Early Father's Day Gift Guide 2018

Tuesday, May 01, 2018
If you know me, then you'll know that I love to be very organised and I love to plan so whenever there is something coming up that I need to buy for, I'll have the gifts months in advance! The next big gift buying occasions coming up for me include a wedding and Father's Day, the latter is on the 17th June in the UK. So todays post is an early gift guide featuring gifts that I think would make great presents for birthdays or Father's Day!

*Personalised Family Timeline Light Box (£39.99)
I love all of the gifts in today's post but I think one of my favourites has to be this stunning and very unique light box! It features a personalised timeline of various events of your choosing presented in a linear timeline with dates and a description of the marked occasions, for example, a wedding, birthday, holiday, milestone, promotion or birth.
I was very kindly sent mine from the wonderful people over at Find Me A Gift and I chose the Royal colour option which is a combination of beige, grey, blue and green tones but there are various others to choose from - I was torn between Royal and Metallic, both of which are gorgeous. I chose this option as the colours match so well with our living room with a hint of colour in the form of the blue and green.

The timeline light box has the appearance of a photo frame, albeit a very thick one but when you plug it in via the usb cable provided, it lights up! The illumination is fairly subtle but it makes all of the text and dates stand out and it makes it much more of a unique homeware item and gift. I haven't really seen anything like this before, especially with the level of personalisation it has. I chose to add the dates for my parents wedding, mine and my sisters birthdays, our first cruise, graduation dates and my dads upcoming retirement which I think he'll love!
When it comes to buying any gift for my dad, I'm always stuck for what to get that isn't aftershave, toiletries or food as he is definitely a little picky especially when it comes to clothing and shoes but thankfully the lovely people at Dobell have the answer with a range of fantastic formal wear, shoes and accessories to choose from as well as suits, wedding attire, tuxedos and gifts.

*Dobel Black Leather Oxford Shoes (£49.99)
One item that I know my dad won't be too picky with is shoes (thankfully) and Dobell have a great range of mens shoes, particularly formal shoes. I opted for the black leather Oxford shoes for my dad as they're similar to a couple of pairs he owns for formal occasions and I know he'll like them! There are a few designs similar to these on their website in addition to a wide range of colourful dress shoes loafers, brogues and casual options.
I picked the UK size 7 which isn't currently available on their site as I'm writing this post (1/05/2018) but hopefully they'll be back in stock soon. My dad was very pleased with them (which is impressive considering how annoyingly picky he can be about clothing, accessories and shoes) and the size 7 fits really well. They'd be great for work or any more formal occasion - I think he'd take them on holiday as cruises usually have at least one formal night on the ship where everyone gets dressed up! I'd definitely recommend checking out the Dobell site if you're looking for a gift option or formalwear for the men in your life!
I love to buy homeware, either for myself or for others but that usually consists of candles; however for a more unique homeware gift, Ginger Snap have the perfect solution. I've been lucky enough to work with them on a previous gift guide (Valentines Day Gift Guide) featuring their cute letterboards but they also make a range of gorgeous lamps!

*Mini Star Lamp from Ginger Snap (£22)
I was very kindly sent two, one of which will be featured in my upcoming wedding gift guide which should be live in the next two weeks so stay tuned but the lamp in today's post is this gorgeous star design! The star light is white and the base is rose gold (the cable is also rose gold) so it's a very blogger item so naturally I love it.
The lamp is a great size and it can be either plugged into the mains or computer via a usb cable or you can use four AAA batteries but I found the latter to be a little temperamental (maybe my batteries weren't as new as I though they were) as the lamp flicked slightly. I love the star design, it looks so cute on my bookshelves and the light is actually fairly bright so it's not just a cute decorative object. There are various options to choose from including a heart, cactus and flamingo design all of which come nicely presented! I cannot recommend the star lamp enough - stay tuned for my upcoming wedding gift guide for the second lamp from Ginger Snap.
The final item in my gift guide is a little more of a safe option rather than some of the more unusual gifts I've mentioned so far; however, the book is far from boring! I've worked with DK Publishing a few times over the past couple of years and I genuinely love their books especially the history and cookbooks!

*The Science Of Cooking by Dr Stuart Farrimond from DK Publishing (£20)
My dad's side of the family all love to cook and I'm no exception (although mine is more vegan rather than traditional English food) so a book I think everyone will love is The Science Of Cooking by Dr Stuart Farrimond! It's a beautifully designed and illustrated hardback book all about ingredients, cooking methods, the science behind cooking processes and even more. I've been flicking through it constantly since it arrived and it's definitely interesting and intriguing with so much information I'd never even considered before. It also answers lots of common cooking questions and myths which I think my dad would love to read about. If you're looking for a book for a foodie friend (or just a great coffee table book), then look no further!

What do you think of my early Father's Day gift guide? 


  1. OMG I absolutely looove that mini star lamp! I need it!xo

    Char | www.charslittleblog.co.uk

  2. These are some amazing gift ideas, I haven't even thought about fathers day yet, but I know it won't be long before it is here! Thank you for the ideas!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  3. So many great ideas! I always get my hubby something from Penny so I'll definitely check out these websites for some inspiration. x

  4. Super helpful post, lovely! I really like that star light and the timeline is so thoughtful. Love it xx

    Sincerely, Sarah xx

  5. The star lamp is really cute! Some lovely presents here x


  6. I love the timeline box for a gift!

  7. Not something my dad would like but the timeline is a great gift.


  8. I love the timeline light box! xx

  9. Some really lovely ideas here! x

  10. This blog post is a perfect reminder, I am going to have to pick something up for him soon!

    Danielle xx

  11. Ooooo it all looks so good! It's one day I don't really celebrate though.. :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  12. Men are so tricky to buy for. You’ve got some great ideas here.


  13. I love that you posted this one so early, it gives me plenty of time to actually check these out!

  14. I love the Timeline Box it’s fab x

  15. So many great ideas! Always is more easy buy gift for my mom than my dad! 😘

  16. My dad loves shoes as much as I do so I totally agree that new shoes would make a lovely gift x


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