had, and they're temporary so they only last between one and three washes or at least, that's how long they lasted in my hair. They are very inexpensive and perfect for festivals!
*Nanogen Root Boost Hair Thickening Spray - Sun Damage Protection (£12.95)
Now onto a few more haircare items, the first being a root boosting spray that thickens, lifts and helps to minimise colour fading and the signs of sun damage. Nanogen is a brand that I've heard great things about but it isn't a brand I've tried much from; their original root boosting spray doesn't contain sun protection but this new edition does so it's wonderful for the summer months as it isn't just your skin that needs sun protection. I love the packaging for this spray, it's so photogenic!

The spray is heat activated and claims to add instant thickness and volume while containing keratin and niacinamide to help care for your scalp. It definitely does help to boost volume which is something my very thick, very long hair doesn't have often so I'll definitely be using this throughout the summer months, especially because of the added sun protection.
*Osmo Intensive Deep Repair Mask
Speaking of looking after your hair, hair masks should be year round essentials but I am guilty of forgetting to use them especially during the summer. The Osmo mask is a nourishing treatment for severely damaged hair: mine thankfully isn't very damaged but I have been dying it for years and I do occasionally use heat on my hair so a deep treatment every so often is definitely needed. The mask, admittedly, doesn't have the nicest scent but it is very effective. It would be a perfect post-festival or post-holiday treatment!

*Osmo Matt Salt Spray Mattifying Texturizer 
Beachy summer hair is the most effortless option for a festival and to help create that there's nothing better than a salt spray! I've tried a couple of them years ago but this one seems to be the least crunchy and heavy. I have very long hair so it isn't the most ideal length for something like this but it does add some texture and definition to the ends of my hair.

*Osmo Blinding Shine Illuminating Finisher 
Last but not least is a great finishing spray for shiny, healthy looking hair. I'm loving the packaging of all the Osmo products I was kindly sent recently! The shine spray contains moringa oil to nourish the hair and add a high gloss shine for a vibrant, sleek finish. As with the mask, it doesn't have the most pleasant scent but it leaves my hair looking so shiny and healthy, without being greasy!

Have you tried any of these products? What are your summer or festival beauty essentials? 


  1. I'd love to try that lip balm as my lips are so dry right now x

  2. I’m a huge fan of anything travel sized I have a hoarding of travel sized products lol

  3. I really like joico products. Never knew they did beauty too! X

  4. I always find that going to a festival is such a task because you really have to pack and plan for every single eventuality!

    Danielle xx

  5. I love that Joico Shampoo and Conditioner .

  6. I was sent some of these products last month too. The tweezers are so good.


  7. So many lovely products! I love the sound of the root booster :)
    Sammy etc xx

  8. I've never heard of this brand before, definitely going to look into them!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  9. The little instant hair colours are perfect for festivals! I wish I had blonder hair so I could use them! Xx

  10. Now this is a lot of amazing products, most of which I’ve never tried x

  11. I never heard of this brand before but they look really cool.

  12. I haven't tried any of these products but they sound amazing - particularly the Nanogen Root Boost Hair Thickening Spray!

  13. I love the idea of travelling with your own handbag friendly atomiser.

  14. I’ve not heard of this brand but I love the sound of the moisturising trio set.


  15. Some really fab products and lovely pics x

  16. I cant believe I have never heard of these brands but they sound amazing!!

  17. The thickening spray sounds like it would be amazing for my fine hair!

    Gemma Louise

  18. I need to get one of those little atomizers for holiday!!
    Chantelle x
    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  19. Ooh so many good picks here! x

  20. love the sound of the root booster

  21. I really need to start taking better care of my hair and this post has really reminded me of that.

    Faye Jessica | fayejessica.co.uk

  22. I have the Pai Rosehip Oil and love it! The shade of that nail polish looks lovely xo

    Char | www.charslittleblog.co.uk

  23. Rubis tweezers are my fav ever! They definitely beat tweezerman when it comes to their quality x


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