Wildling Box - March 2018

Monday, April 02, 2018
I'm always a fan of subscription boxes and this one caught my eye for a few reasons - the first is that it's solely focused on cruelty free products which is something that is very important to me as a vegetarian/vegan especially. It is also new to the market which intrigues me. This is the very first Wildling Box and I'm very lucky to have receive the box for review!

*Wildling Box - (£29, one off box) 
There are a few subscription options to choose from including a one off box for £29, a three month subscription for £29 per month, a six month subscription for £25 and a nine month subscription for £24.70 per month. The boxes will contain between 3-4 beauty items, 1-2 consumables and 1 custom fashion or accessory item such as tote bags, badges, pins and more.
*Miss Patisserie Watermelon Body Soufflé (£7, 200ml)
Let's get into the products within the first box! There are a couple of body products in the box such as this cute body soufflé contains so many fantastic ingredients such as rice bran oil, sweet almond oil and olive oil, all of which are wonderful for the skin. It claims to moisturise and soothe the skin resulting in smooth and deeply moisturised skin.

I adore the simple, almost Pantone style packaging and the scent is lovely! The scent is that of watermelon which is a little artificial smelling but it's sweet, subtle and very spring-like. The body soufflé itself leaves the skin nourished, moisturised and very comfortable. It isn't heavy so it is ideal for the spring and summer seasons.

*Lucky Cloud Skincare Coconut Lip Butter (£4.50, 10ml)
Next up is an essential product for me and that's a lip butter - my lips are always dry so a lip butter or lip balm is something I'd always get use out of. This one is contained within a cute tin and is composed of lovely natural ingredients such as thistle oil, sweet almond oil, cocoa seed butter and more. It smells wonderfully of sweet, summery coconut and the size is absolutely perfect for keeping in your handbag or for travelling as it's small and lightweight.
 *Against Animal Cruelty Button Badges 
As the description of their websites states, you'll receive one or two wearable items within each box and this months box contains two, the first of which are these 'against animal cruelty' badges. I love the simple design and I'll be adding mine to the tote bag which is also included within the box.

*GlowHush Mini Bath Bomb 
The cutest item in the box and one of the nicest smelling items is the GlowHush mini bath bomb which looks like a candy gobstopper! I love the cute icing style decoration and the scent is just gorgeous. The scent to me is a mixture of sweet, rich chocolate and a foodie fragrance - I can't really describe it *clearly* but trust me, it smells heavenly.
*Skin & Tonic London Gentle Scrub (£18, 50g)
The final skincare item for this box is from a brand that I've tried and loved previously. I love the Skin & Tonic cleansing balm so I was interested to try something else from this brand. The scrub is designed for normal skin types, it's British made using organic ingredients and it's paraben free. I do love a good face and body scrub but I haven't tried one like this before as it's a very fine loose powder...to use, you have to mix the powder with some warm water in your palm.

The nature of the product means that it is a little messy but it has a lovely scent and it is a very gentle scrub so it would be ideal for those with very sensitive skin. For me personally, it's a little too gentle as I prefer a more abrasive scrub, however I'd definitely recommend it as a cruelty free, very gentle scrub.

*The Future Is Cruelty Free Tote Bag 
I love a good tote bag, I use them to store products, to shop with and to collect my recycling in so I'm very happy to have another. Some tote bags are very thin but thankfully this one is a little thicker and it feels more durable than some of the others I'm using. I'll definitely get so much use out of this tote bag!

Overall, this is the first Wildling Box and I loved it as not only does it contain cruelty free and more natural products but the brands are wide ranging, the value is fantastic and I love the variety of the type of products included. My favourite items have to include the tote bag, mini bath bomb and the lovely body soufflé. If you're looking for a fantastic beauty and lifestyle cruelty free subscription box then look no further!

What do you think of the Wildling subscription box? Have you tried any of these products? 


  1. I absolutely love tote bags! that one is too cute!!!

  2. I am all for trying the watermelon body suffle that sounds SO good! I want to try it out!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  3. This looks and sounds like such a luxurious box x

  4. Now this I really do love the sound of. Skin & Tonic is such a fab brand too x

  5. This is so super cute and that bag is gorgeous! 🌸✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie x


  6. This looks like an interesting box. The tote bag would be my favourite thing.

  7. This looks like an amazing box! xx

  8. The coconut lip butter sounds like my kind of lip balm!! I love anything coconut scented xo

    Char | www.charslittleblog.co.uk

  9. The Watermelon Souffle looks and sounds heavenly!

  10. How dinky is that little bath bomb - I love the tote bag too :) x

  11. I didn't realise that Miss Patisserie was cruelty free! This looks like a fab little box :)
    Chantelle x
    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  12. Now this sounds like my kind of box! What incredible products!!

  13. Watermelon soufflé sounds right up my street x

  14. Oh I’ve not heard of this before but it looks really lovely


  15. There's such thing as a watermelon body souffle 😱😱 neeeeeeeed!

  16. I love coconut anything so that lip butter sounds amazing x

  17. I'm loving the collection of brands in this. I really want to try more from Miss Patisserie.

  18. Ooh this sounds like such an amazing box! What a great selection of products! xx

  19. This sounds so cool ! I adore watermelon so maybe that soufflé is for me !


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